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    What the fuck? The site need an update yall


    i’ll respond
    weezy ah punk bitch gillie ah snitch
    mind cause his pocket carry lint,CMB csh money bitches let da realist of da click go cause his $ didn’t show up so what tha fuck that tell u an me there’s no love n d street peep dis what’s beef beef is when u put deez fucc niggaz between ah bun with cheese lettuce an tomato dam i’m done

  • Trap Sumthin’

    Weezy Makin $$$$ he ain’t got time 4 broke Niggaz

  • kstone231

    Gillie who???? if gillie wantz his career 2 end permantly(like he eva had one) he should keep talkin bout weezy. man wayne is one of the sickest mc’s spittin rite now, no joke.

  • Stax On Deck

    Fuck Gillie