New Orleans MC Magic Signs Deal With TVT

magic.jpgFormer No Limit affiliate Magic recently inked a deal with TVT Records and plans to drop his first project with the label, entitled Before & After, in 2007. The New Orleans native and son of local Jazz fixture Awood Johnson made his entrance into the music industry when he inked a deal with C-Murder’s Tru Records imprint in 1998. Hailing from the Ninth Ward, which was devastated during last year’s Hurricane Katrina, Magic made a name for himself on the New Orleans underground scene and later as a member of No Limit super group the 504 Boyz. He was soon moved from C-Murder’s label over to his brother Master P’s No Limit, although his stay there was relatively short-lived.

He eventually left No Limit at a time when several artists were jumping ship, allegedly because of Master P’s business practices. With the move to TVT, Magic hopes the clean slate will allow him to achieve the mainstream success that eluded him at No Limit. “In the past I’ve been in some bad label situations, which has held my music back. But with TVT Records behind me, I can finally make the mark on this industry I know I was meant to make,” he said in a statement. TVT President Steve Gottleib added, “The talent coming out of New Orleans has always been great, but Magic has a real raw power in his voice and raps that will connect with fans all over the country. Magic has a real story to tell and the talent to make people listen.”

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  • ATL4YOA$$

    oh shit, FUCK! i knew rick ross was gone start a “old ass rappa” trend, longevity aint even an option wit deez katz

  • ATL4YOA$$

    o yea and ummm………. FIRST

  • jon jon–23

    The one record I heard from him was fire. I think it was called whatchoo gon’ do?….

  • screw music nigga

    I thought he was signed to Roy Jones jr label

  • bama

    magic is the shit!especially on the song by c-murder title fuck them other niggas cause i’m down for my niggas this song always get the college parties crunk!

  • N.O.SeanPaul

    I feel u on that one BAMA “Fuck dem Other Niggas” was such an underground hit that it was originally on Snoops album and was rereleased on C-Murder’s album. You got to feel that “9th Ward” song from 98′…..I fucks wit you Magic

  • Enlightened

    I feel Magic. The only problem that I used to have with him is that old “chameleon” syndrome. In other words, he used to be biting the shit out of niggas. When he first came out, he was obsessed with that 2Pac shit, but hey half of the new rappers were right after he died. Then he went through a fake Mystikal stage. Then when he popped up on Roy Jones label, I thought that it was Bonecrusher on their first single.
    His lyrics and flow have always been tight though. I always felt that if he found his self, his own style and stuck with it, he could be a real force in the game. I just hope he does that now. If so, I’m messing with him. If he come out sounding like Young Jeezy or something, I’m not fuckin with him.

  • Big Tone

    Magic is hot. He held his on on the Body Head compilation that Roy Jones produced. He’s been doing his thing for a few years. Don’t sleep on Magic, the dude got flow. Keep doing ya thing Magic.

  • ha ha ha

    i hope magic blows up, cuz he really needs it

  • Playa=50=

    i love magic yeah baby new music from hi,
    i’m happy !!!!!!!!!!

  • dirtysout’mixtapebumpa

    Dis nigga good but too eazy to get mixd up swear he was bone crusher on lets roll and mystical or P on 9th ward

  • John Cochran


  • nigga fo da north

    who the fuck is magic?

  • silk.wire

    magic is dope tha boyz fire get urs

  • nigga fo da north

    August 8th, 2006 at 9:55 pm

    silk wire says
    *magic is dope tha boyz fire get urs
    what the f**k are u saying


    Magic is fire just need to to stop and think about what he’s doing business and personal and focus and then maybe great things will happen

  • swerve on em

    nigga fo da north magic is a underground rapper thats going to tear this rap game a new ass hole when he breaks that new album, word of advice dont ask questions like that it makes you look like a square nigga, lame duck ass pussy ass nigga. but im just being real though