Judge Denies Motion in Notorious B.I.G. Suit

biggiechain.jpgOn Thursday (August 10) U.S. District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper denied a motion by the family of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. to expand their lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, the Associated Press reports. The family’s legal team had sought to include in the suit an allegation that rogue LAPD officer Rafael Perez was on duty at the Peterson Automotive Museum on the night of the rapper’s murder, and relayed his whereabouts to fellow officer David Mack. The suit alleges that Mack and Perez, along with suspected triggerman Amir Muhammad, conspired to commit the murder at the behest of Death Row Records principal Marion “Suge” Knight. Judge Cooper ruled that there was “no admissible evidence that Perez was on duty…at the scene of the murder.” Wallace family attorney Perry Sanders responded that the ruling means the case will remain essentially the same as when it was initially filed four years ago.

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  • http://pknuckles pknuckles

    Still no justice!


  • http://www.facebook.com DEDICATION


  • http://www.facebook.com DEDICATION


  • http://gangstacry.com No Cameras Please

    At this point I would ask the question… is it about the case getting solved or about the money? http://www.Triggastate.com

  • jon jon–23

    It’s really a shame the way those in power treat blacks in America. I honestly believe they hate us. Look at history; slavery, lynchings, police brutality, hurricane Katrina…The list goes on and on. To this day I don’t think police have any leads on any of the rappers who where killed. From the megastars like Biggie, Tupac, Jam Master Jay-to regional well knowns: Soulja Slim, Big Hawk, Camouflage, Big L, Freaky Taj,and so on. This is definitely a statement from those in power. When niggas sell drugs, best believe they will be monitored and eventually thrown away for years, but when that same nigga has a crime committed against him the police have no clue where to start? They just “don’t care about black people”. Just like Kanye said.

  • http://www.allhiphop.com Rey

    That’s bullshit.

    RIP, Frank White.

  • XXL


  • twerkolator

    more ignorance from the peanut gallery (i.e. the comments section). y’all ignorant mofos should learn how to read AND comprehend (there is a difference).

    there are rules of law that judges are supposed to follow (not that they do all the time, but that’s another story). the article quotes that there is “no admissible evidence that Perez was on duty…at the scene of the murder.” that is the reasoning behind the judge’s ruling.

    if you all have been keeping up with this case you would know that the judge has made several favorable rulings on the side of the Wallace family. But she makes one ruling that’s not favorable and y’all niggas start with all the whining and conspiracy talk. y’all niggas acting like the judge threw the case out or some shit. all this ruling says is that they can’t EXPAND the case. even the Wallace’s attorney says that this just makes the case the same as it was four years ago…

    think faster or read slower…

  • anti rap/ REAL HIPHOP

    pknuckles Says:

    August 14th, 2006 at 10:29 am
    Still no justice!


    People please. No justice my ass. What Happen to Mumia Abul Jamaal was INJUSTICE? Christopher Wallace lived by the sword and died by the sword. Minorities in this country have much more severe injustices to battle than a situation where you reap what you sow. If he won’t out there on that bullshit spittin blasphemy to our youth he would not have been in that situation.

  • Hollywood_Nigga

    almost 10 years & still no answers

  • ROk

    This FUKIN JUDGE!!! IT’s all a conspiracy!!!!

  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac 1971-1996)

    Fuck all the crooked cops & thats 4 real!They don´t care bout any rapper cause they hate hiphop & rap so fuck em! Will we ever know who killed 2pac, B.I.G. or others rapper who was killed wit a gun? R.I.P. Tupac Shakur The Notorious B.I.G. & others fallen legends! Let them know that their names will never be forgotten!

  • pop a poppa

    this is some bullshit.
    how can the judge say there is no
    admissible evidence?
    all you have to do is read the article
    that was in XXL a while ago about
    B.I.G.’s murder to see that there is
    a reason why Perez should be included
    in the suit against the L.A.P.D.
    of course Perez wasn’t on duty you
    dumb fuckin’ judge.
    he was at the murder site but not in
    i fuckin’ hate crooked cops.

  • The Originator

    Its Been damn near ten day since Biggie’s death. They still don’t know or worse yet don’t even care about getting the muthafucka who shot biggie. Not that I am a Biggie Fan but they need get right and do they damn job. Shit Like This is what makes people hate the cops!!!

  • twerkolator

    “of course Perez wasn’t on duty you
    dumb fuckin’ judge. he was at the murder site but not in

    as i commented above, learn how to fuckin’ read pop a poppa. you’re so quick to curse out and call the judge dumb, but you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. the whole point of the motion filed by the Wallace family contends that Perez WAS on duty and working in his official capacity as a Los Angeles Police Officer (they are suing the city of LA, in case you forgot, shit-for-brains…).

    if, as you say, “he was at the murder site but not in
    uniform” it makes sense that the judge would not allow the Wallace family to contend that he was “ON DUTY…at the scene of the murder.” at any rate though, she only ruled that there was no “ADMISSABLE EVIDENCE” to that fact.

    by claiming that “of course Perez wasn’t on duty” you are actually agreeing with the judge’s ruling. maybe you’re too stupid to see that though…

  • suge white

    suge knight lol… if all this ties to suge, then that means it was retailiation for makaveli no doubt…
    so that would make george bush happy & suge & piddy even, let’s move on… my heart hurts 4 voletta & afeni for treal…

  • ripsta

    the judge the cops suge knight…they all should get street justice ya naww i mean

  • jon jon–23

    Twerkolator, if you only had a brain. The point of the whole discussion is that NO ONE WAS EVER EVEN ARRESTED IN THE CASE AND ITS BEEN ALMOST A DECADE. If the police had pursued the case seriously and diligently from the start, they probably could have caught the killer. If the same thing had happened to a popular white performer do you think someone would have been arrested immediately? When things happen to “Us” the police don’t react the same way and this is by design. I only have to point to the many other rappers that have been slain, and not ONE of their killers was caught. One reason we are in the shape we are in is because of brainwashed people like you. What else do they have to do? Put blacks back in captivity for you to get it? And on the glorifying of violence and ignorance; I hate when black people act ignorant and glorify self destruction, but that doesn’t justify the police not acting when they have crimes committed against them. Anyway, most rappers are not really gangsters anyway, they just actin’ to make money…..

  • 2pac_manila

    suge kill 2pac, suge kill B.I.G.. that’s it..

  • twerkolator

    ^What a moron. What the fuck are you talking about?

    The only thing i commented on was on the article mentioned above (Judge Denies Motion in Notorious B.I.G. Suit).

    All that other shit you’re talking about I never even said how i felt about it, so you don’t know how i feel about it, so how can you call me brainwashed when you don’t even know what i think? you sound kind of stupid to me…

    If you would go to school and learn how to read you would understand that all i commented on was the judge’s REASONING behind the ruling on THIS SPECIFIC MOTION ONLY. After all, THAT is what the article above is about. The article doesn’t mention any of that other shit you’re talking about, so why are you even commenting on it?

    I could be wrong, but I thought the protocol for commenting on a blog was to discuss what was posted, not to veer off on a tangent and just start commenting on whatever you feel like. but then again, maybe that’s why there are so few intelligent comments on this site (aside from the bad grammar, misspelling, illogical reasoning, and overall ignorance)…

  • Reckle$$ outta t-dot

    it’s fucked how dey treat black ppl it that was a white person dey would of found the killer so long ago.. fuck da po’z fuck all of them, the sergent lutenant and captain..


  • jon jon–23

    Twerkolator if you had some degree of reading and reasoning skills you would know that my comment was not only directed toward your posting, but also a few others. My central point was that there is something seriously wrong when you have all of these high profile young blacks killed and not one of their cases is solved. This is a hard fact and not an opinion. It’s blatantly obvious that no effort is being put behind any of these murders. Even you should be able to acknowledge that. This case should have been solved a long time ago.

  • twerkolator

    that’s all fine and dandy, but you started the comment off with a direct reference to me, so my response was directed at that and that only. whoever else the comment was directed toward that’s between you and them.

    if you’re gonna make absurd claims about me being brainless, brainwashed, and lacking in reading and reasoning skills, you should be able to back them up (which you fail to do).

    i understood your point perfectly well, but none of it had anything to do with what i commented on so you should’ve left my name out of it…

  • jon jon–23

    No, I shouldn’t have, because you make comments that really piss me off. It’s thinking like that (turn a blind eye to racism) that have blacks in the situation we are in now. It’s time to stand up to people that don’t have our best interest in mind, but try to play the role like they are our buddies.

  • Sketch

    FUCK BIGGIE… he sounds like there is a dick in his throat and peanut butter stuffed in his cheeks…

  • twerkolator

    ^^It’s thinking like that (turn a blind eye to racism)…

    And you wonder why I say you don’t know how to read and comprehend. I tell you what (and i’m through with it after this, because arguing with idiots only makes me more of an idiot), if you can show me where any of my comments say (or even remotely imply) anything about turning a blind eye to racism, I’ll post my email address in the comments section. You can then use it to contact me personally and i’ll send you a check for $100. that’s on everything i love…


  • Macdatruest

    Anybody who had a child killed before, then you can say some shit about her motives. I know if I had a bunch of evidence that suggested the police had a hand in killing my son that I loved and raised,they should be brought to justice. A badge is turning to a license to kill nowadays, and if they can kill millionaire rappers, five dollar ass niggas might as well chalk it up. If we don’t keep fighting for justice, white folks aint gone hand it to us. These old ass 70 year old judges is the sons of slave owners,and was probably about in they 30′s when niggaz was getting hosed and shit-they been raised to discriminate against black people. I wish if Notorious B.I.G.’s momma is reading this she will continue to let the truth be known outside the law and racist media.Take the truth to the people directly and let those of us like me, Sean Mac, who will also be influential rappers know what type of bullshit we facin’ wit these fuckin’ pigs. Fuck anybody who don’t respect Biggie as a fellow Black Man.Fuck rap, and the fact that niggaz is still trying to get out from under his shadow, dude was just trying to make a living honestly. Niggaz can say fuck Biggie, but when a big fat nigga kick in they door, they gone be wishin he wrote a rap about it instead. I love you B.I.G. Rest In Peace-Sean Mac got it from here

  • Macdatruest

    Pacs death was a conspiracy by the way. Niggaz need to tell XXL to go back and look at all the symbolism in his last Album. That shit aint seem eerie to yall? All that “7 day theory” shit?Assholes and idiots want to believe Pac was a stupid thug rageaholic womanizer, but he was exactly what he said- a rebel outlaw. A rebel fights a corrupt government, and an outlaw is a lawman’s natural enemy- Pac was getting old and said when he got done rapping he would start a political party. Pac would have been the perfect political leader cause he was highly intelligent, but still outspoken and militant. His momma was a Black Panther so he was ready to organize strategize and make the world realise that black people aint never moved up in Amerikka, we livin’ in the age of tricknology. And he was about to put the black up on that new world order, illuminati shit.All the outlaws and enemies of the Illuminati: Hussein, Castro, Khadafi(r.i.p.),Amin, and The Don Killuminati himself Tupac Amaru Shakur(If you think I’m bullshittin, go to yahoo and type in Killuminati) Pac was a revolutionary (but gangsta) And a real live soldier in a war that niggaz don’t understand so they can’t win. This judgement about this motion hearing just changed up the whole dynamic of the shit-judgements set precedents for future injustice. I Love You Pac. R.I.P.-Sean Mac got it from here

  • DIAZ

    I WANNA SEE SKETCH COME TO BROOKLYN AND SAY THAT,ANYWAYS the police are straight up racist crackers who just follow white people murders. I was watching cold case and a white guy was murdered in the 70′s and they followed the case untill the late 90′s. but when Christopher wallace and tupac shakur get murdered It’s : WELL CHIP WE LOOKED FOR 3 HOURS AND WE COULDENT FIND THE GUY WHO KILLED THESE NIGGERS MIGHT AS WELL GO HOME I THINK MY CAT IS STUCK IN A TREE.ps: LONG LIVE B.I.G the greatest rapper ever, and forever king of new york!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    bitch ass cracker honkey ass police covered up biggie and 2pac murders dey deserve justice like any other american citizan. if a white rapper like bubba sparxxx was killed dey would solve da crime da next day.fuck white folks in hiphop.

    R.I.P. B.I.G.

    R.I.P. 2PAC

    true rap icons best rappers dat ever lived

  • http://n/a EAST COAST


  • http://xxlmag.com DARK

    yeah for real fuck honkeys in our rap and fuck the bitch ass LAPD the police are the biggest peices of shit if pac and biggie were still alive rap wouldn’t be stupid like it is today fuck bitch ass suge i know he got some part in it.

  • Maurice L Dees

    One thing i learned from Mrs wallace law suit that no one taking about. Oraland Anderson A.K.A baby lane was sign to Bad Boy Records, Now think ??? this oraland was at the MGM the night 2pac was shot 4 time 7 dayz later he dead. And the vibe party at table with puff daddy, jr mafia and biggie get shot and dye. oraland anderson at two event where 2pac and biggie was. p.s. stop say suge knight kill the 2 big rapper in are life time 2pac-manica U ass hole.

  • luda420

    That sucks for big but the lapd cover that shit up alot becuz that stuf is common among l.a. police

  • http://xxlmag.com wigga_hata

    man who knows who killed dem both the only person {people} who know are da actual killer{s} but i suspect da bitch police got sometn to do wit it.

  • Maurice L Dees

    No!police don’t have to kill niggz no more, black on black crime is doing a good job. Now the cops might look the other way.

  • jilla

    fuck da police, fuck da judge, fuck da C.O.,fuck da D.A.,fuck da bailiff, fuck da stenographer, fuck all dem bitches, r.i.p chris wallace