MC Hammer’s Back Catalog Sells for 2.7 Million

hammer.jpgOakland entertainer MC Hammer’s entire back catalog of music was recently acquired by music publishing company Evergreen Copyrights for a reported $2.7 million. The purchase includes the rights to some of Hammer’s biggest hits, such as “Turn This Mutha Out” and “You Can’t Touch This.” The latter single helped propel his 1990 album, Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em, to a diamond certification (10 million records sold), the first rap album to reach that plateau. The catalog was sold by a court-appointed trustee of the rapper’s estate, who was installed after Hammer filed for bankruptcy protection in 1996. At the time, Hammer claimed to have an outstanding debt of over $13 million. In a press release, Evergreen co CEO David Sculhof said, “We anticipate that many songs in the MC Hammer catalog will emerge as a perfect fit for licensing in movies, television shows, and corporate advertising.”

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  • Bol

    Holy shit!

  • Vague Discontent

    So is Hammer getting any of that money, or is he still gonna have to trick himself out?

  • pop a poppa

    i wonder if hammer got as much money for it as he should…
    i mean people put “can’t touch this” in all types of commercials…
    and that’s just one song…
    he sold tons of records and i’m sure that would amount to way more than 2.7 million dollars in royalties over time but i guess hammer just needed the money now…
    i wonder how much he is in debt nowadays


    thats messed up. Luke did the same thing.

  • Mr.Me

    His movie on vh1 was comedy. That nigga made it look like he predicted Pac was gonna die in Vegas. Then when Pac got shot Hammer got shook and left Tha Row like niggas was out to get HIM next. Hes in the movie givin advise to Pac an Suge…yea. He should make a living doin comedy sketches about his life.

  • jon jon–23

    This nigga gets laughed at now, but during his time on top he sold a lot of records and made major cake. The sad part is that most rappers don’t get paid much off the music they make–the record companies do.

  • H-man

    Id buy Cant Touch This and use it in Preparation H and douche commercials. lololol

  • NewYorkG

    “He should make a living doin comedy sketches about his life.”

    i agree! that would be hilarious, mayb him and dave chappelle can team up and do sumthing funny id watch it lol

  • The Originator

    Hammer you are dumb muthafucka for selling yo publishing?



  • alyxnyc

    He didnt have a choice, he went bankrupt. They forced him to sell.

  • H-man

    Scott Storch iz such a man, he bought Hammers shit, and kept him rappin. Now Hammer Time iz back in da streetz on new beetz….Now dats how ya do bizness. Eryone wins. Period. Hey Storch, jump on dis quick, get into belt buckeles, U know, chrome, gold, platinum, all jeweld up and shit wit letterz representin States, hell even initials. Shit could even do custom shit…People blingin on der necks, teeth, and wrists. The best place to bling is da belt buckle. Good advertisement for mens units…ya dig??? Oh, yeah, dont forget da spinner belt buckles. Damn, Im a hustla…