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  • 8thstreetdyme

    First that is so fucked up that busta rhymes won’t come forward and atleast try to put a mans killer in jail. Let us not forget that this is a man who was protecting u from harms way and the least ur punk ass could do is at least help out in the case and put some of the agonizing pain that this mans family is going through to an end. May god bless israel ramirez family and find his killer.

  • jilla

    i hope busta dont snitch i hope he earf da mufucka

  • Major Pain

    Busta think he sticking to the G-Code by not letting them people know who killed his bodyguard but that goes to show that Buster Rhymes don’t know nothing bout the G-Code. Snitching is only snitching when you tell on a nigga that you don’t know are a nigga you do know to get yourself out of some shit. Are if the situation won’t help nor hurt you and you decide to open your mouth. Help the man who died helping you Buster and quit ACTING Gangsta. Major Pizzle

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