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  • http://Myspace/brownryder BrownThug13St.

    Am tha shit,Hateas come for me foe beef,I lock and Load,Yeah I called it Mexican Heat,but dis bitches try me,they gonne be Buried six feet deep,kno wat I mean,Like weezy said it”in tha game put up or shut up”,am that shit dis bitches nothin but crap,watch out nigga I kill u,yep head up,knee up,right in tha dead chest,I be yo last image(foe real),them Vatos,Ese’s,Homez,Homies,man that be me,my people will murda u,foe there mary Jane , foe there Green cards and there equal rights(ha),bitch call it whateva,”Brown Thug mathafuckahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”-from tha up coming mixtape “Tha Barrior Story” Bitches coming soon 2007……..Brown Thug,Brown G Muzick….. holla at me P.diddy,J.D,Hi power Enterment watheva anyone but somebody. I’m a young homie liveing my crazy life And Reppin tha A-Town I’m unsigned rapper right now “Am Brown not Black”So I’m gonne be Legend to some pepole “u kno wat I mean”

  • http://Myspace/brownryder BrownThug13St.

    Man Fuck anybody and everybody Lil Weezy in birdman or tha Shit……maybe Lil wayne only(ha)

  • Critical Knowledge

    Keep doing ya thang Mr.Bling, but fuck “Lil Wayne”:

    (Fuck Lil’ Wayne)

    [Critical Knowledge - Verse]
    You call him (Daddy)/ Yeah I bet you do
    Now did you get the clue/ little dumb dude
    Oh I’m sorry/ Was I to damn rude/ Well excuse you know who
    And by the way/ You ain’t the (Boss)/ No more like the bitch
    Wearing some lip gloss/ While gettin’ your salad tossed
    Now Look I’m the smoke/ You’re the exhaust
    Better yet a knock off/ Of Robert Lee Frost
    So call this my accost/ I’ve won/ and you’ve lost
    And yes I’m on fire/ I am who you admire
    So just admit the truth/ You compulsive liar
    My level you can not acquire/ So go ahead/ Listen retire
    I will no longer be your rhyme supplier/ So kiss this
    Like you did (Baby’s) lips/ Now hold up/ Don’t try to grab my hips
    I’m not (Gillie)/ I shoot back/ I don’t get shot at
    And that’s a fact/ Go ahead check my mortal combat
    I’m like (Gotti)/ I’m who you copy cat/ And as a matter of fact
    I’m white/ Not black/ And this was only my first attack
    So hit me back/ But not like you do (Crack)
    You wannabe Jay Z/ Yeah consider me/ To be the greatest Emcee

    (Weezy F Baby = Wayne Fucks Baby)

    For More Hot Shit From Me Visit: (

    Copyright ©2006 Live-Evil Records

    (Wayne Is Wack Point Blank, He Rhymes Words with Words…) Example Below: look for the “()”

    I hope she know I love (her)
    prey the pigs never get (her)
    my brothers still a baby
    and my uncle kinda raised (me)
    y’all pray for his wife
    cause that cancer shit is crazy
    and my daughter’s so smart that it scares (me)
    her mother is angel, she’s always there for (me)…