foxy1.jpgAccording to the New York Post, Foxy Brown has been accused of shoplifting by the owner of an upscale boutique in Greenwich Village after he had given the Brooklyn rapper free merchandise the previous day. Tony Khayat, owner of L'impasse on West 8th Street, told police that the Brooklyn rapper entered his store on the night of August 24th, an hour after closing time, to demand she be given merchandise she had dropped off the day before for tailoring. When the items weren't ready, she became belligerent with Abdul Sal, a clerk at the store. According to Sal, Foxy yelled and cursed at him and argued over the price of a $400 belt. Irate, she stuffed the belt in her bag and stormed out of the store, grabbing another belt as she left. According to the Post, the entire episode was captured on a surveillance video camera in the store. The NYPD is expected to review the footage and decide whether or not Brown will be arrested.

The Post also reported that a 17-year-old Brooklyn girl, described as a friend of the family, accused Foxy of threatening her earlier that same day. Sheena Parker says that she was walking down the street when the rapper drover her car "really close" to her. Parker says that when she said, ‘Hey! What are you doing?’ Foxy jumped out and threatened to attack her. In related news, Foxy is due in court today for the beginning of her trial in an assault case brought against her by two nail salon workers for an alleged attack in 2004.