foxy.jpgFor the second time Foxy Brown today skipped out on a court appearance related to harassment charges filed against her by a former assistant. The Brooklyn-born rapper missed the first court date last month, however it was rescheduled after her accuser, Rasheeda Ellis, went to the wrong courthouse. According to The Jersey Journal, Ellis is accusing Foxy of non-payment of a week’s salary and then harassing her with phone calls and emails when she attempted to collect the money. However, according to Brian Neary, Brown’s attorney, his client has no idea why Ellis is making the allegations and has requested a probable cause hearing to detail the charges. “We don’t even know what the details of the complaint are,” Neary said. “We want her on the stand to detail the accusations.” The judge granted the request and that hearing is now scheduled for late September. Ellis, who was present in court today, told the court that she intends to represent herself in the case.