Dr. Dre and Interscope Sue Headphone Makers

drdre.jpgLegendary producer Dr. Dre and Interscope Chairman Jimmy Iovine are suing a Delaware-based headphone manufacturer for $1 million, according to tmz.com. The lawsuit accuses SLS International, Steve Lamar, Pentgram Design and Jibe Audio of pulling what is described in court documents as a “classic bait and switch” when they failed to honor an agreement to design and manufacture a line of headphones called “Beats by Dr. Dre.” According to court documents, Lamar and SLS initially agreed to manufacture and market the line of custom headphones, but later withdrew from the agreement, asking Dre and Iovine to work with Jibe Audio to provide the less experienced company with funding. When Dre and Iovine objected, Lamar then threatened to take the headphone design elsewhere. The suit also alleges that Lamar and SLS tried to secretly register the “Beats” name as a trademark. In addition to the $1 million in damages, Dre and Iovine are also seeking an injunction to prevent the defendants from manufacturing and selling headphones under the “Beats” name and design.

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  • pop a poppa

    gangsta gangsta!
    i don’ give a fuck… i’m deaf anyway.
    i caught the foxy brown disease.
    what’s so special about a “beats”
    trademark? that’s a generic name.
    how you gonna trademark a word like
    beats? every time someone says “beats”,
    dre gets a hundred dollas?
    shiiiit. i’m suing young jeezy for
    stealing all my adlibs then…
    i want my million too dammit.

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    Man, fuck Dre & Jimmy. They got 2 of the biggest artist in the world going at each other heads and this is the type of shit ‘dat they are sweatin’? And a million beans, ain’t no real paper so they need 2 step up 2 the real problem, 50 & Game cause they are their bosses like men & at least speak on it instead of hidin’ from the subject like 2 little bitchs . XXL! get at these niggas and hold them 2 task 4 what they are letting happen 2 hip hop. Peep crazy cool shit at: http://www.myspace.com/marcusorealiusmusic

  • new York Nigga

    ^^ u must be smokin to say fuk dre i guess it iz true their iz a hater fo everybody


    Yeah if you say fuck Dre, then fuck you.

  • http://www.facebook.com DEDICATION


  • http://myspace.com/rebeldr hip hop fan

    why is the dr suing doesnt he have mountains of money!!! k mon dr. do u, and fuck a million dollars!!!

  • Dipset

    i dont give a shit about this… GO DOLPHINS 16-0!!!! its DIPSET BITCH!!! EAT A DICK AND DIE!!!


    if you say fuck dre..then fuck you too. how you gonna hate on dre. like you can make a beat. Only beats you make is beating your meatwhistle to your taped episodes of “Bet Uncut”..

  • lloyd stanks

    much respect to dre, he has changed the face of music for the past THREE DECADES, but he needs to do something about the game/50/geffen situation, I don’t need rumors, I need truth

  • bob

    instead of suing a headphone company, Dre need to get some balls and tell 50 to stop trying to run his company.

  • DJ C “THe oLd SouL”

    Finally, some one like Bob has said the same thing I have been sayin!!! Dre needs to tell 50 to shut the fuck up and let him run his own label. Point fuckin’ blank!!!


    ^^^^I run Interscope niggaz tryin’ to annoy me

    What up dre


    run Interscope niggaz tryin’ to annoy me…..muhahahahaha

  • shade45

    WHAT ABOUT BOB?Millionares listen to other millionares..Yeah BOB cause 50 only wrote 2 of JT’s Songs RIGHT.Bob lookout for Detox.

  • DAMN!!!!

    I am becoming more and more disgusted by the IGNORANT COMMENTS on this page.
    1) 50 said GAME was on Geffen (XXL) and that DR DRE WASN’T working on the ALBUM. I don’t know how long 50 has been laying in that mansion shooting steroids in the ass BUT…. 2))))) DR DRE HIMSELF was talking to MTV.COM about the album. Which singles would be chosen and SO FORTH. 3)))) GAME– “”If aftermath was a family that didn’t have a mother I’d be DRE’s NEWBORN/ You’d be the JEALOUS OLDER BROTHER// — 50 is snitching again like a jealous brother. “When we went to Wal-Mart, Game was stealing gum, Daddy.” FUCK OUTTA here. 4))) G-UNUT FOLLOWERS will beleive ANYTHING Fiddy says, I’ve come to beleive this now. And come on this site trying to look important because they read the new XXL. Eat a dick.

  • H-man

    I asked 4 a responce from Dre. and he delivered…I think the games in a little trouble….Erythang the good doctor touches turns 2 gold…Dr. Dre is a legend, I dont take shots at legends….I could start my own label, hmmmm I wonder how many rappers would join??? U do the math!!! No disrespect intended here, just weighing my options… Keep it gangsta

  • H-man

    If I had sum numbers 2 look at I could do the math…I take it dat Doc Dre. iz lookin 4 a new Aftermath King??? hmmmmm I wonder who could fill those big shoes???

  • WHERE IS HE?????


  • H-man

    Double down Dre…2million…Ya dealin wit Hillside Hollywood here…I dont need rap, I can ACT da fool and make more…rap needs me…Damn right I do it admirably…I can sink anyones battleship faithfully

  • John

    Dr. Dre 4 LIFE



  • ..

    mayn dre’s a legend

  • c-don

    Dre is not that great as people say he is. he has done good shit for rap and hiphop, but he isn’t the mecca of the rap game. 50 has brought more money and business to interscope lately

  • Pes 6 Kid

    fuck u ya honky dre is the best

  • H-man

    Still bumpin Dre. 2001…I dont wanna have broke nigga problems, I wanna have millionaire problems wit millionaire pressure…when squeezed, I alwayz rise 2 da occasion…Just like when da seal looks into da great whites eyes….u got youeself a deal…and my reason iz because your real…i would B honored 2 carry on da gangster tradition…What say U???“I STARTED ALL DIS GANGSTA SHIT..U MEAN 2 TELL ME DIS IS DA MOTHAFUKIN THANKS I GET”. thank you

  • jonjon-23

    Dre is incredible. This nigga has been doin’ it for over 20 years at a high level, which means it’s not a fluke. Any producer can crank out good music every now and then, but consistently for 20 years? Show some respect.

  • http://D.A.R.F.U.R.CRY austin andrade




  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    Y’all motherfuckers must can’t read.. . cause I got mad respect 4 Dre but U mean 2 tell me that while running his label this lawsuit bullshit is more important than tryin’ 2 stop the 2 biggest artist in hip hop going at each others head? U can’t believe ‘dat, Dre should be getting at this hip hop situation for the betterment of hip hop or at least be letting niggas know that he is not bowing down to 50 and that he is making smart company moves and let us the people who pay his checks know what’s up wit’ it? I was sayin’ he got bigger more important fish 2 fry and ‘dats all. Dre is the shit no doubt but he needs 2 act like it with his artist though. Ya’ dig.


    somebody say why is dr suing hey don’t need the money. it’s the fact not the money some one steps on your shoe and say sorry. it will be okay but if someone steps on your shoe and walks off or talk shit. you may wanna whip that persons ass and make them give you money for some new shoes. even though your joints is still fresh it’s the principal of the matter that makes them wanna sue.


    whoeva says “fuck dre” is fucked themselves. dolphins 0-16 bitch! Go PATTRIOTS!

  • Dipset

    fuck the patriots and the jets!!!! DOLPHINS BITCH!!! EAT A DICK AN DIE PATRIOT FANS!!!!

  • san diego

    hey tyler thats not a big problem dog! interscope aint losing any money from the 50 and game “beef”! they never have never will sweat that bullshit. and sayin dre needs to act like it with his artists no he doesnt and if you read up game aint even with aftermath right now! anyways dre sue the fuck outta them man all you cats who think otherwise must never been taken advantage of!!!!

  • Serbian Mobb

    Dr.Dre is way back the best producer in hip hop from nuthin but a G thang to in da club to break your mothafuckinn neck to california love to 187 its unbelivable he should be serbian..

  • http://www.hotmail.com Andos Tha Boss

    Fuck Y’all eat a dick n die bitches, if y’all sayin fuck Dre. Dre is the best in the business. G G G G-UNIT !!

  • jonjon-23

    50 cent will always be in the middle of a beef–that’s an important part of his career. If he wasn’t going at the game it would be with someone else.

  • Prince of the South

    Like I been saying who would you rather take someone who sold 5 million world wide or someone who sold over 20 off two cds? Dre was smart keeping 50 and not Game. Besides both dre and 50 going to see money off Game new album on the back end the aftermath/g-unit logos just won’t be on there any more. But suing for a million? Dre has a mountian of money, why’s he sweating one million? Probably because someone trying to get rich off his name.

  • Montreal Boy

    Yo wtf you bitch that hatin’ on dre. what up u bitch ass punk. go eat a dick and die dumb ass. Dont you guys cant think for 1 sec? DRE surly dont do this for money. But for the principle! they copie dre so they got to pay. Dre might dont give a fuck of 1 million but SLS yeah.
    so they fuck with dre
    they gotta pay

  • http://D.A.R.F.U.R.CRY austin andrade

    dre son, come home for a minute, i got some big to tell you..wes side callin’ WUTCHALLWANT ENTERTAINMENT BITCH!!!

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  • http://D.A.R.F.U.R.CRY austin andrade


  • http://www.hotmail.com Andos Tha Boss

    anyone know whats up with the detox, dre really needs to be doing his thing now. any y’all agree

  • G man

    50 cent is basiclly dr dres boss

  • Dima

    Yo, im from russia and we have big respect to dre but not g-unit !! 50 especialy..

  • san diego

    hes workin on it right now andos tha boss. kon artist is workin with him and dre is steadily working on it. there isnt a date though but ya im waitin too man.

  • a.c

    dre suing headphone company wow and what’s up with game situation for real though i would like for dre to speak on it and not 50 bitch ass i guess now since 50 made a few millions he can speak for anybody on aftermath too somebody need to shut that bitch down i can’t wail till 50′s next albums flops

  • mista killa

    FUCK DRE. This little nigga here didnt want to put out detox, what the fuck this nigga must be crazy letting all this papper chase away, somebody hand me a hammer so i can knock this niggas hustle

  • mista killa

    someone got a problem with this email me nigga tell me how you fell ill have my fanbase open for any response chat. p_l_a_y_b_o_y_a@yahoo.com ladies are more to join tna anything else.

  • san diego

    hey mista killa this site is for hip hop heads not DUMB DUMBS! someone should grab a hammer and knock you for disrespecting a legend. and for one hes not letting any paper (and its paper not papper) get away because hes a multi platinum artist/multi multi-millionare. so get off this site cause you dont know shit and fuck your playboy@yahoo.com!

  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac 1971-1996)

    Tha Don Dr.Dre is in tha house damm fuck ya´ll haterz who don´t got no love 4 Dre cause he is tha man behind every big thang in hiphop he is a living legend & Goodfather of rap! Aftermath 4 life Yo Dre & Jimmy Iovine u 2 got so many money so if U win the lawsuit just give the money 2 tha poor thugz out on the streetz I know u will!!

  • iM a baY nIGGA

    dre you need to get $ome bay area niggaz on! fuck dem headphones mane

  • nigga fo da north

    dre is aight but niggas who call him a rap legend is stupid and dont kno anything about hip hop. how is he gonna be a rap legend if he uses ghost writer

  • nigga fo da north

    he does make good beats though

  • san diego

    hey nigga fo da north only one thing i need to say about you…WOW!!!!!

  • san diego

    you are an idiot fo da north for real! not all of dre’s songs are ghost written. and remember what dre did for hip hop dumb dumb! i cant believe that came out of your mouth it seems like you dont know shit about hip hop cause anyone on this mother fucker will agree when i say dre is a hip hop legend! N.W.A., SNOOP, THE CHRONIC, CHRONIC 2001, EMINEM…..the GAME! your stupid hommie dre’s been in the game for over 20 yrs! “anyone who says dre’s a rap legend is stupid” damn thats some serious shit to say on a site like this i feel bad for you man! DR. DRE A RAP FUCKIN LEGEND!!!!!

  • nigga fo da north

    san diego real hip hop site nick cannons home town must be hard out there. fyi dre left nwa and got dissed by eazy and torn apart by cube. stupid ass nigga living in the suburbs calling me an idiot bitch lucky u live out in cali wit all ur surfer friends.
    p.s i didnt say all his songs were ghost written i just said he uses ghost writers
    P.s.s it didnt come out of my mouth i typed it dumbass

  • san diego

    hey hommie i dont know where the fuck you from but to talk shit about my town that you know nothin about you stupid! come to south east san diego homeboy you’ll see how hard it is blood! ck all day out here hommie south east stays brazy !

  • san diego

    and nick cannon aint from dago anyways he live in the 760 up north we 619 blooooood! mitchy slick keeps brackin dago keeps brackin! fo tha north said live out in cali with your surfer friends hahahahah! thats funny when every city in cali is the same we invented gang bangin killa cali come check it blooooood red flag out the right merkin all brabs 5/9 brimz,OVP,BASMENT BLOCK COME PAY US A VISIT YOU BITCH!!! SAN DIEGO FO LIFE FUCK YOUR NORTH SIDE BULLSHIT! “OUT HERE IN CALIFORNIA NIGGA WE WORNED YOU WE’LL BOMB ON YOU MOTHA FUCKAS”

  • jaruleloki

    fuck gay ass dre fukin bum pusher he gay wid feminem and 50 suck dem both off fukin homos its murda for life mudda fukers u wait till ja come back out he gonna bourm on these soft niggas

  • J

    50 is destroying himself. He threatens to beef with DRE who basically has helped him become who he is. Sure 50 is a big money earner for Aftermath/Shady/Interscope but he just cant go out and say shit like that to Dre.

  • suril

    yeh sue them i am for it killemm why not make a buck then a two then a multimillion who gives a shit sue their life out pesace