New York Hip-Hop: Problem


“They’re sayin’ New York don’t hold down that slot no more/We ain’t makin’ people get up on the dance floor/We rhymin’ like other niggas, dressin’ like other niggas/Usin’ other niggas’ slang when that ain’t our thang/Niggas hate on us, learned about weight on us/Now they ready to skate on us.”
—Sadat X, “Back to New York”

Given the herd of iron horses that continually rumble through our city’s subway tunnels, you’d think we New Yorkers would be accustomed to the funky sensation of the ground moving underfoot. Yet recently, Gotham’s hip-hop community has been knocked off balance by a seismic tremor of a different kind: the recognition that rap’s national balance of power has shifted from NYC to all points OT. The evidence has been accumulating for more than a New York minute. While our friends from down South dominate the charts, many of our most respected homegrown artists (i.e. Fat Joe, Mobb Deep, Ghostface) couldn’t touch gold if they infiltrated Fort Knox. Symbolically, candy-painted whips, spinners, grillz (not fronts, mind you, there’s a difference) and big-bottomed exotic dancers—the signature vices and devices of hoods in current hip-hop hotbeds Atlanta, Memphis and Houston—have become the visual shorthand for anything rap-related, reducing the music’s public profile to a series of increasingly one-dimensional vignettes. Meanwhile, bloggers with attitude (those affiliated with the very publication you now palm, actually) have declared that a new holy trinity of rhyme titans—Atlanta’s Young Jeezy and T.I. and New Orleans’ Lil Wayne—has usurped the old Brooklyn-Queens triumvirate of Biggie, Jay-Z and Nas as the voices of choice for rap’s new generation. Sadly, the Rotten Apple has essentially become the “Forgotten Apple.”

It’s enough to sink any self-respecting New York hip-hop diehard (a category that includes this writer) into depression. Not because we’ve got it out for the South or any other region making noise across the map, but because, quite simply, we know what we like the most: cats spittin’ with some panache over none-too-polished, sample-driven breaks n’ beats. Count me among that hopelessly out-of-step faction that’s never sat through a Ludacris album from start to finish, that couldn’t tell DFB from D4L if our lives depended on it, and still thinks any mention of a rapper called “Tip” refers to a former member of A Tribe Called Quest. For us, New York—the birthplace of the last great music of the 20th century, ground zero for rap’s late-’80s golden era—will forever be synonymous with hip-hop. It’s like that, and that’s the way it is.

So it was with great anticipation that I eyed the local troops’ recent attempts to galvanize a full-fledged New York resurgence. Though the ever-outspoken Ghostface had taken to mocking D4L’s candy-sweet snap music smash “Laffy Taffy” in concert earlier this year, the real impetus arrived in the form of “New York Shit,” by none other than Busta Rhymes. Admittedly not the hugest Bussa-Bus booster myself, I never expected the old Dungeon Dragon to lead hip-hop in much of anything (save for number of costume changes per music video). But here he was, one of our own rap vets, dropping some unfashionably “real shit” that everyone with a New York allegiance, from indie purists Talib Kweli and Jean Grae to a rejuvenated DMX (apparently taking a break between car accidents) was jumping up to embrace and drop verses over. With producer DJ Scratch resuscitating the unforgettable ascending string loop from Diamond D’s early ’90s gem “I Went for Mine,” the song was both a joyous celebration of New York’s grand hip-hop heritage and an urgent demand to be taken seriously again on the national stage. Its throwback charm gave the young’ns a taste of two-turntables-and-a-microphone fundamentals, while warming the hearts of curmudgeonly folks, like yours truly, who still insist that the 1992 legal decision that forced producers to pay for sample clearances creatively hamstrung the art form when it had just begun. (Can I get a witness?) Busta had bestowed the New York faithful with a new anthem.

“New York Shit” then begat the Busta-hosted, DJs Green Lantern– and Kay Slay–manned On My New York Shit mixtape—a showcase of the five boroughs’ finest vocal talent, both established and up-and-coming, and the local rap community’s biggest display of collective civic pride since Do Wop’s landmark ’95 Live. But while On My New York Shit should have been a moment of triumph—a resounding confirmation that you should never sleep on The City That Never Sleeps—the impact felt more like a temporary high. Despite a healthy offering of adrenaline-inducing fare (Papoose’s “Out in NY”; Maino’s “Bed Stuy Anthem”; JR Writer spitting over the “Bridge Is Over” instro; Jae Millz’s offhand assertion that competition is “softer than a hamburger bun in the Hudson”), there was also plenty of filler (much of the mix’s final third), and a few outright disappointments (an asthmatic-sounding Lloyd Banks on “My House”; a posse cut featuring Ghostface, Kool G Rap, Raekwon, Lord Tariq and Big Daddy Kane that somehow managed to be boring). Much as my heart might have wanted to, my big-city cynicism wouldn’t let me buy into these festivities. At least not without a wary ear. The real questions and issues facing NYC’s status in the game were still out there and needed to be addressed. Specifically…

Here in 2006, what the hell is New York hip-hop supposed to sound like, anyway?
Any aficionado could tell you what prototypical New York hip-hop sounded like in the early ’80s: Bronx pioneers bragging and harmonizing over disco-funk rhythms. The mid-’80s: hard rappers rhyming over even harder drum machines. Late-’80s: Five Percent science and James Brown loops. Early ’90s: jazzy stand-up bass samples, reverb-soaked horns and shouted choruses (a.k.a. “Carhartt Rap”). And mid-’90s: QB, Premier productions, Wu-Tang. But since then, it’s pretty much been a free-for-all.

Essentially, New York hip-hop stopped meaning “real hip-hop” in the minds of devoted rap fans the moment Puff fell off his motorcycle and started tap-splashing through puddles. It’s understandable. As rap emerged as the dominant youth music worldwide, labels like Bad Boy, Roc-A-Fella, Ruff Ryders and Murder Inc. kept New York relevant by churning out hits of varying quality that appealed to the genre’s expanding fan base. Yes, New Yorkers are a business-savvy bunch (the cost of living here is too damn high for us not to be). But does the fact that our boom-time representatives opened the commercial floodgates years ago mean today’s New York rap dudes get a free pass to make records that sound a whole lot like the ticky-tacky shit they simultaneously accuse of ruining rap? Consider any number of questionable singles from the past year or two from hometown heroes: Cam’ron’s abominable Cyndi Lauper–sampled “Girls,” Fat Joe’s ill-advised Nelly duet “Get It Poppin,” Remy Ma’s “Whuteva”—an aural train wreck that outdoes the cacophony of anything ever produced below the Mason-Dixon Line. And yes, Busta himself, who with every radio spin of his clunker “I Love My Bitch” is wiping out the goodwill created by “New York Shit.” Short of making ’em snap to this, our peeps have exhibited some pretty poor taste lately.

Add in Dipset’s throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks philosophy (which encompasses a song called “Crunk Muzik,” which doesn’t actually sound much like crunk music, and remakes of material by Master P, Salt ’N Pepa and Jefferson Starship) and a marginalized set of veterans (Ghost, Rae, AZ, Sadat X, Pete Rock, Preem) trying to right the ship by making tracks the old-fashioned way, and you’ve stumbled on the real conundrum. How can anyone hope to revive New York hip-hop when there are a million and one ideas out there as to what New York hip-hop really is? This isn’t a celebration of diversity. This is, as EPMD used to say, total chaos and mass confusion. I know the cure-all explanation is that anything by New York cats that’s hot is New York hip-hop. But the “New York Movement,” as Busta calls it, would probably benefit from an ounce of aesthetic cohesion.

Read the rest of this feature in the September 2006 issue of XXL (#84).

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  • young chuck

    maybe nyc needs to get there shit together.period

  • J Ball

    ^^^^genius. you just solved the whole problem

  • eskay

    Young Chuck for Mayor.


    Honestly, I think Cam’Rons new album is the perfect example of what New York Hip-Hop is and what it should sound like I think niggas should be more like Cam and just focus on pleasing their core fan base than following trends.

  • Big Walt

    The problem with NY hip hop is that it refuses to develop and expand creatively.

    Whereas other urban centers are inventing new styles. Most people in the real world would rather listen to new, innovative, rap than Busta going over the same damn formuale he’s been doing since the late ’90s.

    That’s why New York fell off. People don’t want to do new shit.

  • pop a poppa

    what the fuck?
    New York ain’t gone nowhere!
    you wanna know why NY rap ain’t sellin’?
    its cuz nobody in they right mind from NY buy’s albums.
    everyone picks up mixtapes and bootlegs.
    and since mixtapes don’t end up counting on the billboard charts nobody from NY moves many units in the retail world.
    Papoose would be platinum right now if his mixtapes were treated as albums.
    Everyone bumps saigon.
    so to say that new york ain’t sellin’ any more is not true.
    NY still sells more rap music than anywhere else but you’ll never know cuz none of the shit is bought in actual retail stores.

  • noixe

    ghost and rae are still relevant…ghost’s fanbase might keep him from being a big part of the resurrection, but judging from the new tape and “goldmine,” rae still has some fire in him.

    derek x, pete rock and premo are relics.

  • sweet jones

    Fuck New york bitch as niggas

  • Walt

    Did a nigga jus say New York artist should be more like Cam’… Cam Fuckin Sucks!!!! Mic Rich you stupid.

  • nOva

    There a problem with hip-hop overall. Hip-hop radio is declining among listeners. I think it has a P.R. problem.

    Or that Jay-Z album needs to hurry up.

  • e

    East coast hip hop needs Redman back

  • Danja29

    I’da thought after Jay “retired”, somebody woulda stepped up to the plate- but nobody did. And I think that has a lot to do with the downfall, because nobody’s really concerned with bein’ that forefront guy. BUT- if Nas and Jay both drop albums this fall, maybe that’ll be a good look for the city.

  • The Critic

    I hate to say it, but until Nas, Hov and the Clipse (yeah me too) the east coast in general is toast.

  • D-Taylor

    Man, NY has no rappers. I know people hate to hear this but in order to be KING of New York, you gotta sell records, and the last person to go plat in New York was 50 cent. Thats probably why all the other so called Kings are hatin on a nigga. Give props when props are due.

  • Mrs.Jones

    I think the 1st problem is that they sign anybody to these fuckin lables and they aint even got any skills and there lyrics suck.People need to open there ears to tha lyrics not just tha damn beat!!And…..New York ain’t ever going to be tha same without the great rappers like B.I.G. and Hov and Nas needs to come back having people like 50 Cent ain’t cutting it but i think maybe Papoose will help bring shit back!

  • braiane dikmann

    vc canta verdade muito legal hip hop!!!
    bonito rap vc maior ter bonito homem vc muito pessoa bonito ver gosta mulhar ter muito bonito rap ou hip hop bonito!!!ok!!beija bray!!!!!??????

  • Dahc

    I don’t understand how rap is being broke down into regions. I am from the south andI love all coasts. But New York is trying to finish a game they did not start which is gangsta music. When New York adopted gangs and gangsterism from the West Coast, they basically killed everything for themselves hiphop wise because NY never started doing this till after pac died. You cant finish what you did not start.

  • Whoa

    da problem iz RADIO am from Ny and i lived there 13 years i moved down to orlando afta that and when i listen to da radio all i hear iz south muzik
    Yung Joc Dem franchise boyz T.I. they wont even play songs like Busta Rhymes Touch it or Ghostface Back like that not even da remix da closest thing you get to a new york record down hear iz a fuckin R&B song and ya be lucky to hear that tha radio wont even give NY songs a chance. nobody in da south likes New York and nobody in New York likes da south. there such a separation that gettin played in different regions iz 1 to 100. tha south iz a huge place all they need iz them they dont care bout NY because they know all there sells com from down south. Da problem wit NY iz it jus one city. New York cant stand up to a whole region. that why are sells slump because nobody but ourselves will buy a fuckin record

  • wigga_hata

    fuck wannabe blacks rap is for black folks only.BLACK POWER

  • DS424

    “fuck wannabe blacks rap is for black folks only.BLACK POWER” – wigga hata.

    LOL. Im not Black (Or White), But when someone thats Black says something stupid like that, I end up having more knowledge about Their Music then they ever will Know. If You Have Pride In Who You Are, I Absolutely Have No Problem In That. But Saying Something like that is just dumb. Yeah I Admit, Hip Hop Is Black Music, Yes I Know it Started with Black People. But Don’t Forget there were Also Puerto Rican B-Boys/B-Girls That were Also shaping The Evolution Of Hip Hop During The Late 70s. And The Break That You Can Possibly Consider The Start Of Hip Hop Music. A Break Thats Consider The Official Theme Of Hip Hop —> “Incredible Bango Band – Apache”

  • DS424

    hmmm everything I Wrote Wasn’t Posted, Oh Well, Just Start From Where It Was Left off: Yeah, Incredible Bongo Bands – Apache

  • DS424

    Weird, I typed quite a bit, but All of it Won’t Appear (At Least In My Screen)

  • Mr.Me

    There are way to many good albums coming out this year from southern/west coast/mid west artist that are goin to sell. NYC ya’ll should try to get back on ya feet in the 2nd quarter of 2007, after the smoke clears…haha!

  • bama


  • stephen

    new york rap is dead? nah, dipset is doing just fine, jim jones is hot, jr writer is up and coming and juelz santana is the next nas. new york just doesn’t want to admit it, but the south is unified while new york beefs with each other 24/7. dipset selling records, niggas hate on them, a southern rapper sells records, other rappers want them on their records. face it new york, your time is up! come to the south for some REAL music.

  • New York Nigga

    ^^ fuk u and ya region bitch Bama suk a dick lol


    yo man all i gotta say is the southern musik is f*ckin wack, some of it is hot but they suck, im tellin u NY aint rulin tha charts but they rulin tha mixtapes, NY comin back, give it a year son

  • DS424

    ^^^ Ok, and thats whats wrong, For Some Reason People Who Listen To Hip Hop Here in the U.S. Take Too much Pride at were there from, and thats were the beef starts, anyhow, New York Can Have The Fame Back, But They Gotta Stick Together Like Ghostface Said. Guys Like Papoose and Saigon Need To Stop Releasing Mixtapes & Release Albums, there already on Labels already.

  • marlon

    This article is so onpoint, I felt the exact way, the new york mixtape gave hope but you could tell it wasn’t really changing shit.
    The problem really is walmart. unfortunately, shit boils down to populations. when new york was on top gold was an achievement, now its a disappointment.
    When New York was on top Southerners were buying their tapes in grocery stores, and out of vans. Even then no one in new york knew or cared about the south but you’d still see all of them advertising in the source and laugh at their posters. With Walmarts; suddenly alabama and kentucky are markets with just as much strength as new york, same goes for tv. city folk are exposed so they are intellectual and like some smart shit new york rap is smart shit. For the longest the whole midwest was in the dark, nobody catered to them. Now they are a massive market that is being taken care of.And that is where the millions are coming from, unfortunately that witty shit goes straight over their heads.
    Unfortunately the south it turns out is a bunch of retarded inbreds, who suffer from heat exhaustion, and are only good for snapping fingers and staring at spinners. unfortunately the Average american is a kansas city snatchbox, why you think bush is president. It ain’t all about money despite what almost every rapper thinks, the problem is people respect an artist by how many units he moves and not his skills, meanwhile the number one demographic is an 11 year old paris hilton wannabe, so how you can use that as your litmus is beyond me.
    Real hip hop exists and New York is still alive, what is isn’t alive is people putting the love before the money. New Yorkers dumbing themselves down just to make money off red necks and losing the real heads in the meantime, that is the problem.

  • 11kap

    Yep. New York never fell off. Stop spreading propaganda and lies.

  • Locc to tha brain

    New york is fucking weak

  • 11kap

    You wish New York was weak, redneck! Who won the fucking war? Huh, asshole?

  • ha ha ha

    Damn, can new yorkers stop bitching an moaning about not being relavent anymore? it’s old news, and people wonder why? it’s because they hate on each other so much, look at dipset, they selling records, making money, appealing to southern fans. what happens, some wack rapper called no-life (tru-life) comes out and attempts to cut them down. haters are EVERYWHERE in new york, that’s why the south runs rap now, and don’t even try to include the clipse as being new york, they are from virginia. dipset and the south runs the rap game. Stay retired jay, we don’t want to hear you rap anymore. just keep doing soft-core porn with beyonce in her videos. southside til i die

  • spaceagetrippin

    Yall must sit around and listen to the radio all day. why is it that everytime someone says the south, the first thing out of thier mouth is DFB,DFL. I mean godam, some of yall act like they are the first groups out of the south. Since it’s like that, everytime I mention the east coast, i’ll use kwame as my example.

  • Genesis to Revelation

    Nas is New York hiphop,the style,the story tellin…Nas Nas you dont stop…And sayin Juelz is the next Nas,are you fuckin stupid? Dipset seem to let the beat carry the flow..

  • 11kap

    Mf say new york niggas moan and bitch. Isn’t that some old redneck bullshit? Meanwhile, you squeal like a fuckin pig telling all those lies. fuck the south. If it wasn’t for the North (New York), we would be in slavery, and y’all country fucks would be picking cotton.

  • kaybe

    I’m waitin the new NAS album,and I hope that will change the positions,I realy hope n I think that Jigga gatta bring his ass back,cuz we need em,weed him and Nas to showw what it is,how we doi it in the EAST.Now only G-Unit…yeah…keep the N.Y. shit out,so they desurve respect.We need Jigga back,we need Nas back,we need 50 back,we need THE EAST COAST BACK cuz New York,sukaz,this is the hip hop,from the beginin to the fukin end

  • South Carolina Gangstaz(S.C.G.’Z)

    To that motherfucking CHAIRMAN MAO. What the fuck is wrong with you? First off people down here in the south respect N.Y. I was raised in Brooklyn(east new york my father’s from there) as a child. To say that everything in the south sucks is wrong nigga because everything up there ain’t tight either. I know ya’ll hating the D4l’s Franchise Boyz etc. I ain’t really no fan of them either. But to talk about Ludacris, T.I. come on man these niggas will rip apart anybody you mentioned. We do have good rappers down here: Scarface/Geto Boys, UGK(Whom I Quote”Jay-z’s FAVORITE RAP GROUP), 8-BALL & MJG, Big Daddy Kane who’s from North Carolina ORIGINALLY!, I could keep going all day. But to put it simple WE AIN’T GOT SHIT TO DO WITH N.Y. FALLING OFF THAT’S BETWEEN YA’LL AND WE DO LISTEN TO N.Y. SHIT DOWN HERE SO YA’LL NEED TO STOP ALL THAT BULLSHIT NIGGA.



  • http://n/a T$treetz

    once again niggaz makin they self look stupid im from tha south and personally where im from we listen 2 everything, north, south, east coast everythang get played but deez fuck niggaz still hatin cuz tha south shinin’ quit listenin to da shit! it aint that fuckin hard dumb @ss niggas turn of yo radio and listen 2 what yall consider “real music” and quit hatin cuz tha south iz killin everythang. deez niggaz crazy LOL!!!!!!!

  • Lost

    Let’s talk about some real shit it ain’t necessarily all about New York this and New York that, it’s all about talent and trend. U can’t tell me that New York think it’s the only place where music should come from. U got talent in Chicago, Detroit, Brick City and St. Louis. I’m from the CHI myself and “Twista ain’t the only one spittin this kamakazi shit”. New York want a war for hip hop they got one cause a lot of people and artist know that their town got talent. I for one am also tired of southern music, but they killin’ the charts. Fuck all this New York taken back hip hop shit I’m a talent man. And if New Yorkers are sayin they should be the only place gettin’ money that they’re smokin’ their on product. Let’s Go!

  • chuckmystro

    1st off, I’m a pastor from the N.O. (New Orleans) and I’m having major issues with that article.
    #1-Hip Hop is bigger than NY. Just because rap [allegedly] started in NY doesn’t mean it should define how it sounds or looks any more than the 1st basketball players should define how the NBA is today. HIP HOP HAS CHANGED, GET OVER IT!!!!!!
    #2- Every region has its pride and has what they consider their own classic. What’s classic to one region won’t be to another. So, all you “journalists” stop trying to define what a classic should and shouldn’t be. That is unless, you can unbiasedly say Scarface, Weezy, T.I., BG, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Ludacris, David Banner, and our other “Southern Legends” can’t spit with the best NY has to offer.
    #3-NY needs to stop crying. Y’all had your chance to shine, its now other people’s turn. It might come back, if the G.O.A.T. comes back wearing the 45. Until then, the South is running this! Ya heard.

  • Yungstar

    Southside got its shit down now,but golden era New York beats any era hands down,coz its lyk that,its just the way it is…lyrically that era’s timeless…Outkast got its classics down in south,thats bout it.

  • big rizz

    Shit aint selling cuz it costs to much to live up north now….People dont realize it but cities are overcrowded, niggas are killing each other over bullshit, gas is an arm and a leg. We as the hip hop generation look like assholes everytime we shoot at, beef with each other. Remember when nas used to fuck with mobb deep, cormega, kool g rap, nore, the lox all used to do tracks together…..They were putting shit together and making quality music. But now everyone is for themselves. The record labels are picking the singles and not the artists! Do you really think busta wanted to put out “i love my chick”???? Women and niggas still love the hard grimey shit, but when you water your album down so much to the point where you only have 3 good songs, why would you by that? Wu tang, nas, biggie used to rap about shit we could all relate to, now its just bitches, hoes ,money, and drugs…..and not everyone feels that which is why sales are down so badly. Chamillionare made a song about the cops fucking with you and everyone was feeling it, and you see why? uz we all been fucked wit by the cops…..



  • Mangere4life

    New York aka Brickcity aka Bucktown iz da birthplace of Hip Hop and will alwayz be the benchmark for any hip hop allover to measure up to. You Muthaphuckkaz hatin on New York are da same bytchazz niggaz listening to all dat bullshit from da south and dem whackazz niggaz from cali….C’mon man, ain’t nobody tryin ta hear, cali iz active…Nigga Pleaze, go head wit all dat bullshit.

  • Sel Dog

    New York rap fell off because of so many artists coming out with no skills or just plain garbage. Just because hip-hop started in New York doesn’t mean it has to be the best. Rap always moves to somebody or their click,it doesn’t stay in one spot. The ones who are selling all the time are the artists who been doing it for awhile. “If it wasn’t for the west these rap niggas wouldn’t a vest around they chest.” 50 and them sell more because they being hated on. Just do you and you will sell. Stop worrying about G-unit,it’ll stop for them too. As for that song by Busta “New York Sh*t.” That is what it is some shit ,straight garbage like the rest of his shit. Bring back the real hip-hop. BDP,Public Enemy,NWA that’s when rap was the shit.



  • datdude06

    yo its about time N.Y get back to their shit, they been down for a while and its gonna take alot of of lyrical mc’s and true niggas to bring it back to life. It’ll neva be like back in the days but we gotta get the crown back to its proper place. Start making a funeral for the south, them boyz is back and they coming wit fire.

  • Big J

    Y’all wanna be italian rap niggas kill me. Y’all need to take credit for the bling era, talking about dumb shit to sell records. You sold your souls first, now everyone has the pattern. When y’all stopped being yourselves and and making real music is when you lost it, so do hate because everyone else is following your pattern and are now better at it, look at 50. LOL

  • Yungstar

    In that Kay Slay article,hes right bout no other side can take New York lyrically as a majority,south might hav one or two tight lyrically but people in NY still know whats up…Murda Mike were you in Mases Sunday school class? Dont believe the HYPE.

  • carolina357cuz

    yo im from nc grew up on east coast then alittle west but east is where is the real hip hop is at i hate the fact that im 30 and now motherfuckers think snapping yo fingers iz coll get tha fuck on wit dat elementery school shit pac big bigl wouldn’t ever do no shit like that

  • Locc to tha brain






  • Philroy

    Come on the majority of these rappers that talking about this bring back new Movement needs to go back to the drawing board and reinvent their flow, as a matter of fact they just need to take a backseat and watch from the sideline. NYC is making a comeback with “The Big Bang” and have y’all critics “Get Right” While Keeping Them “Hands Up” and making that “Cake”, now check “My Swag” as we all doing the “Diddy Bop” New York is the “Tru Life” of this rap game.

  • Yungstar

    thats whats up carolina357cuz we just want real hiphop,the relatible shit,i dont have a 64 or that fuckin chain its a good motivation but it dont mean nutin to us guys. Murda Mike peace,and Papoose will eat em all just listen to him or are his rhymes to educational for you. peace.

  • rome

    The “Bring New York Back” movement is going to fail, because no one outside of New York wants New York back. no matter how hard you try, You can’t force a movement. New York will be back on top eventually, but right now the general public isn’t going to support New York. Music changes and evolves, you can’t bring New York back, New york just has to come back.

  • Jae Noxx

    I don’t got no kinda problem with the whole “bring back NY” shit. But I feel like all the east-coast rap fanatics is hating on the south big time just because we took over hip-hop. All throughout the whole September issue were little sub-notes and hints at the fact that people are unhappy that the south rules hip-hop. Like in the Hip Hop Junkies article the interviewer was saying somthing like “we wouldn’t have this problem if the South had succeded from the Union.” Aint that a bitch! And Teena Marie gone sit her fat white ass up and agree with that statement, even though she’s signed onto Cash Money Records which is based off of Southern artists. Crackhead ass motherfucker. And if you got a problem with Southern music just stop listening to music altogether cause that’s all you gonna hear. Don’t be mad at us cause we make the music people wanna hear. New York just needs to hop off its own dick and realize that they need to step it up. But that probably wont happen, because everytime a NY rapper gets a decent buzz 50′s ass goes and disses them and stunts the growth of their carreer. So with all that being said, just let the South do its thing and stop hating.

  • RNic

    I don’t know about Cam…. But what about Juelz Santana as representative of today’s NY hip hop?? Pretty unique sound and the kid’s definitely got the ny flow…

  • teeko

    step ya game up northside that shit don’t bump anywhere else but ny. get dmx off crack and tell his bitch azz 2 lead tha way(s. is retired)

  • omegared nyc


  • omegared nyc


  • crsone01

    First off…What the fuck is”New York Hip Hop”?Hip hop is no longer regional,and to be honest southerners support thier artists more than most regions,so thier artists are out selling others.Secondly,NY seems to alienate “hip hop” that does’nt have that”east coast” sound.Rather than stepping thier game up,they(NY)criticize,bitch and complain.Also stop bootlegging and burning copies off your boy and support your favorite artists.Maybe we can start getting some decent long players instead of albums w/ two decent singles and a bunch of filler!

  • jmizzle

    The problem wit hip hop in general is all this unneccessary separation of regions. I’m from tha south and there are crap rappers here just like there are in NYC. I don’t feel DFB or D4L but don’t try to lump the whole south in their class. Lyrically some of the best MC are from tha south like lil wayne, outkast, chamillionaire, scarface, ugk , tti and luda. And tha nigga that said people aint goin plat cuz of bootlegs and mixtapes is a joke. People buy bootlegs and mixtapes EVERYWHERE and that aint no excuse not to go plat. Only a few NY cats is handlin they biz in tha game. Yall better hope Jigga and Nas don’t disappoint or it might be a long time b4 yall matter again

  • rome

    someone needs to tell Omagared NYC that La, Chi, Philly, and Det aren’t states.

  • Unothename

    Most you clowns have no clue as to what you are talkin about. Before B.I.G., southerners weren’t even into NY hip hop. NY hip-hop rarely went platinum because it did not appeal to Southerners who are homegrown on soul and rythym/blues and live in the country. Hip-hop is urban music that has roots in Jamaican culture and is about the beat and being bass heavy. To appeal to a larger fan base, NY rappers have always had to R&B up their music to appeal to black folk outside the NY area, which has more Caribbean roots and sensibilities. Real NY hip-hop will probably never be listened to by middle-America. I mean, Illmatic was even slept on.


    the future is already here, you got thug-a-cation, maino,jae millz and all them cats and to top it off,busta but we just can’t wait no longer.

  • jelani

    yo eventually ny will run the scene again.but ny fans of hip hop put crazy pressure on our artists.its like when a rapper puts out a joint that don’t sell and its their debut its a classic.instantly we want them to duplicate that we refuse to let them nas illmatic or hov reasonable doubt.the south will support their lames no matter no one really wants ny to come back.thats why i right in front of a south cat cut their ass down for fun and if they get out of line i spit on their punk ass.i tell you south homos this i feel great for you’ll getting your music on because when biggie or ll was rapping about brooklyn or queens,jamaicia ave you south niggas can’t relate now you have something that represent you so good for you but when you’ll start that fuck ny shit well for the south cats i encounter(i post up in ft hood texas)is the mecca of all south regions i get hostile and they get like church mice.come to jamicaia ave or brookyln or harlem with that fuck ny shit.matter of fact come deep and see you leavr with some type of injury.bottom line congrats to lil wayne,ti,bun b,pimp c,luda,and of course the don scarface but respect.if 50 sells and no one from the south espically from the crunk or snow man set selling more why ny ain’t selling.sounds i ain’t hating i embrace this south shit even though i will never purchase it. i guess thats why all these”top sellers” of the south can’t move units like dmx,nas,mase,hov,puff,lil kim did when they was out and dmx and mase was in their prime.go figure.

  • FLABOY850

    Fuck Ny Niggas! The South rule the charts and the mixtape scene. I’ll put Wayne, TIP and them Field Mob niggas in the booth with whoever! Fuck ya’ll niggas.

  • miked

    hip hop has done a 360 and now that the south is holding it east coast rappers are mad i think thats a bunch
    of B.S cats from the south are doing
    the same thing we all ways do its just
    that it is our time now we belong on top look how long the ATL has been holding it down we in south don’t hate on any coast we just do what we do and make it hot i belive there will be and eastcoast down south rap war soon wich go’s to show that eastcoast rapper’s are jelly they hated on the westcoast now they are hateing on the south i hope that we as a whole in hip hop learned some thing from the east west beef and the artist that died just make good music and do what you do

  • jelani

    yo flabby850 why its fuck ny over a website like i said come to 125 st and harlem or fort green brooklyn and kick that shit.yeah te south is on the charts but are they soundscanning more than fiddy (and fiddy ain’t shit) has lil flip,lil wayne ever do more than 3 mill like ja rule and mase.bottom line you hear over and over that hip hop is yes making money but overall the revenue is dropping.check the numbers.yes lil wane and t.i can see lil wayne feat on everyone shit but he ain’t selling like ny cats was.i admit we ain’t really selling because our spitters ain’t judge on sells like jada,styles p,papoose and ghost,rae.they ain’t radio friendly but jada still gets his platinum plaque.nas ain’t commericial but the nigga always hit a mill in me a favor hit and check the official record sales.the south is “on” the charts but their overall lack of lyrical content is fucking up hip hop.t.i even say south niggas can’t spit and he is your new king.he pattern his style off a east coast nigga(hov).you south niggas think cam and dip set is tight but as killa season can attest he garbage like field mob record sales.remember “laffy taffy” oh my “laffy taffy”. how about “treat you like milk do nothing but spoil you”.ha ha you south lames.thats why flipper shopping for a new home.

  • Joseph

    who do busta rymes have beef with.

  • osirus

    wu tang clan,gang starr,aesop rock,kool keith,beastie boys,nas,slick rick,rakim,krs1,qtip,preemo,minista sinista,graffiti,break dance,turntablizm,real hip hop.NYC RULEZ

  • bmort

    nigga stop hating because all them rappers u mentioned dont seel and has made terrible attempts at trying to become commercial. Nas -shorty owe me for ice, jada kis-shiny suit wearing ass, ja rule-he not a rapper he an r&b singer, fiddy sound like he from da south with that slow flow. man stop hating on da south. we might not be selling as much because of an invention called burnt cds stupid. we still doing it bigger though. ti bout to star with denzel nigga DENZEL. BUSTA CANT SELL, DMX-GOD JUST GAVE YOU A SIGN WITH THEM WACK ASS RECORD SELLS. If NY niggas so nice bring da so called real hiphop back then. do me a favor and hurry da fuck up though.while yall hate we aint gonna give you da satisfaction by responding because we too busy gettin our records played right in da big apple BITCH. krs one talkin bout where da real hiphop but when he was poppin off he was making sprite commercials. stop making generalizations about the south give me some specific examples of bad downsouth artists. dont get mad if they got a hit record out because even jay say dont judge an mc by what song he comes out with if u aint listen to the album yet. niggas in it for the money so why come out with something that u know aint gonna get record play? ALL YALL NY NIGGAS BE DOING THAT. That’s hip hop marketing 101 downsouth niggas getting A’s and NY niggas failin like hell. who dumb now.

  • bmort

    jelani nigga i hope u read dis shit. u sound like an internet thug. i dear u come to sc and dat da real dirty dirty. NY always got one or two. without jay or 50(who has a downsouth flow) east coast would really be dead homie. nas cant sell. da rest of them niggas dont matter. y do u act like we just gettin here. we been doing it big since 97 with no limit. the difference is NY niggas was doing something at that time too. then we kept making music and u niggas fell off da face of the earth. if it wasnt for niggas burning cd’s i think them record sales would be alot different homie. try and talk about hip hop without bringing the south up. there wasnt this much hate when the east or west was on top. why r u hating now? I know u niggas hate to see us on top. but u might as well get a grill and relax because we aint goin no where because we got da biggest coast with the most homie. NY is only one state.

  • http://xxl.mag/online jelani

    my point exactly,with the burnt cds you can’t really say who be the south is represent by multiple states.then i said fiddy ain’t shit nigga.i gave props to lil wayne and t.i all i was telling you slow thick in the head south cake niggas is that the record sales is not where it should be for the south if they want to say they running shit.i be the first to tell you the east right now don’t be on their grind nigga.those south niggas go and hustle for their deal.its not like they can walk out side and def jam is right there.i respect the south and all it what one artist off of the crunk movement sell 5 mill or 3 mill yet like x,mase did in their prime and they fell off.nas aint commericial but who from the south sells more.luda(mainstream) and now t.i and now since he is mainstream you’ll niggas be trying to diss his ass.ny also don’t support each other.thats no excuse we will clean our house up for sure.gotta go got this thick ass ga girl taking me clothes shopping but first she has to drop my wifey off to work.ny style nigga.

  • jelani

    hey bsnot i’m back just had one of you’ll down south hoes take me clothes shopping.she spent like seven hundred on a nigga,i feel kinda bad cause she makes only 9.50 an hr and she has 4 kids but what the fuck the ass is phat and when i want brain i don’t ask her twice but back to this hip hop thing you acting like you ain’t sweating shit but you drop like two response to my one i got you rile up nigga with that smooth ny swagger.try it the hoes love it.the south finally got something to represent them on a mainstream level because before i admit there was nothing we put out that you’ll can relate can you relater to biggie kicking shit about brooklyn or ll talking about farmers blvd.i for one ain’t hating on the south at all matter of fact i now live in the south and making bank.i even support these local acts with studio time if they have drive which alot of these south niggas have.look at all the medicore spitters from the south that get put on(lil flip,mike jones,lil scrappy,franchise boys, and plenty more)but they out there busting there ass.i respect if the burnt cd era is in effect look how many albums more albums nas and jada would have said it the numbers will be more if not for burning in ny you can get a full length album on various mixtapes.if no one is buying cds anymore it for def rings true for the end even with busta buss cd not doing what was expected (naw it is because burnt cds remember) his sales after a year will be right up there.i feel with ny realize they got lazy and selfish and they getting back on the grind niggas will start to hate.also how are ny hating on the south when most of our artist do collbos with south niggas because they can’t handle the underground heat these young niggas spit.oh another thing who from the south is doing (i hate to say it because he trash)doing fiddy numbers and came out around the same time as him or after.only one i can say is outkast and they are icons for sure but are hardly what you call rappers even though andre is an underrated mc when he decides to spit.oh yeah that chic that “treats me like milk do nothing but spoil me” is not my sister or my moms nigga.oh yeah since she is a south bitch since i make 46k a year and i got gear and jewels for days do you think she buy me a car.yeah i just tell her its her car but my wifey and i just borrow it all the dumb ass south bamas.

  • Katrina Davis

    I swear it’s about time somebody had something to say about this shit. I mean it’s about time real hip hop came back. There has only been a handful of mc’s who have been able to put shit out that isn’t about snaping ya fingas, leanin, or rockin (i.e. Lupe Fiasco, The Roots, Little Brother etc.). But i wouldnt say that it really matters what coast that hip hop comes from just as long as it is something with meaning. And down south hasn’t really brought much of that to the game. To me it’s all a gimmick. I mean basically these major record labels took southern rappers and put them in northern style clothing so that they can be recognized. I mean really before when Weezy was rappin about “bling bling” He was wearing reeboks. Now as soon as he switches his stlye up to BAPE and borrowed some ryhmes from Gillie he is cool now. What happened to hiphop when it had the jazz-like beats wit the heavy bass and trumpets in the backround. This down south shit has no substance. I mean sure it’s cool when you go to the club and the dj is thrownin some of that shit on to make you dance. But me personally i need something I can vibe to and that down south trash is not my twist.


    g unit runs new york check the stats.the rest of new york sucks what up blu hef. g unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 11KAP

    All I can say is: New York, don’t dig your own grave! Bring back the excitement!

  • joe williams

    The only reason New York is still alive is because that’s where it started at. On the real nobody wants to listen to that bull anymore. take it in the back like a good punk bending ova New York. the South run this.
    Obie Trice is harder than Jay and any New York Nigga out and i’m from the south and will put my money on it.

  • New York 4 Life Man

    If New York started hip hop then who can come and tell New York any shit in the first place. Yeah there are different styles of hip hop like gangsta from the west coast but all regions have one thing in common, you had to hear the original before you create anything else. You can’t just create something without hearing somthin else. I respect all regions but New York started hip hop culture period. All the regions need to show respect. Could there be gangsta hip hop without NYC, no way man. DJ Kool Herc is a jamaican american based in NYC, he is the father of hip, pure and simple. I like all the regions too. Actually besides NYC my favorite city is ATL. Some mad beats going out of that city. I was just down there the other day and it’s like a big family down there. I respect that but NYC is where this shit was born so deal wit it. I don’t care what you say. You can almost say this. When somthing is born like a baby. Hip Hop is NYC’S baby, the woman’s belly gets big. Then the baby is born. You can say that New York had many babies. Big Pun, Jay Z, Nas, Jam Master Jay, 50 cent, Biggie. After the baby is born the women might not feel like her self. She might feel tired and worn out for a while, but when she gets enough rest she is up and movin again ready to repeat the cycle. That’s all it is people. New York is just in recovery and rest from bein in labor. If you ask me New York is almost ready to repeat the cycle again. Just give us about another half year into almost a year. It will be like we never went no where. New York is king of hip hop in general, gangsta, chopped and screwed you name it. We started the shit and we comin back to get what the fuck was taken from us.

  • bmort

    jelani u a funny guy, dont take nothing personal homie this is hiphop. u telling me ur whole hustle and flow story aint you. u aint gotta prove nothing to me.
    I believe everything you said. not like i really care but i hope she giving you everything u need big pimping. Ask her to holla at ya boy. dats how down south niggas give props without hating at all.
    now on the other hand how you gonna bash the south on one hand then try and talk good about them. pick a side homie. but dats wassup giving them boys studio time. u remind me of jay z leaving ny to fuck with the south. Ur actions speaking louder then ur words.
    but back to dis hip hop. when I say ny niggas hating let me give u examples: 1. Ghostface hating on D4l. even though they are wack what gives dat man da right to bash them dudes on stage like dat. they are just one section of hiphop music. they hustling getting money and ghost acting like they said they the tightest rappers in the world. ghost needs to calm down.
    2.then you got method man who says down south niggas say NY niggas not on da grind but he cant give an example. dat nigga wants someone to respond so he can get a beef to resurrect his career and so does ghostface. WHATS WRONG WITH DMX?
    3. y NY niggas always talking about bring back da real hiphop (busta rhymes got a chain dat says dat shit) but then they turn around and make music with the same downsouth niggas they HATING ON SUBLIMINALLY.
    3. y do yall always bash the south and then try and justify it in the end by giving some kinda props (I respect da south dem niggas grinding but they fucking the game up with all this shake ya ass music). make yall damn mind up. either hate or show luv. I suggest yall show sum love cause haters never prosper in this world. oh yeah we cant help it if we getting money, fuckin, and clubbing and fucking so more. dats how we do down here.
    4. please start mentioning a ny rapper that came out after 2001 for ny when u mention sales cause all these cats is new from da south and aint even hit they prime but u mentioning they names with cats from NY that been in the game over 10 and 15 years. Yall be bringing up krs one seriously. I would rather have yung joc on my record label. who would you rather have RIGHT NOW?
    5. how come whenever a conversation about hiphop comes up there is some kinda negative energy directed towards the south?

    from the article above:
    Essentially, New York hip-hop stopped meaning “real hip-hop” in the minds of devoted rap fans the moment Puff fell off his motorcycle and started tap-splashing through puddles.
    we didnt stop so called real hip hop you did. and stop calling it real hip hop its just NY Hiphop that has stopped.
    also from the article:
    But does the fact that our boom-time representatives opened the commercial floodgates years ago mean today’s New York rap dudes get a free pass to make records that sound a whole lot like the ticky-tacky shit they simultaneously accuse of ruining rap? Consider any number of questionable singles from the past year or two from hometown heroes: Cam’ron’s abominable Cyndi Lauper–sampled “Girls,” Fat Joe’s ill-advised Nelly duet “Get It Poppin,” Remy Ma’s “Whuteva”—an aural train wreck that outdoes the cacophony of anything ever produced below the Mason-Dixon Line. And yes, Busta himself, who with every radio spin of his clunker “I Love My Bitch” is wiping out the goodwill created by “New York Shit.” Short of making ’em snap to this, our peeps have exhibited some pretty poor taste lately.


  • jelani

    yo to newyork4life,katrina davis murda mike and all the others that see the real what up.yo bsnot you the one that was getting your panties in a bunch.i don’t sweat this nigga.i could go anywhere in the south,east,west whatever and get love.i’m that non reading drooling retard i wrote 3 replys on here and in each one gave south props where its do.and i said ny has to get their shit motherfucker being in the south region is the same as say t.i or lil wayne posting up in cali but only difference im getting 5 figs instead of 7 to 8 or 9 figs.point is i’m making paper,more than the common folk.i’m a down and loyal dude and the real niggas that represent the south i talk to feel like yo this our time and this shit we can relate to but there is no fuck ny this fuck ny that.thats why i know its you few cake ass niggas that is hating.did’,nt i say mase and x fell off.everything i said you back door like i did’nt say.yo home girl you have no point or argument.yo also to kandi i apoligize for putting you on blast like that i got caught up in the moment.see there i aplogize on the internet,how punkish is that but i still remain that nigga.naw bsnot i’m no hustle and flow nigga.i’m just a fly nigga with dough that likes hip hop.actually if you have lyrics you can come from west bubblefuck and i rock that shit.bsnot i can rip you for days but its no fun,i like how your words sound so angry then you try to switch your demeanor to be laid back (classic ny).thats not you i don’t believe you, you need more will see most of these south cats will fall off you the meantime enjoy.also stop mention meth and krs to me i never even mention them.much respect to krs but his time is pass,he should sit back and enjoy how his craft has evolve the way it has.for meth he is a actor/rapper not a rapper/actor.

  • jelani

    remember ny still run this shit no matter how he flow fiddy is ny and i hate to say it but he running it as far as sales and making that paper.lloyd banks joint will sell just as much as tha carter (lil wayne)or more and that was held as a classic but it sold a mill after 40 weeks out but i forgot burnt cds right.guess that explain busta and dmx situation.but fiddy and hov (before he retired) go multi or forget hov he been in the game for 10’ll south niggas always have a excuse why we can’t claim someone is running shit.fiddy last joint sells more than em last joint(neither was their best effort)and he had the top selling album after it fully charted but you will say that is one.maybe thats all you need.their is only one champ.scoring champ (most of the time) but 99% of the time there is one.fiddy may sound like the south flow you’ll say but wayne flip it up to get revelent and sound like hov.bsnot you south niggas are the can come from sc and dick ride nigga shit from memphis or come from no and dick ride a nigga from’ll are band wagon hoppers.fiddy is just holding the spot down until a real lyrist with market value steps up since he is anchor lloyd banks down.

  • black77026

    How come when some one take the crown for a lil bit Yall sart bitching. Maybe if you get on the grind NY would still have it

  • New York 4 Life Man

    All i’m sayin is that New York started hip hop culture in general and the only reason ya”ll sayin shit right now is cuz ya”l are at the forefront. Well guess what if there is one thing that New York has is history. Even the greatest hip hop artist of all time was born in NYC even though he went to the west. New York has produced the greatest of all time. LL Cool J, Nas, Jay Z, Rakim, Big Pun, 50 cent, L’il Kim, DJ Kool Herc and Biggie Smallz just to name a few. The first hip hop single to become a hit was New York based. Rapper’s delight by Sugar Hill Gang. See what i’m sayin. We got history on our side. Who in the south can you consider legendary like these people. Maybe just UGK and Outkast. Maybe ya’ll should come to New York and see how it goes down. All five bouroughs stand up. Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island, Manhatten and Queens. Bow down people.

  • DBody

    Dont worry, My nigga Nas Goin hold it down like gravity!!!!!!!! Detroit, ^

  • DBody

    Dont worry, My nigga Nas Goin hold it down like gravity!!!!!!!! Detroit!!! 6 Mile!!!!!!!!!

  • New York 4 Life Man

    First of all New York is a city with 5 bouroughs which is like 5 states. Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, Bronx and Manhatten. Second why is it so hard for you people to show they respect. I don’t care where you all are , New York started this shit. I don’t care who has the fuckin torch right now. I’m beginning to feel how jamaica probably feel sabout reggaeton now. We created the damn torch. You couldn’t carry nothin unless someone created it. New York got history bottom line. Biggie Smallz, Nas, Jigga Man, you name it. Bow Down man.

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    I know this is going to hurt some feelings,but the tuth seems to do that. No one cares about the esat coast except for niggas from the east coast. Yeah,New York started rap,but it was the west coast that came out with Gangster rap,and that is what kept rap alive and strong till this day. It was the west that had the longest reign (from NWA all the way to a couple of years after Pac died),so if anyboby should be doing any movement it’s the west coast! But fuck all of that! New York rappers can’t get mad cause people ain’t feeling where there from! You supposed to make niggas feel you! Ask Bone Thugs,ask Twista,ask Eminem,and yes ask 50 they tell you, It ain’t where you from,it’s where you at! If those New York rapper can’t feel that than there not cut out to be no damn rapper!

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    i read a comment about south rappers don’t compare to east rapper. this is where the truth is going to hurt some feelings again! Scarface is the most underrated rapper alive1 why because he’s not from NY. That man has rapped along side Pac,Nas,and Jay-Z and flowed right with them boys. Eightball and MJG “coming out hard” was a classic! Outkast won more grammy than any east coast rapper out there! No Limit held rap down after Pac died! Listen to underground shit from the Hotboys! The south don’t have nothing but fire coming out there!

  • keezlo

    I’m not sure if this point has been raised in the comments here, but it’s worth thinking about. There are plenty of southern artists that are signed to nyc labels as the writer indicates on more than one occasions, bad boy south etc. Further, Jigga pushed Houston and the South since lifetime vol 2., TI and Chamillionaire both have taken Jigga lines and transform them into hooks, riding dirty and im a hustler.
    From my point of view southern artist are no more than players on nyc mangers line up card. Indeed right now the south is hot, but its nyc cats that recoginzed it and push it to the public

  • New York 4 Life Man

    That’s agood point keezlo. New York has played a major role in where the south is today. It’s like what Jim Jones said, Hollywood does movies New York does music. No matter waht you say. For cryin out loud, Young Joc is signed to Bad Boy Records South. Diddy know how to make rappers into super stars. Biggie probably the best example. New York is home of hip hop birth period. It was New York hip hop that inspired gangsta hip hop in the first place. New York is home to the greatest man. Rappers and r and b. Mary J Blige, Alicia Keys, you name it. Bow Down

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    Puff Daddy and all the other branched out and got south rappers because they saw that is what works. Name another person Diddy made into a star besides Biggie “New York 4 Life Man”. You can’t! Why did Ghostface call out D4L,and not TI,or Lil’Wayne? Rap wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for the West! Rap wouldn’t be relevant today if it wasn’t for the South! The reason why the south is spitting so hard,because we (I’m from New Orleans)kive life harder. New Orleans has the number 1 murder rate,not that it’s nothing to brag about,it’s just a fact that it’s way to raw and to real in the south,and the west for the east to fuck with. I checked the census this year and New York is like the 29th most dangerous state in the country. You can’t talk about gangster rap if you don’t live it. You can’t be raw if raw shit ain’t around you! New York 4 Life Man trust me,there ain’t nothing to bow down to.

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    i’m sorry not the 29th. the 35th most dangerous state in the country. Alaska is number 9!

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    i read alot of these articles,and it’s just funny to read someone saying south rap is trash just before they say it’s cool to listen to in the club,and some artist are hot.

  • wigga_hata

    cali started gangster rap and new york started hiphop which by da way wheather u want to except it or not blacks started it ALONE in da bronx ricans had notn to do wit it. ricans matter a fact didn’t even like black folks back in da 1970′s not racist just a realist.and don’t give me all dis reggetion bullshit bla bla bla oh no wait your wrong we have black in us so were black bla bla bla bullshit oh no wait ricans were always down wit niggas bla bla bla bullshit or dis salsa bomba bullshit bla bla bla i shoudn’t have to explain how my fucken culture started thank u very much.

  • New York 4 Life Man

    How can you say that hip hop wouldn’t be alive if it were not for gangsta rap. Hip Hop wouldn’t be alive if it were not for new york. That’s just disrespectful. That’s like sayin that you would still exist if your moma didn’t give birth to you. Maybe ya’ll jealous hatas should come take a new york trip. I’ve been to the south ( atlanta, miami, carolinas) and what ya’ll doin is cool but, ya’ll need to take new york more seriously. It’s like we didn’t do a damn thing to help out hip hop. Its like the west made hip hop and the east tagged along, it was the other way around. What is it with ya’ll man. Jamaica is the birth place of reggae and even though places like spain and japan do reggae, they acknowlegde where the music came from. Just one example. New York made hip hop and no one else could but new york cuz the father of hip hop was based in new york ( kool herc) It’s startin to get me pissed off.

  • wigga_hata

    yeah for sure hiphop was strated in new york it strated way before cali gangster rap u right for sure if it weren’t for new york hiphop wouldn’t be born at all i was never dissen da empire whole point is dat black folks started it alone in da bronx dat all im sayen.

  • jelani

    yo ny4life i feel you.there is for sure underline hate for the east(especially ny).its like some cats in the south was happy to get that exposure we probably took for granted.these ny niggas peep the scene and now as far these mix tapes i been getting they spitting fire.but no one could explain why fiddy sells 5 mill with a weak effort(massacure) and lil wayne makes tha carter(acclaim to the fullest) and sells a mill then you hear the south holding it dowm.or they say sales don’t matter,because everyone burns cds.but you know ny niggas burn cds forever.we always looking for bargins,cost of living is a mother.then the south wants to throw sales in the mix once one of our legends like dmx don’t move mad units.just like on they said juelz sold a mill but he actually ship a mill so its not official.what the let dem franchise boys ship a mill they will say they a platinum act.point is ny is on the come up.but we have to be careful because judging by the hate and anger these south supporters have they will always slight anything ny or the east coast do from now when hov make his next album(if he does) and sells 3-4 mill or higher it won’t count because its hov you watch.

  • wigga_hata

    a point when biggie and 2pac were alive when was tha homo south ever runnen anything it was nyc and la runen da real shit when was shithole texas ever runen anthing back den if biggie and 2pac were still alive da south wouldn’t even be known.

  • Wack rap fans killed rap

    I read all the comments and its time to kill
    the BS. Rap started in ’73 – You couldn’t
    curse because rap wasn’t even being accepted a music. Rappers had to be talented. NY’s rap reign is from 73 to 93 and continuing. It wasn’t until 1988 when
    the west coast (15 years later) came on the scene and changed rap with the parental advisory sticker. Rap today is ridiculous – the Dj’s can’t scratch or mix. The rappers
    today couldn’t rip a bar if their life depended on it. And the fans jump to the
    wackest beats and lyrics ever put on wax.
    Its all about who sells!! How stupid is that
    when Vanilla ice was the first rapper to clock 1 million $. Its about who’s brings
    something new to the table and no rappers have done that in the past 8 years. Some
    of you NY haters even try to go as far as dissing the locale as if NY doesn’t house gangstas. The shit all these other states are doing is shit that was done in Harlem alone in the 1920′s. Italianos in NY are the
    true gangsters well documented. All of down south is spread out. You can walk the streets and avoid having on person within 1/2 a block from you. You come to NY and you’ll have a panic attack walking through dozens by the dozens in NY. Jealousy and the lack of respect for the originators is whats killing rap. 25 to life
    is the stipulation for gun possession and you can hear the fireworks daily in NY. Its
    a shame that rap has come to this.

  • M Gotti

    I’ma be real ,I’m from the south, but I love rap from any coast if the shit is fire. But my favorite east coast rappers are : (these aren’t the only 1s)
    - Cam’ron and THe Diplomats /purple city
    - Shyne ( FREE MY HOMIE )
    - Young Scrap – blow this nigga up
    - Lloyd Banks
    - D-Block
    - Fabolous fuck Fake Ass Mase
    - Shyheim (that track NEW PRODUCER is hard is fuck

  • juice

    fuck the south!!!….bring back that real new york/west coast hip hop back….!!!!
    stop being lazy niggas and lets bring this shit back…!!!!!!!!!

  • jelani

    hey donkey or dorgenious or whatever your name is what the hell crime rate stats has to do with rap.yeah niggas spit about that shit but for sure there is crime in ny.not to say that is a good just mean alsaka and no is housing more snitches and bitches.and maybe ny niggas can get on the grind and not get caught.while you dropping numbers,since the south pose to be holding the mantle how many diamond acts you got and how many are selling 5 mill.a south act sells double plat you south niggas want to crown that cat the savior(which ain’t many)luda,t.i don’t say wezzy because he is only one album strong.his sells is equal to lloyd banks first joint.oh yeah that pop group outkast,sike.well fugees went diamond plus with one of their disrespect to outkast but they know they ain’t true hip hop anymore.i’m not dick riding rcord sales but if you gonna claim the crown be well balance that is what ny does.we have the commericial fire as well as the underground i don’t give a fuck about a record sale fire too.we got jigga(or had),fiddy,nas(who is really not commericial but sells),busta,dmx.then we have the underground fire like papoose,jada,styles p,ghost,mop,saigon and many others.oh yeah we got diddy for the commericial side too.hey the south got the laffy taffy

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    jelly or janelle or jelani or whatever the fuck. you sound stupid as your name! this whole conversation is about the fact the south is on the rise,and the east is on the bottom. like i said with my first letter no cares about the east coast except for niggas from the east coast. that’s real ass shit the west held it down longer than any region,and you don’t hear them niggas crying and shit. and plaese don’t try to act like new york has some smooth ass criminals that can’t get caught(even thought the stats are about crimes that get committed,not how many criminals get arrested)cause you know that shit ain’t true. this whole discussion is brought up because real shit the east coast niggas are haters. just cause ya’ll niggas are from the place where rap started don’t mean ya’ll niggas can’t rap. why you think the south is on top?! russel simmons don’t acknowledge ya’ll stupid mother fuckers! until i hear him or jay-z or a nigga with some clout complaining about the south taking over ya’ll wannabe niggas shut the fuck up,cause ya’ll ain’t contribute to no kind of movement. ya’ll just spectators! them new york niggas back in the day was probaly doing something,but ya’ll new york niggas in the hear and now ain’t shit!

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    i want jelly and all the other east coast dudes know I ain’t trying to say fuck new york,all i’m saying is niggas just ain’t feeling new york. i know that’s a hard pill to swallow,because i know new yorkers has been lead to belive that the world revolves around new york, but reality no one cares about the east coast except for niggas from the east coast(ya’ll should make a bumper sticker out of that one as much i used it). i’m a tell ya right now the fire spots in america. New Olreans,Miami,Los angeles,Okland,Atlanta,and Las Vegas! That’s it! A nigga might fuck with Detroit and Chicago,but as far as that go New York is not on the list. While where talking about east coast let me get on the rappers. name another dude besides jay-z that’s tight on roc-a-fella. Kanye…wait he’s from Chicago.Memphis Bleek?! let me think…the last time i saw him”Around Here” was fire,but that was becuase TI and Trick Daddy went off on that bitch! Just like Jay-Z said “it’s like New York been soft ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings”. Pac from the east caost,and called out every niggas from that bitch repping the west! After he died fake niggas came out the wood works in NY beefing with each other trying to heart big,and when a nigga like 50 and Nas(i know ya’ll niggas was hating on that man) blew up,and got love from the south and the west ya’ll niggas went to hating on them. ya’ll niggas act like bitches with all that hating

  • jelani

    ha ha.nigga you ain’t saying shit still.where is the diamond acts nigga.who at least push 5 mill on a have a movement you should have a nigga or two dominate the streets and the charts.go to and hit on the blogs,they talking how the south shit is in you in a fire spot how many fires have you started or don’t answer that please,i was just playing tell me about t rock or dbo life story you seen from your grannies project window and saying its your life.ha ha.i know nigga the sun don’t shine the sun don’t shine.why i come with one little response you cake niggas hit me with two novel responses.its not that serious i will not touch you i promise.well to my real niggas everywhere(east,west and south)what up my niggas.believe you me go to ny with that shit you will be left with no voice so dolingo chill i listen to that south da club.its okay i know all you’ll want is the east coast stamp of i been saying who besides hov this who besides fiddy that is ya ya who besides luda and t.i are multi.not even lil wayne went multi with tha carter l or ll/and i ain’t going front them joints were had that east coast smell me or it had that gillie the kid feel.ha ha.figure that one who out of no or tx going multi?they blazing the streets what is the difference when a ny cat release a joint and they get love from the streets but not on the charts.all ghostface joints get that gutter love feel me.remember most classics don really sell nas and hov first joint.but you’ll running the scene how when no one from especially no outsold fiddy weak shit the massacure.who from no did hello master p?lil’ll no cats sure can dance man p was cutting some rug on dancing with the has beens oh i mean dancing with the stars.but yo south do your thing i feel your niggas all make up for lack of lyrical skill with great work ethic.and donna you right just becuase ny got lyrical skills and can spit fire don’t always translate into success you right.but ny is coming and that swagger is coming back but actually it never left.

  • jelani

    hey another thing diagonios or whatever your momma name you did’nt you say 50 supports the south or something to that effect?maybe you did or maybe you did’nt.well everyone claims his flow is so south but you know what he had the nerve to do he said south hip hop is hurting hip hop,he said it is simple.the nerve of that 100 million dollar man.if you want to check it out go to google and type in 50 cent critize south hip hop and then hit the first article that pops up.there it has another link that goes in detail but make sure you go down the whole screen and read it get your mama to help you if i confuse now maybe fiddy who outsells every south act especially from n.o say it he is a hater right?like i said you’ll haters have no

  • New York 4 Life Man

    Bottom line hip hop was birthed in new york not in the west coast, not midwest, not south, New York period. End of story. No matter who is hot, New York started the flame. Before there can be a big fire there has to be a flame. Ya”l just don’t understand where we are coming from as New Yorkers. I love hip hop in general. I’m just tired of people spitting in the face of New York like he had nothing to do with hip hop. I like west coast, I like south and midwest. I love every where but recognize the roots. Represent where you come from. Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston, DC where ever but realize that New York is where it started. How hard is that to recognize.

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    jelly,why you trying to jump on 50 dick all of a sudden? all you ny niggas don’t like that man,remeber? if ny artist was so hot why aren’t you ny niggas buying that shit? Mob depp did’nt even go gold! there enough ny niggas living for them “veterans” to at least go gold,huh? about what i was talking about new york being the 35th dangerous state in the country. i wasn’t trying to glorify that new orleans is number 2 in the country because of us being number 1 in the murder rate. that shit is sad,and pathetic. all i’m saying those ny niggas don’t have no substance or material to talk about gangster shit,because (according to the census)gangster shit don’t go down in ny,like talking about it. I’m tired of lame ass niggas talking about go in there area saying the same shit i’m saying to a nigga from that place.what does that mean? you ain’t shit,but everyone else in ny is? you talking about i’m writing a novel,bitch you jumped on my dick,jealous. and ya’ll ny niggas still can’t write a sentence about how south ain’t shit without sucking that dick first. and for the last time please name another nigga besides jay-z,nas,50 and big that’s doing it in ny. Because for one Eminem killed the so called greates(jay-z) on “renegade”,and if the nigga so great why he always biting niggas shit?! why he kept his mouth close when pac called him out,and going to turn around and represent that man like they where cool when he died. and for Nas(the only Ny nigga I respect) ya’ll east coast nigga didn’t like that man till he sided with jay-z. Dr.Dre owns 50,so he west coast property,and biggie did just 2 albums so how are you going to call him the greatest? if that’s the case pun was tighter than big,so i guess he took the title from big.

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    dorgenois is the name i lived on in new orleans. your real name is jelani?hahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha!

  • jelani

    guess you gotta blame my moms for the name but hey the bitches love it.why wayne ain’t go multi with his heat joints.who from n.o is selling out the stores?huh. .like i said you talking all this murder shit,slow down because next thing you gonna do is saying my boy just body a dude ya ya ya.i still say fiddy is wack on that lyrical tip.but you and some other cake ass south tards always saying fiddy down with your shit but i guess you had your mama help you with that homework assignment i gave you.good job boy.according to the cenus the south ain’t moving enough units to be called the takeover or the movement.ha ha.did baby ever go plat? what about chopper city? what about silk?go to for that i can’t name hov,fiddy,nas so who then from n.o is bringing heat.remember lil wayne(the 70′s baby) been out for over 10 yrs too playboy.why lil wayne had to get with gillie the kid to get hot and study hov style and he even said it his i guess you like you voice because you ain’t going to ny with that bumper who puts stickers on south niggas are so corny.every time i go anywhere in the south i gets that respect and i ain’t everywhere but where i am at niggas respect that ny swagger i present and when ever i get a chance i let niggas know where i stand on this hip hop shit and the real those south bitches be loving us ny niggas well me for sure.yo newsflash i’m killing you on this blog.i’m in the south right now and i got a couple of my assoiciates read this shit and they feel me over you.they said you contradict yourself they also said you blasting ny but what about n.o show proof your home is bringing ain’t answer talking the same shit.big up to em he for def did his thing on renegade.but congrats to that 350 mill man the waling memorial for sure.

  • jelani

    oh yeah don’t even count silk no limit days.i guess their was a limit to no limit.thank you jesus.i did’nt mean to clown you like this because i’m a career man with paper but i hate when i see or read fake jealous niggas like yourself talk shit on a keyboard.but you are for sure being clown,you lost all could’nt answer any of my questions.i answer all yours and if i did’nt i showed your points were actually

  • New York 4 Life Man

    I aint talkin about if New York is selling records or not. I aint talkin about how New York has lost dominance and shit. I’m sayin that New York is disrespected in their contribution to hip hop. So what about gangsta rap Is that all you people care about, gang life? What a positive way to go. Hip Hop was made in New York bottom line.

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    jelly,i’m done with you. I broke you down to the bitch core. you know how? your trying to develop a team around you. bitches do that cause they can’t stand alone. listne to yourself”I know my name’s stupid,but the bitches love it” “i’m killing you on this blog,because all my friends are telling me so” BITCH STAND ON YOUR OWN TWO’S!! you must be a young nigga. i’m done with this writing. all i have to say is this,no one cares about the east coast except for niggas from the east coast.i’m done.

  • jelani

    there is no team i’m trying to build keyboard thug.the truth hurts i guess you could’nt show me the 10 mill a south act sold let alone 5 mill(especially from the n.o).i was only speaking the truth the bitches do sweat my name:jelani have your girl say it je-lan-i.ha ha nigga i know the sun don’t shine the sun don’t shine.but its all love like i said i will not touch you.i don’t give a damn who rides with my views or not but i was just pointing out how even these south cats(well the ones i know) say yeah they are riding with the south but your points are not felt period.and niggas the term friend i did’nt use can you read.i said assoicates.thats a bitch move twisting a nigga words don’t want to reply because you ain’t prove no points at all.also you feel your view on only east coast niggas care about east coast because you know a couple of uncle tom’s who say fuck ny or fuck east coast.ain’t that like a team.what you learn was it sound easy saying fuck ny this fuck ny that.but a nigga step in and show your cake ass the out your element calling me a bitch,you can see how bothered you may be cracking your ass up,i don’t know but you sound like a frustrated angry exposed cake nigga.also i did’nt say my name is stupid i said you have to blame my moms for the name,man can your ass read and understand what your ass lack intelligence to be a supporter of lyrical hip hop you need that simple shit like that master p shit sounding like he taking a shit.yeah i’m a young nigga but i’m getting that paper so i’m quite grown.thats why you still did’nt answer lil wayne sells or baby sells.cause once you do i will further state my case.this is chess not checkers.

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    jelly,you a hoe. your name is jelani,dog,i laugh everytime you respond

  • http://yahoo Dorgenois

    jelan1,hahahahhahahaahahahahhaahah! that’s a fucked up name!

  • Wack rap fans killed rap

    I’m calling out names – this crap comin’ out of you phony rap fan MF’s is killin’ me.
    All of you who made distorted comments
    need to watch a dvd called ‘The Freshest Kids’. This dvd will show you how rap began and give you detailed facts – too many of you don’t understand the basic fundamentals of rap and you’re putting the carriage before the horse. Take heed to
    Saudi Arabia is the Mecca of Islam
    - The word Islam means peace, as the principles of Islam spread they were distorted by different regions and subcultures who took it upon themselves to ignore the real truth and thus you have terrorism, radical islamist, and mayhem.

    New York is the Mecca of rap and hip hop.
    As it began to spread to other states it took on a different form. People disrepect
    NY raps’ origins and the fundamentals of
    rhyme and thus you have a DYING MUSIC FORM.
    This is the reason New Yorkers are mad or
    and the haters label us as ‘they’re bitchin’.

    First on the list is:
    The Deacon ChuckMystro
    You say rap (allegedly) started in NY. Allegedly is strong word – I’d like to hear
    your point of view on where – scratchin, breakin’ and rhyme skill originated from.
    On No. 2 you downgrade rap like its just
    nursery rhyme pedigree. I guess KC of
    Jodeci is a better crooner than Al Green.
    You fell off a rock and started listening
    to rap. Rap started in the streets – it
    doesn’t have to be “gangsta” to be hard.
    And Pac?!! – Rap is and never was about selling out on where you’re from and getting shot at everywhere you walk. If
    Pac was from the south and went to NY
    and said f#ck the south. Nobody in the
    south would like him.
    South Carolina Gangsta – Big Daddy Kane
    was born in Bedstuy, Brooklyn – how can he be from North Carolina? Where do you get your information from? I was born
    in Harlem – my father and my last name is
    from SC. But I’m not from South Carolina.
    Put me in SC and I’ll be disagreeing and schoolin’ niggas from the ground up on rap. Remember where you’re born is where you’re from. Being from NY is a “mindstate” not a gene or chromosone.
    Finally – be it west, east, north, or south,
    rap is dying – you tell who’s fault it is?
    And whatever region anyone is claiming:
    tell me why is the overwhelming opinion
    or rap at an all time low?

  • Stax On Deck

    The only muthafuckas dat give a fuck about New York are New York Muthafuckaz. When da South tried to get in the game back in the day NY record label weren’t letting us in. We had to come in and take OURZ. Papoose ain’t gona bring y’all back by himself. Itz funny to C how y’all cryin and goin on. Da South Gona Keep Doin our thing and thatz it. Hate Or Love It!!!

  • Mack D

    Now the south can kiss my ass. New York aint gettin intimidated by ya’ll motherfuckers. I mean comeon, how many south artists are being considered as the greatest mc’s of all time. How many albums ya’ll got that can be considered classics. How much hip hop royalty ya’ll got down there. How many rappers have sold more records that all of our New York Legends. The only person from the south that was on the top ten of the richest rappers or producers. Jermanine Dupri with like 60 million. What about Jay Z and Diddy with over 300 million. How many rappers out ther can hold a stick to New York rappers. I mean compare ludacris to nas, TI to Rakim, Li’l Wayne toi Jay Z. End of story. Before Pac and Big died ya’ll were not even known. Now I admit that its the West coast and east coasts fault for allowing that to happen but that still don’t change anything. That’s what New York loves about the West side though. West Coast niggas were folk that actually gained our respect. They gave us a run for our money. It was actually fun until or greats were murdered. The south needs to show respect. Ya’ll wouldn’t be no where without us. Your most succesful rappers are signed or are associated with New York legends, Young Joc, Ludacris you name it. And by the way Diddy’s album and especially Jigga man’s album is gonna start puttin New York back on top of things. The south needs to stop talkin smack about New York and show respect. I don’t know how hard it is to do. 50 cent still runs the hip hop scene. Also that LL Cool J album should be hot because 50 cent is workin on it. We comin back man. I would love to see ya’ll down south bastards to come uo here and talk smack like that in the city where all of this was born. Ya’ll piss me off. It’s time to bring the east coast back baby.

  • super

    fuck u bitch and fuck new york ..down souff where its at hollat me

  • Clash.247.XMen.7DS.TSB.IOTA…

    DAHC You’re obviously too young to know this or you wouldn’t claim that Gangsta Rap has its origins anywhere but NY. Just Ice was the first MC to throw gangsta shit on wax. Period. Before Tupac. Before NWA. Before BDP’s Criminal Minded (WA DA DA DANG!) actually set gangsta rap off for the rest of the world outside NY. He’s mad old school from the Soundmasters up in Castle Hill from back in ’73 (but your young ignorant ass wouldn’t know nuth’in ’bout that, since you talk like your daddy was prolly still swimm’in in your granddaddy’s nutsacks at the time. That would make you a nutsack swimmer from a nutsack swimmer’s sack at the time). You might know him from his single, Latoya? Mantronic ring a bell? DMX (not Earl, fool, the orginal one)? Didn’t think so. Check your history son, before you saying anything else. dumbfuck. As for the rest of you ra ra, suck a south dick, ooohhh ooohhhh me too motherfuckers talking bout the south is this and the south is that…Every ounce of game you slow motherfuckers got is from the North East. Hip hop is thirty motherfucking years old, and you’re just now getting paid off of it. Simpletons. Your success is damn near by default. Where the fuck else is there to go? You’ve got the benefit of picking up the thirty years of knowledge built in this city, capitalizing on that good NY shit we hooked the world on. So the fuck what you got a few artists topping charts now. West Coast did the same thing, and NY is still in it. You’ll come and go to, we’ll just continue to fill the little potholes you motherfuckers leave in our lawn. Your appeal lay in the fact that most places outside of NY are country dumb and not city slick. So when you release some of that low brow country dumb shit, it sells with heat because most of you southern niggas finally have some shit you can really understand. Its cool, get your eat on, its about fucking time you slow motherfuckers get to join the club. But you’ll play out soon enough so you better hurry up and get in where you fit in. Why? All your music sounds the same: glorified Afrika Bambataa track remixes, your content is repetitive: jewelry, cars and hoes (you all sound like you ain’t used to having shit, like its some big deal to have a nice car, jewelry, and to get pussy) is the sum and substance of your whole existence, and worst of all you judge how creative a song is by how quickly it’ll get some stripper to shake her ass. Pitiful. My man in the article says pretty much the same thing, just nicer. Throw that Lafy Taffy shit on and you motherfuckers act like its a new book in the bible, but throw some Dead Prez, Black Thought, or Talib on and you all get blank looks on your faces because that shit is WWWAAAAAYYYYY over your little heads. Its just the age of the dummies right now. I mean the fucking President was special ed! You are simply part of a general purpose dummying down of most things nowadays. You’re like our ignorant little retard children just now discovering the color purple thinking you’re the first ones to see it, feeling like you got one up on everybody else, when everybody else has been wearing it for years. Knowledge reigns supreme tho’. Soon folks will start to get hungry for a little more substance than most acts in the south can deliver. Big up to the cats in the south hold’in real hip hop down (there are some select notables down there, and they can’t sell shit either), your time is coming. Big up to all NY MCs and hip hop hedz (The Bronx in particular), remember we created this whole thing doing our own thing on project stairs, brownstone stoops, park benches, basements and rooftops. Lets NOT start copying shit now. Stay creative, stay conscious, stay underground, stay innovative. Peace.

  • Clash.247.XMen.7DS.TSB.IOTA…

    Oh, and New York 4 Life Man, the five boroughs are Brooklyn, The Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Long Island isn’t a borough. And you spelled borough wrong, too. NOT a good look. RIF muthafucka, RIF! Quit blogg’in and start study’in, son.

  • NYC

    But for Atlanta to truly become an urban music centre, music executives say the major record labels need to move down here – a prospect few expect will happen given how entrenched the industry is in New York.

    Atlanta is abundant in independent labels that have partnerships with record majors such as BMG or Sony. But the biggest label in the city is Def Jam South, which employs fewer than 10 people. Atlanta did have a prominent label in the mid-1990s with LaFace Records, started by Antonio “L.A.” Reid and Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds. It was sold to BMG’s Arista Records.

    “I think that if Atlanta continues to have successful records, the city as a music hub will continue to grow with major label presence or not,” says Meadows-Ingram. “But I’d be surprised if you ever see Atlanta like a Nashville. Rap and hip hop will always be a New York thing. It’s inescapable. The industry was born there.”


  • tee


  • Tony K

    I’m just gonna put it like the person told me. Every region will have its turn in hip hop shine. It will always be New York’s turn. New York decides when they come back or not. And from the looks of it right now, 2007 could be a year that New York recks havoc on the other regions. Other regions can say Fuck New York, or We got the shit now, or we runnin things, But New York is where all of this started, and there aint any of records you can sell, how many things you say, New York has been doin this longer than anybody and they know how to get themselves out of a dry stage before. Hell the’ve done it before with the west. What makes ya’ll think they can’t do it with the south or mid west. I am rooting for 2007 to be a year that New York hip hop regains its dominance from the hip hop world once again.

  • Matt

    You are exactly right! Urgent care centers truly are a wave of the future with several more opening every week in the USA. They truly do fill the niche, treating mostly middle-class patients with middle-of-the-road problems WBR LeoP



  • jersey

    i never seen so much ignorence in one page the dirty south aint got no lyrics fact newyork is one city and dirty south is a bunch of city fact new york has only old rappers and the south got new rappe….. well crunk artist fact and wen the west coast took over in the 90s we never said that the west coast sucks cuz there good but the dirty south sucks they r bama uneducated ungratful untalented lyricist that hire the best producers to make them hot beats so dey can scream non poet unlyrical garbage

  • V.A’s finest

    Look. I can’t even argue anymore. This is gettin old. If you goin to disrespect the birthplace of the music then go head. All I’m sayin is that no one in the south has realy done music on such a high level as New York rappers new and old. Maybe just Outkast, Luda and T.I. Arrested development is good too. Just becuase the south is the big market right now, doen’t erase NYC’s place in the game. If you can listen to Lil Jon, and Dem Franchise Boyz, You can listen to Mims, Talib Kweli and Papoose. I still beileve New York is the rock of this game, and they should not let southern ignornace take that away from them. You don’t see any other city take the credit away from New Orleans for jazz or houston for screwed and chopped. But you will see a rookie like Young Joc with one album talk about how New York needs to sit back and let the south reign. For what? New Orleans has the right to be a mecca of jazz all they want. The same for houston with the chopped music. But New York. No body gives them that right. Just cuz they made it. The southerners talk all that smack about New York and still come to the damn city to try to gain a market. Eventually I hope people realize that the city that started this is still in the house and they aint goin no where because Young Joc told them too. Or any one else told them too. It aint even that damn serious. Southern artists work with east coast artists all the time. Kweli’s joint with UGK is crazy. Country cousions fo those of you interested. I hope the fact thet he from New York won’t stop those who are curious to hear the song. T.I is doin a joint with Jay Z with his new album. Ludacris and Young Jeezy is on New York record label for cryin out loud. At the end of the day rap music is just a beat and lyrics. People probably been doin sanp music a long time before Atlanta brought it to the forefront. If mims wants to do a snap record let him do a snap record. No body buys a hip hop album with just beats. Unless you lost your mind. This is the last time I’m talking about theis subject on this website. That is why i’m talkin so much. But with that said, I want to shout out to all 5 bouroughs of NYC. I want to shout out to everyone on the west coast, the mid west and the south too. This shit is just gettin immature and I don’t really wanna be a part of it. Shout out to the Jmaican community for tryin to bring unity to the hip hop world, but the fame and money is obviously gettin to some of our peoples head. Black people unite. It dpn’t matter where you from. We all have the same color, our culture is from the same orgin. I just want us to give respect to each other where respect is due. VA’S Finest and Lover of New York hip hop, sayin I love all of you all and God bless.

  • timmy p.

    March 19, 2007
    The East Coast is the best region in hip-hop

    According to Last Week’s Poll
    Not to jumpstart any ’90s-style regional rap beef, but last week’s poll had to do with which region in hip-hop is the best. I let this one run for two weeks because I’m getting lazy like that.

    The results:

    East Coast (594 votes)
    West Coast (179 votes)
    Dirty South (149 votes)
    Midwest (95 votes)

  • drbayoms

    NYC ya bitches,Don’t cry now! Years and years of hating and dissing others who don’t say GOD, SON, DUN and YO fifty times in a conversation and now, you can’t sell shit. You did it to yourself. Remember the Source Awards in the 90′s. You guys acted like straight fucking bitches. NEW FLASH! You were never as important or relevant outside the east coast as you thought.

  • FREEKS182

    Ima be honest. I hate NY. I hate its tall buildings, the traffic, and overall attitude..BUT some of the hardest realest MC’s of all time have originated 4rm here nonetheless real rap n freestyling…I like the fact they keep it old skool with tims n baggys and refuse to move on to skinnys n vans..NY hip hop scene will always be untouchable.

  • up and coming rappers

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