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"Don’t Sweat It"

The mixtape assassin is back. But G-Unit’s second biggest seller, Lloyd Banks, has his work cut out during New York City’s summer of discontent. He says he’s still not respected enough as a solo artist and he thinks the past “year of insults” has hurt the overall quality of rap. Oh, but anyone want to battle? Now’s the time.

"Games Haters Play"

You’ve heard him before, but you’ve never heard him quite like this. 50 Cent opens up about his relationship with convicted drug lord Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, G-Unit’s sales slump and The Game’s status at Interscope Records.


"Candy Paint"
You’d think the first solo artist to come out on T.I.’s Grand Hustle might be a little worried about being overshadowed. Not Young Dro. He’s paid his dues. He knows his hues. He shares his views.

Rap folks around NYC get to feeling a way when the nation looks elsewhere for its hip-hop heat. From Brooklyn to the Boogie Down, the city’s MCs are going all out to bring the crown back to town.

"Hustler Musik"
Mixtape mavens, alert: XXL counts down the Top 20 Street Albums you need to own.

"The Champ"
Battle-tested and sellout proof, this Chi-Town underground fave is taking an unorthodox route to the big time. Walk for a while with Mr. “Jesus Walks” himself: Rhymefest.



Yellow Nigga rants and raves.


You show your love for Proof.


Our nine steps for a Lil’ Kim comeback
8Ball: Pharrell
Truth: Busta Rhymes
Hip-Hop Junkies: Teena Marie
Move the Crowd: Jay-Z celebrates his “baby” 10 years later.


1. The Pack
2. Omar Cruz
3. Uncle Murder
4. Big Tuck
5. Termanology


Aundréa blows out the candles on our birthday cake.


Fall fashion hits the streets of the D.
How We Do: Hip-hop gets its skate on.
Fashion: Detroit struts in the latest fall fashions.
Flow: Keep your money tight.
Walk This Way: Feast on our annual kicks blowout.
Games People Play: Brain Age, Saints Row
Reign of the Tech: Take it to go.
Full Clip: DVD reviews to swear by.


The Jump Off: OutKast
Classic Material: Leaders of the New School
Train of Thought: Killer Mike
Official Bootlegs: Big Pun
Ill Techniques: DJ Ideal
Spin Cycle
Production Credit: Lil C
Chairman’s Choice: J-Zone


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