LL Cool J Signs Seven-Figure TV Development Deal

llcoolj.jpgLL Cool J has inked a seven-figure development deal with Alchemy Entertainment and the CBS network, according to a report published in trade publication Variety. Under the terms of the deal, the rapper/actor will develop and produce a new dramatic series along with Alchemy’s Jason Barrett. The deal is considered somewhat unorthodox in the TV industry in that the rapper will be free to work with a broad range of producers and writers from within, as well as outside of the CBS talent pool. According to Variety, CBS beat out several other networks. Their interest was piqued after LL’s well-received guest run on the FOX drama House. The new CBS drama will mark LL’s return to television, where he previously enjoyed success with the five-season run of the ’90s sitcom In The House. Since then, he has starred in several feature films, and in 2005 inked a multi-year deal with Alchemy and Lionsgate to produce lower budget films.

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  • http://xxlmag.com dade county 305 boy

    that good boy got cash out the ass

  • can-i-bus

    LL COOL J sucks.

    In the house sucks.

    All his albums sucks.

    How did this nigga make it big??

  • http://www.facebook.com bama

    do da damn thang

  • $beantowncrossin$

    7 figures? is that the best cake offer L be gettin from CBS and shit?

    last i saw fuckin corny ass bitch charlie sheen gettin a new contract for a a million too…

    but that was a mil per episode.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com zaya

    Him and 50 are almost the same

  • Thug-life

    zaya Says:

    July 28th, 2006 at 11:12 pm
    Him and 50 are almost the same

    man what the fuck is u talking bout fuck ll and fuck 50

    they aint shit

    L B C



  • The Monsta

    Yall niggas is weak and hatin cuz yall aint makin paper like LL get your own cake and start eatin dont hate

  • T Dickens

    How does success equate to being one that sucks?
    If a brother is successful and is doing something positive he sucks.
    If a brother is out on the block robbing mu’fuckas and putting a glock to your moms temple he sucks.
    What does he have to do. Rap about drugs in every line. He chose a different route and its working for him. Fuck it lets just be happy that someone with our skin color will be on CBS.

  • jonjon-23

    LL was one of the best rappers ever when he was young and raw. Now that he is older his music aint’ really hittin’ but he still has found a way to stay on top.

  • stoneyisland

    All of ya’ll except JONJON are some evil hating ass uncle tom ass negros. Here’s a brother making legal money, supporting his kids, married to their mother, basically living the american dream and all you hating ass broke, never gonna amount o anything niggas try to pull down LL for doing his thing. You tom ass niggas need to quit hating every black man who’s doing it while you sit on your mama’s couch playing Xbox. LL keep doing your thing family, live and prosper.

  • Dipset

    Get money fuck bitches!!!!… its DIPSET BITCH!!! EAT A DICK AND DIE!!!

  • John Cochran

    Good. He need to get that TV and movie money and STAY AWAY FROM THE MIC.

  • jacobsin

    LL Cool J is the worst that single with J. Lo… “It gots, it gots, it gots what it takes to make me push the radio in the bathtub”. Zzz zzz zzz what’s that garbage at the end too? He’s lost after mama said knock you out. I could care less if he’s rich, but quit callin’ him a rapper plz.

  • 11kap

    LL is one of the pioneers. Hip Hop is not just for the young people. What gave people that impression? Older people have something to say as well. Listen sometimes.

  • #1 hater

    LL cool j should be a fuckin jock model for faggots in san fransisco.his new album is bullshit.

  • m.c. stabmastah

    yo LL sucks DIIIICK and 50 sucks but is way the fuck better than LL. game’s a bitch too. he gotta stop trying to ruin 50′s career cuz he cant as much as he try. mutherfucker lies more than 50 himself. fuck all of dem and fuck anyone down with any one dem