Claims Deadline Set in Death Row Bankruptcy Case

sugemug.jpgParties seeking to file claims against Death Row Records or Marion “Suge” Knight must do so prior to an October 31st deadline recently imposed by a Los Angeles bankruptcy judge. Knight filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on April 4th of this year, citing over $137 million in debt and $4.4 million in assets. In early 2005, Knight was ordered to pay Lydia Harris, the wife of incarcerated drug kingpin Michael ‘Harry-O’ Harris, $107 million in punitive and economic damages after Harris claimed that Knight shut her out of Death Row Records after she helped found the label. When Knight failed to show up to several court appearances, a default judgment was issued against him and Death Row and the company was placed in receivership. Todd Neilson, the Chapter 11 trustee of Death Row, commented “We believe that it is vital that all parties asserting claims come forward and assert them in a timely manner so that Death Row can come out of Chapter 11 quickly.”

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  • 123

    1st Bitches!

  • L.A.’s Finest

    Hahahahahahahahaha, you broke fool!!

  • jon jon–23

    It’s incredible how he shitted away that much money. Guess he should have treated Dre right, then he would always have someone capable of recruiting talent and producing hit records continuously.

  • Three4

    What the fuck is Petey Pablo going to do?…
    …oh…who cares?

  • 8thstreetdyme

    To jon-jon 23, you speak with a lot of intelligence. I’ve read your response to a few topics in xxl and I think that u are well educated. Just wanted to let u know that.

  • 8thstreetdyme

    To jon-jon 23, you speak with a lot of intelligence. I’ve read your response to a few topics in xxl and I think that u are well educated. Just wanted to let u know that. Oh and to my response to this topic, I guess what goes around really do comes around. God bless.

  • Crenshaw

    lol, ignorance is a major part of the world we live in, especially ignorance due to the media, we dont know the truth, therefore we cant assume hes broke, hes a much smarter man then that. Thats why he seems to not really give a fuck, and thats why he funded Death Row East to start up.

  • USMC

    ha ha ha ha ha ha funny shit suga!!!i guess what goes up must come down since u dont have pac, snoop and dre on ur team anymore.

  • el-cannon

    suge knight’s a bitch. he’s done.

  • Ducky unit

    hahahahaha bout time that bitch Suge went down


    it’s over suge.

  • Cellus

    Well, its actually BEEN OVER for Simon, but now he has put himself into a corner that he will not get out of. He is blackballed by the industry, no one wants to have anything to do with him, and he has killed many a rappers careers just by association. He should justtake tha money he does have and just kick back and lounge, do somethin else besides hip hop, run a bodyguard business or somethin.

  • chocolate-ma

    no comment!! (i like my life) but if i was to say one thing it would be haha!!!!

  • Maurice L Dees

    Yahweh (GOD) and Tupac got your your back suge knight don’t worry about all this hater like jon-jon-23 and 8th street dyme. There intelligence tell me they don’t no the bankruptcy law. Chapter 11 protection was smart pennys on the dollar 4 the next five years. Thank u 4 not filing chapter 7 all master the trustee would had sold them. P.S. 2pac mom got all pac master from suge go to 2pac legacy.

  • BiggaB

    I personally feel he made some very bad decisons in his life and career, and now it is biting him in the ass. More than likely he could have kept Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, and even prevented Tupacs death if he had played his cards right. Instead, he more than likely placed a hit on B.I.G, only making him more hated and Deathrow Records has had its golden days, but i think now its time for it to lay to rest.


    Everyone know suge not sweating this shit man. He worth that much on the books what about off the books lets be real. Also alot a people on here touched on the point that suge dirty dealings sent away most of the people who was bringing in money for tha row. My man krupt was suppose to bring tha row back that didn’t happen. Then he got with peter pablo to do ummmm yeah we going leave that one alone hahahah

  • tanya alexander

    While Suge was busy trying to master the art of intimidation, he should have been trying to master the art of loyalty. I hope Harry O takes everything he got. You can’t forget those people you meet going up and who helped your ass out. Harry O, keep your head up, now he has a down ass bitch.


    Suge has what he has comming to him, he got himself cought up in this messy situation. He is a hator to the fullest all he dose is try to punk people who put there trust in him, I saw that tupac movie resurection and pac said “when I was on death row” I personaly never knew pac was off death row how could that be, pac was in vegas with suge when he got killed, I think suge had it in for pac and saw he was worth more dead then alive, suge is going to get whats comming to him he will get smoked one day for all his bad he has done to hip hop, he is a fucken hator and I dont like the man a bit, I dont wish death upon no man but this dude is a special circumstance, we would still have biggie and pac today if this man didnt exsist, sorry to say it like that but when I see documentarys on pac and big I get real emotional because those two cats were the shit and they made us all have good times with there music and this man suge is behind both their dimise.

  • 11kap

    The record business will put a nigga inna hole. It’s not as glamorous as you fuckin’ think, is it? Fake success ass shit.



  • 11kap

    Suge ain’t a dumb, clown ass nigga anyway.

  • 11kap

    He a real nigga y’all.

  • Mrs.Jones


  • sunny

    he is going to kill Petey Pablo like he did to tupac fuck suge fuck bay area

  • c baby

    Suge baby,I thought u were smarter than that BIG dogg… Now homie u gotta really put your thinking cap on and see how your gonn’a get paid. For a while u been talking and not producing.

  • Jordan

    good suges a fuckin punk thug im glad his wanna be gangsta ass is broke after years of livving off of OLD ASS row music and doing NOTHING relavent (except gettin petey on the label if that even fuckin counts) hes broke and i think i speak for everyone amen

  • mwox bzrchpnjq

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