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360.jpgIt’s not basketball season yet, but XXL has a major case of fourth-quarter fever. If the 2006 rap game was a hoop game, it would be characterized by one thing—bricks. Of the major hip-hop releases this year—from stalwarts like Mobb Deep, Busta Rhymes, T.I., Ice Cube, Cam’ron, LL Cool J, Ghostface Killah and B.G.—exactly one, T.I.’s King, had achieved platinum sales as XXL went to press. Maybe Nas is right, and Hip-Hop Is Dead. If only Nasir could release that highly anticipated aforementioned long-player. Which brings us to the fourth quarter…

There’s hope yet for hip-hop in ’06. The rap rumor mill is buzzing with gossip that the last three months of the year will be particularly star-studded. Of course, we never shy away from rumors. So here’s our take on what’s in store for hip-hop as ’06 comes to a close.

Jay-Z: The Prez is coming out of retirement sometime, and like another G.O.A.T. born in Brooklyn, Hov’s known for his fourth-quarter play. But is he comeback Jordan from ’95 or ’01?

Lil Scrappy: Lil Jon’s protégé’s stepped it up since he burst on the scene two years ago. Now, backed by both the King of Crunk and 50 Cent, Scrap should be good to go.

Clipse: The Kings of Coke Rap have been repeatedly blown off by their label, and lately they’ve been beefing with their longtime benefactor, Pharrell. Maybe drugs are bad after all.

The Game
: He’s been talking about The Doctor’s Advocate almost as long as the Dr.’s been talking about Detox. Okay, not quite. But if Game drops an album without Dre’s advocacy—or beats—will anybody care?

Nas: With his label president mulling moves of his own, it might be best for Nasir to think about ’07. But Def Jam seems determined to put God’s Son out. Maybe it’s part of Jay’s diabolical plan…

Ludacris: He claims “War With God” is about himself, which makes us think Luda’s a bit loony. But ’Cris is a clutch fourth-quarter performer, so expect him to come through.

Baby/Lil Wayne: They put out “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” and no one really cared. Maybe they should hold this Daddy stuff ’til next Father’s Day, and drop Wayne’s solo at the end of ’06. But the labels never get it right.

Young Jeezy: Da Snowman’s making noise with “I Do This.” But with Hova’s plans undetermined and Nas on the schedule, the stars of ’01 might steal the Thug Motivator’s thunder.

Lil Jon: The ATL’s been all snow and snap since the King of Crunk last released an LP of his own. But we’d bet our pimp cup Jon will still have something for the masses.

Snoop Dogg: The Doggfather’s promising the Blue Carpet Treatment for late ’06, and he’s usually true to his word. Except for that thing about quitting weed.

Read the rest of the 360 section in XXL‘s October 2006 issue (#85)

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  • http://www.trendsettazinc.com DJ Main Event

    Clipse got it.

    Game, its hard to tell @ the moment but i wish that kid all the luck in the world.

    Hova needs to just do the guest appearance thing until his OTHER 20 artists drop.

  • HollyHood Izzle

    Hov gonna some sunlight through the dark cloud that hangs over new york. I heard 1 blood from the Game and its a mixtape song not a 1st single, he realy needs dre 4 some direction. Scrappy album will b wack, jeezy gonna b dope, get it dope! So will the clipse. Nas’ album wit b his most diverse album I don’t if that’s good or bad. And nobody else really matters. A go 2 allhiphop.com and check out fabs monkey business is banannas

  • pop a poppa

    Jay-Z: it’d be nice to hear from him
    again (that is if he still has rhymes
    better than his recent guest

    Lil Scrappy: i can’t even believe you
    put this clown on the list!

    Clipse: the album i’ve been waitin’
    to hear the whole damn year!

    The Game: we’re all about to see if
    lil’ J.T. can carry a whole album by
    himself without the best production in
    the world.

    Nas: i would love to hear an album
    with Nas’ lyrics over the type of
    beats that The Game got last time out.

    Ludacris: the most versatile rapper
    in the game is pickin’ at the biggest
    names. “War With God” was at T.I. and
    everybody knows it. Luda will always
    do his numbers.

    Baby/Lil Wayne: without Dopeman Fresh
    CMRuuh is lookin’ like Death Row after
    Dr. Dre left.

    Young Jeezy: this rap era’s Master P
    might have some problems puttin’ up
    another platinum plaque on the wall.

    Lil Jon: as long as Ludacris and
    Ursher are on at least 1 song with Jon
    he’ll be iight.

    Snoop Dogg: might be time for the
    Dogg to be put out to stud.





  • http://nothing sean jean

    where beanie sigel watch out for dude
    hes underated and the best right now

  • BWS

    Y’all know Game will easily go plat!

  • Yung Dame


  • http://www.xxlmag.com shawn

    i thought jay was retired? yeah right!! he got like 20 rappers on the label and he needs to come out? nas going to def jam was a HUGE mistake cuz he’ll play robin to jay-z’s batman. hip hop isn’t dead, just def jam!!!!

  • zino

    i agree wit shawn. nas is ma boy and all (best lyricist eva hands down!!!) but dat was a wrong business move wit going ova to def jam. jay gon fuck him over. they sed it themselves: it aint like they gon b best friends all of a sudden. there’s still bad blood lingerin. if jay does mess up nas’ release tho, dat would really discredit him as president of def jam. not a gd look for hov.

  • godmc

    HOV and NAS(let it linger in your mind) two kings togther atlast these niggas got game on lock ain’t nobody fucking wit hov on the wordplay and nas got the rakim-esq flow dat niggas ain’t got now-a-days and nas gon eat cam ass up for that earlier shit he said we ain’t forget nigga

  • raven

    the gods are back i love hova and naz
    the east is comming back harder than ever

  • Tex

    Hip Hop might be dead in New York, but in Texas we got Chamillion, Paul Wall, Big Tuck, Tum Tum, Twisted Black, and meny more. The south runnin the game. oh and Lil Wayne wreack on Jay-z fuck what ya talkin about.

  • Big J

    The south aint in this by themselves no more. New York is takin the crown back. Just cuz ya’ll southern niggaz on heavy rotation don’t mean ya’ll all that. I’ve been listening to some of the fresh material commin out of NY and 2007 could be a year of a major turn around for the game. This time it will be in the birth place’s favor. It aint dissin it’s ust called the truth and if you feel offended then maybe you ust scared cuz it’s the truth. New York will never die.

  • robin hood

    man fuck all dem fools!!!
    my boi scrappy and da game is up in dat bitch so fuck all dem otha rappers dey just a bunch of wannabes tha game and scrappy da real gangstas up in dat bitch!!!!!!!

  • robinhood

    man fuck da north side! fuck newyork! da durdy durd is da birth place of rap and hiphop!!! get ya shit straight before ya try to tell where tha fuck rap and hiphop come from you dumb ass!!! DUH!!!