Star Files $55 Million Lawsuit Against City Councilman

star.jpgEmbattled radio shock jock Star plans to sue a New York City Councilman who he says defamed him after he made sexually threatening remarks about a rival DJ’s four-year-old daughter. According to a report in the New York Daily News, Star intends to file a $55 million defamation suit against Councilman John Liu (D-Queens) for what he characterizes as a “malicious crusade” that resulted in his arrest and dismissal from Power 105.1 in May. At the time of the incident, Councilman Liu publicly denounced Star’s rant directed at the daughter and wife of Hot 97’s DJ Envy, and called for a boycott of Power 105.1. In a statement, the former morning show host said, “Councilman Liu has continued to publicly make false, disparaging statements about me.” Councilman Liu reportedly countered, “We would much rather he go after me than 4-year-old girls.”

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  • bama

    he should so his ass dumb motherfucker !sel

  • Dre Money

    2nd lol

  • chris

    i wish i was 1st gosh

  • JR


  • JR

    oops i mean 4th lol

  • hip hop fan

    fuck it
    he need the money!!!!
    broke ass muthafucka!!!

  • Mr.Me

    Hes only doin this cause he went broke paying for his lawyers fees. Him losing his job after only made matters worse.

  • rea

    star should sue, Envy was and still is hating on him. And the councilman should of never got involved due to the comments envy and miss jones made about star and his family members

  • psycho babble baby

    The biggest problem here is that Star is arrogant enough to think that this action will get him some kind of ‘justice’. Actually, it says more about the environment that we are all operating in to allow Star to have that kind of audacity. He should have gotten his ass kicked physically. Clear Channel is laughing all the way to the bank cause you have people of colour fighting and no attention is being paid to them monopolozing the airwaves and racist behaviour. Someone fuck Star up so we can have a real debate about Clear Channel.

  • jordan-philly

    well actually clear channel is crying…so much that they are considering renewing his contract. since star has left it’s been a major decline in their money since no one is listening to the radio anymore. all he deserved was a fine, a good talkking to and a couple of new rules. now they have to pay the rest of his contract, and also a breach of contract and “hint hint” no one is listening to clear channel anymore!

  • John Cochran

    He must be out his fuckin mind. You say all that shit about envy family, somebody calls you out for being the sick coward you are, and now you wanna sue? ONLY IN AMERICA

  • Dipset

    I dont give a shit about this… GO DOLPHINS 16-0 BABY!!! FUCK THE PATRIOTS AND JETS!!!!

  • Dipset

    oh i almost forgot… its DIPSET BITCH!!! EAT A DICK AND DIE!!!

  • gobuyahouse

    yawn…who cares??

    …but ditto to DIPSET’s 1st comment..GO FINS

  • Bernie

    Star is far from broke, even after the lawyer fees. Clear channel will go broke before Star will. They are still paying his contract & their revenue is down. Go Star!