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  • californialove


  • TWANK One

    Fuck yeah!!!…but how? Is it more unreleased shit or another mash-up?

  • H-FLOW

    yea its on rap a lot so i already know its gone flop. how come we aint heard of it yeat? wait i answered that its on rap a lot records.

  • Q


  • mo

    who gives a sh** if its on rap a lot — no limit – deathrow – watever, that fact is it’s another 2pac album so u know its gonna be clean!!

  • Kazaam

    Rumored tracklist:

    “2 Face” intro: Fear Of Man.feat-Makaveli,Scarface 1. Smile Pt 2 [Rize].feat-Makaveli,Scarface,Danny Boy 2. Thug Warz.feat-Makaveli,Scarface,Warlord,Lakey The Kid, Z-Ro 3. Passion N Pain.feat-Makaveli,Scarface,Danny Boy 4. Bleed.feat-Makaveli,Scarface,Ja-Rule,Fatal 5. From South 2 West.feat-Makaveli,Scarface 6. Notorious Killaz.feat-Makaveli,Scarface,Big Syke 7. 2 Of America’s Most Wanted 2 [MOB Party].feat-Makaveli,Scarface,Danny Boy 8. Fuckin Wit Tha Wrong Niggaz.feat-Makaveli,Scarface,Richie Rich 9. Last Dayz.feat- Makaveli,Scarface outro:Venomous Wayz.feat-Makaveli,Scarface,Val Young

    Release Date: 9/26

  • dmented

    scarface has no part with the album, its rap-a-lot bullshit

  • immortal outlawz

    man this albums is gona be a killah

    gona bring back the WEST


  • J.M.I.

    to all talkin down first off rap-a-lot is one of the first black owend record labels and has reall opend the door for a lotta people such as swisha house and many more. as far as pac you know full well there will probably be some stuff we already heard but you also know there we be some diamonds in the rough that we have never heard! so who cares gimmie the diamonds! 2pac was the greatest artist that ever lived he was the only rapper that had anything even remotely substantial to say! THUG LIFE

  • Ryan Rushing

    For all those talking down on Rap-a-Lot, eat a d***. Pac was the greatest rapper alive and everyone knows this, but for those who are unfamiliar with the South, Scarface and the Geto Boys are pioneers in the game. Go cope the old albums and tell me they dont jam. When you look on bet, mtv, thats all ya’ll see, Southside still holdin. Check out other artist like Lil keke, big pokey, chis ward, Z-Ro, Mr. 3-2, E.S.G., Lil O, Trae, and there so many more. R.I.P. Dj Screw, Fat Pat, Big Steve, H.A.W.K, Gator, Big Mello.

  • gorrilla methods

    Rap a-lot and ruthless records is where all this independent gangsta label shit originated, niggaz. You niggaz betta recognizes! Thug-life methods implemented, realness is so hard for fake mothefuckaz to grasp.

    Realness is to deep for fake-ass shallowness

  • N.I.G.G.A.

    Another pac album, yeah niggaz pac is back wit scarface and rap-a-lot, yeah niggaz PAC IS BACK

  • 2Pac iz the Realist

    niggaz, i aint give a year ol joint who the label iz. another new 2Pac jewl, shiat, i buy it even if there be only 1 verse from Pac that i aint heard, ya heard? 2Pac is immortal through his wordz and pictures. nigga was the, and still is the dopest hip hop/poet/rapper/writer there ever is, was, and ever will be. Pac drop it real style, “thug style”

  • http://Yahoo Shifty

    Just to clarify TUPAC IS DEAD even though I just seen him in Mexico last week.Rock on Bro.

  • antonio

    pac scareface man that’s hall of fame,I can’t wait for it to drop. THUGLIFE BABY

  • http://hotmail 214 tx

    already…. I just hope it ain’t no watered down bullshit!!! Like Loyal to the game and them.

  • http://hotmail 214 tx

    already…. I just hope it ain’t no watered down bullshit!!! Like Loyal to the game and them.

  • Elvis Parrow

    Good post!

  • RECK

    When is this album droppin?

    R.I.P. 2Pac (The GREATEST Rapper of ALL TIME)