foxy2.jpgThings are getting kind of hectic for everyone’s favorite drama setter, Foxy Brown. On August 23, Fox Boogie skipped a court date in Jersey City, N.J., where she was to face a lawsuit filed by a former assistant who alleged that the rapper made terroristic threats to her and owes her a week’s worth of pay. The very next day, Inga was accused of nearly running over a 17-year-old in Brooklyn; the teen claims the two almost came to blows after Foxy got out of her whip and threatened her. That night, the Ill Na Na paid a visit to the Limpasse clothing store in Greenwich Village—where she allegedly screamed on an employee and stole two $400 belts. Finally (still with us?), on August 28, Foxy appeared in a Manhattan court for the first day of her trial for allegedly assaulting two NYC nail salon employees in 2004. Fox pleaded guilty—and then came right back and changed her mind and tried to plead not guilty just minutes later. The judge wasn’t having that, though, so now the only way Fox can switch her plea is if she makes a written request to that judge. Bizarre.

Simply put, Ms. Black Roses found herself around more trouble in one week than most rappers face in a year, and that’s got XXL a little worried. You see, we go way back with Foxy—she’s graced three of our covers—and we don’t want to see our girl have to go down Lil’ Kim’s road. Of course, we have a simple and brilliant solution to save Fox Boogie from her downward spiral: She should get back in the studio. We can’t help but notice that her troubles have coincided with the longest album drought of her career—five years. Sure, nearly going deaf then having ear surgery can be problematic for recording artists, but let’s face it, with everyone saying how terrible the New York hip-hop and female rap scenes are, some old Foxy could make things a bit fun again, and getting back in the studio might help refocus the ferocious femme fatale. So while it may be a little premature for Christmas lists, we’re greedy over here at XXL, and we have an early gift request: Leave the belts and the nail salons and the skirmishes alone. Get Foxy Brown back on the microphone!
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