Bizarre Fills in for Proof at Detroit’s “Who Wanna Battle” Event

bizarre.jpgBizarre of D12 will be filling in for his slain comrade Proof as host of the Who Wanna Battle competition in Detroit on October 7th. The event will be held at Detroit’s legendary Club Alvin’s, a starting point for the careers of several D12 members, as well as the inspiration behind some of the battle scenes in the film 8 Mile. The entire D12 crew, including Eminem, is expected to be in attendance as a tribute to Proof. The night’s events will be filmed for the second volume in the “Who Wanna Battle” series of DVDs. Proof was shot and killed in an altercation in a Detroit club in April of this year. The first DVD in the series was released shortly after the murder, and featured Proof and Bizarre performing hosting duties.

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  • Young Deuce

    first. whoa never siad that before. RIP Proof. DI@ keep his legacy alive.

  • myspace/3ndles3records

    Mad love for D-12. RIP Proof

  • ROB G


  • Spark

    Big Proof!!!! R.I.P.

  • JLY

    R.I.P. PROOF, next D12 album will be a classic.

  • TheRoc1021

    Only Right…Keep It Up D-12, R.I.P. Big Proof

  • san diego

    d12 one of the best groups that done it! it just sucks that proof had to die for some people to see how much these cats know hip hop! besides em, bizzy,kon,kuniva,proof, and swifty dont get the props they deserve as artists! but i hope now people realize d12 does it big they do it right and they keep it real! GOOD SHIT BIZARRE TEAR THAT SHIT UP FOR BIG PROOF!!!!!!


    RIP Proof

    Im lovin the unity of D12

  • Kyle Dawg



    RIP Big Proof

  • ripsta

    r.i.p. proof-detroit legend 4-eva

  • Im Da Man

    Rip Big Proof

  • E-Hustle

    Cant wait for that Eminem “Re-Up” Compilation LP dropping in December with the G-Unit/Shady/Aftermath ( no Homo Game ) M.C.’s! Wonder if the next D12 album will come before Slim Shady’s? I hope not, I miss that nigga Em already. Guest spot on Akon joint was aight, just copped da single from iTunes,… yes, some nigga dont bootleg!!,… okay, I bootleg the mixtapes!! =D

  • cpthedon

    proof was one of the best weed carriers ever! it is also cool that he promoted hip hop in his area.

  • kat

    ^come on now, that’s the best you could do. did you even listen to proof? or D12 for that matter?


    Man, Proof is da bomb diggity he kept it real all da way,

  • http://msn redrum

    rest in peace proof

  • http://msn redrum

    rest in peace proof

  • Sfiso

    RIP Proof, D12 is one of the best Hip hop groups. Cant wait 4 the next album… should be a classic

  • che

    i don’t get the point of everyone just posting ‘rip big proof’ everytime an article mentions him..

  • Sel Sin M4H

    Hostyle of the woof pac Vs Young Miles

    Should be a classic

    Free Moe Dirdee

  • KingML

    eminem has a history of fuckin over his friends. he replaced proof with royce, royce with obie, and now he’s all sad proofs dead like he was just about to put him on. if royce died he’d be crying about it too, but right now hes showing royce no love.

  • king gordy

    Free Royce, Moedirdee, and biggups to the shady camp!

  • Drastik Hussain (Dionysus repper)

    RIP Proof

  • san diego

    king ml what the fuck are you talking about!!!!!!!!? proof was down with em wayyyy b4 royce so how the fuck did em replace anybody! and royce fucked em over you moron! will somebody please read what kingml wrote and tell him how stupid and ignorant he is!



  • thetruth

    haha, wow. replaced proof with royce? replaced royce with obie? are you retarded? or just a moron? proof was eminem’s best friend… they were best friends since they were kids. ever see an eminem show? proof was always on stage with him. royce fucked em over, like san diego said. and obie trice was a rapper that eminem got a hold of, thought his shit was good and signed him. yeah, he’s good friends with obie, but proof was still his best friend. i dunno where you got your info, but it was totally wrong

  • yung ceasa

    in my eyes proof was better than em ya dig…. but i wanna give d-12 props 4 uniting and keepin proof alive spritually r.i.p. big proof

  • Mic B

    this isn’t true because Bizzy hosted the first show with Proof n was always gonna be in the show. Stop the rumours!

  • luis

    D12 4 FOR LIFE

  • solo130

    fu ck bazzaro or how ever u spell it i done seen this ni gga cry 5 times on tv shyt bytch boy yo emotional as s should form a group wit 50 cent,jarule,adre 3000,and game

  • Zee Prod.

    Tupac, Biggie, Big L – Deadly Combination ZeeMix

    The Game – One Blood ZeeMix

    Nas – Hope ZeeMix

    Prod. By Zee…Hottest Beats Comin from the UK, and from a 16 year old!
    add the tracks to your profiles.


  • BLiZz

    R.I.P. PROOF

  • dazzzz

    R.I.P big big dog!!!!! u will be missed by all