Chamillionaire, Hype Williams Bring Home MTV Video Music Awards

chamillionaire1.jpgChamillionaire and the Black Eyed Peas were the big winners in the hip-hop-related categories at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards. Chamillionaire, considered an underdog in the category, brought home the award for Best Rap Video for his runaway hit “Ridin’,” besting more seasoned nominees like 50 Cent, T.I. and Busta Rhymes. The Black Eyed Peas, who started the year out on a high note with a Grammy win, continued their streak last night, snagging the award for Best Hip-Hop Video for their ubiquitous single “My Humps.” The Peas faced some stiff competition in the Hip-Hop category as well, with names like Kanye, Common, and the Oscar-winning Three 6 Mafia on the list of nominees.

At the beginning of the show, Lil’ Kim made a surprise appearance, presenting the award for Best Male Video after taking the stage in a orange prison-style jumpsuit accompanied by two men dressed as corrections officers. T.I., a nominee in the Best Male and Best Rap Video categories, brought his Grand Hustle artist Young Dro out on stage for some shoulder leaning before treating the audience to a rousing performance of his hit single “What You Know.” Later in the show, T.I.’s fellow Atlanta MC Ludacris took the stage with Pharrell to perform his new single, “Money Maker.”

Capping off the show, Kanye West presented legendary video director Hype Williams with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in honor of his groundbreaking work in the field of music video production. After Hype’s acceptance speech, the crowd was treated to a medley performance of “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” by Busta Rhymes, and “The Rain” by Missy Elliot and Timbaland.

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  • BrianRaiderEcorse313

    Hype has been my favorite director for over a decade. I remember seein California Love back in 8th grade. Hype been makin 2006 videos back in 94. The awards was so white. They shoulda been called the MTV Michael Jackson Awards 06. But seein Hype get the vangaurd award was the highlight. Man I mean damn Black eyed peas won the award for best hip hop video for a song with no rhymes and all singing what the fuck. But yeah as always the nigggas saved the show. Jack Black was not funny at all. At least with Jamie Foxx, Shawn and Marlon, and Chris Rock their was a few gut busting jokes in the opening. Not the case wit Jack Black. Horrible. But yea Mtv was like on their charitable mood. Letting every underdog and person U would least expect to win , win their respective catagory. What a crock. The BET awards were much better!

  • BrianRaiderEcorse313

    Fuck MTV Damn Honkies hahahahahahaahah


    “Fuck Mtv damn niggers hahahahahahahahahahah”

    Yea , it aint right is it
    it goes both ways youngsters



  • mac

    chamillitary man!

  • 184TH BOY


  • Genesis


  • The Originator

    Chamillitary Mane!!!!!!

    I’m glad for Chamillionaire he deserves it. I’m more happy that T.I. didn’t win shit.

  • -R-E-A-L-

    Chamillionaire is the best lyricist in the South.


    props 2 chamillionaire

  • Stax On Deck

    Shout Outs 2 Da Homie Chamillionaire

  • jon jon–23

    Shit even B.E.T. is owned by a white man. Fucked up, but true….I have been a fan of chamillionaire for a while now. Ever since he dropped the first L.P. with Paul Wall. He can harmonize and has a decent flow without lying about the amount of drugs he sold or amount of niggas he snuffed out like most rappers. I think some people hate on him because he doesn’t tell the fairytales.


    Fuck Chamillionaire and the whole Houston movement..better yet fuck the south!!! ya know 1

  • HEMZ

    Chamillionaire and Young Buck are the best in the South.

  • Peter-Pop-Off

    Congrats 2 Chamillionaire, and 2 hype…

  • H-man

    Congrats 2 Chamillionaire and Hype…Shout out 2 Caesar


    hatin ass bitches “princess ceasar”!!!

  • hype

    all i gotta say is big pimpin! thanks hype

  • Trueog

    yall is crackers, plain simple and no taste like fergie…this black eyed peas is bull shit.

  • BabyGirl

    Is it me or was Kayne pants a little too fitting even though they were sagging they were still too tight. And doesn’t this Jay Leno chin having mufucka just think way too highly of himself? I mean he had a few hot singles, but nigga you aint no Tupac or Jay or T.I. for that matter. Anyway the Hype Williams part was what I like to call the shiznit( much applause) Encore!!!!! Hope to see ten more years of this guy!

  • Monte

    Man FUCK Kanye…..Who the fuck thought it was a good idea for him to give out that award to Hype? Fuck the Black Eyed Peas to I can recall back to 2001 when all it was was 2 cats jus rappin bout real shit…now they got Fergie and some other fools an they put out this wack ass bull shit club music fuck Kanye fa bein’ the same way all these bitches are doin is takin’ it backwards…Fuck all them but Big up to Hype, Terrero, Boom, Robinson, Barber, Myers an all those other bomb ass MV directors doin’ it real big out there, period.

  • Mrs.Jones

    CHAMILLIONAIRE he fuckin suckz…but hype williams thats whatz up…

  • OG smoke

    chamilitary mane!!!!!! his the shit these last couple of months has been quiet


    man the same thing gon happen to kanye like it did to pharell. remember pharell was hot a few years back then kanye come up. its all about whos comin up. kanye will be taking a backseat when the next cat brings fire. kanye a faggit ass bitch anyway. i thought he was from chi-town, not goddam laguna beach, faggit ass shitty bitch thread havin ass nigga. he can get fucked. and y’all can get fucked if yo think young buck is the best from the south….bitches.


  • big boi

    man mtv dont know shit about rap mane they gave B.E.P best hip hop mane get real we all kno T.I or Kanye woulds taken it on B.E.T so fuck mtv and fuck houston props 2 my niga T.I mane 1.

  • RBL

    Fuck kanye he a mamas boi fuck em

  • T.M.P

    in response to:

    “big boi Says:
    September 5th, 2006 at 7:24 am
    man mtv dont know shit about rap mane they gave B.E.P best hip hop mane get real we all kno T.I or Kanye woulds taken it on B.E.T so fuck mtv and fuck houston props 2 my niga T.I mane 1.”

    Aparently you don’t know shit mayne. Chamillionaire is more talented than any of those dudes that he was nominated with. He has a bad ass flow, can rap in many styles and the fool can sing. T.I is bad ass but hes had his time to shine and its time for Chamillion to step up to the plate and he did. ATL wont be on top forever so stop hatin. Who knows how the awards would have went on BET, but chamillion got the same award during the Ozone magazine awards too so shut up and stop hatin.

  • Lets Get It

    Fuck Prince Ceasar. The South Iz Shit and u wish u could stop us…

  • Lets Get It

    I mean WE ARE THE SHYT. Fuck U Nigga. Chamillionaire iz underrated. Much Respect 2 my bwoi

  • Real Talk (Dirty South)

    Chamillionaire is an inspiration 2 me because he never gave up when every1 doubted him. I wish it was a way 4 some of the eastcoast catz 2 hear some of his mixtapes. The guy sayz so much shyt 2 make you say damn that wuz sick. Hell maybe texas can open up some screw shops on y’all coast. Hell use limewire or somethin 2 download some of his freestyles.

  • chocolate-ma

    hype williams is just on another level! dude gets all respect from me! and the other dude coo too!!! (lol) whats his name?

  • Adam

    Kanye said it better than i could’ve “Hype Williams taught me what shoes to buy, what cars to drive…” Hype is one of the most influential figures in hip hop in my eyes cause he built it to another level by putting big things like cars money mansions in the videos and made rappers look bigger than they really were. BIG UPS HYPE CONGRATS.


    hes dope hes a cool brother he is humble and doesnt have to act gangsta he dosent get his true respect, I like this bra man dont hate on the boy from texas he grinded hard in 05 give his really.


    Like I said “Fuck the South” yall niggas is wack and yall have no flow..yalls 15 minutes of fame are winding down rapidly..enjoy the shine while u can..shout to the EAST COAST AND THE MIDWEST 1

  • jaytrill_2012


    1) UGK
    2) LiL Wayne
    3) Young Jeezy
    4) Chamillionare
    5) T.I.
    6) Ludacris
    7.) Slim Thug
    8.) Mike Jones
    9.) Three Six Mafia
    10.) Juvenile or B.G. or even Young Joc

    Only artist that i feel from the NY is the DIplomats

    Do the research bra before your dumb as start talking shit about the south.


  • Popo

    fuck all you niggas talkin down on the south

    and JAYTRILL_2012 I fell that list but you need to take that niiga dike jones off

  • th crip BK

    hell ya chamillionaire go hard den a bitch cuz he 4rm da south already cuz chunk a duce at u

  • Hater

    to everyone here RAP IS CRAP

  • steve

    to everyone hear rap is crap

  • Bigg Damage

    Chamillionaire is one of my personal favorite rappers. I believe that he does deserve ANY award that he wins. He is the exact “image” of Hip-Hop & Rap. I mean, his style is amazing, his flow is fluid, and he just has that look that everyone wants to see. Congrats to Cham, and to ALL of the great rappers, who have made a name for themselves in the industry. Love them or hate them…they’re here to stay.

    …Bigg Damage