Former Co-Host Sues Star and Clear Channel

star1.jpgKeysha Whitaker, known to radio listeners as Prozac Girl, the former co-host of The Star and Buc Wild Show, has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Star and Clear Channel Broadcasting, according to a report in the Connecticut Post. Whitaker first joined the show in 2003 while it was still being broadcast on New York’s Hot 97 and later accompanied Star to its new home on Hartford’s Power 104.1 in April of 2004. The lawsuit alleges that on May 24, 2004, Star spat on the show’s producer, Miguel Candelaria, and threatened the other show members in the room by saying, “All of you in here are going to get anointed with my spit.” Whitaker reportedly told Candelaria after the show that she would resign if the shock jock insisted on spitting at her. Whitaker objected again after the producer spat at another show member a few days later, after which she was dismissed by the producer and escorted out of the building.

The fired co-host claims she later received a phone call from Star where he told her she was fired because she was “sick” and “disabled.” The lawsuit claims intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault, defamation and violation of the Americans with Disability Act, the latter charge stemming from Whitaker’s bout with depression that spawned her on-air nickname. On Wednesday (July 26), U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall declined Clear Channel’s request to dismiss the suit, although she did dismiss the assault charge after learning that the host didn’t actually spit on Whitaker. That particular charge could be reinstated if Whitaker’s attorney can prove that Star did in fact attempt to spit on her.

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    • jamiect

      I may be wrong but i recall her saying some crazy shit about a soldier getting killed in iraq she definately went over the line.

  • dat boy

    spit!!! that is the lowest thing you can do………….well expect piss on a Dj’s baby

  • Mister Malik

    All of you on here posting are going to get anointed with my words…..and spit.

  • djme11

    idk this is the shit with girls they dont stop themselves from bugging out because they can get away with anything if they play it cool but this guy was buggin see this is the shit fame does to u makes u think u can do whatever the fuck u want but naw man dont lost touch with reality for real u played urself. I dont know no one will give a shit about this is like a week this shit is already old.




  • thegenuinearticle

    What the fuck makes this pussy ass nigga so hard? So one should role up on his ass and buss his shit with a bat. Star is fucking pussy thats why he didnt do shit when Steve Harvey flexed on him.

  • Terence McPhaul

    Clear Channel, along with Star and Buc Wild should be held responsible for any deleterious behavior towards a station employee, especially since Clear Channel purchased this trash, which the radio listeners too easily subscribed to. All the facts have not yet been disclosed, I’m sure. It is amazing, though not altogether surprising, how yet another billion dollar company has arrested the consciousness of the community with “Trash Purveyors” and “Cultural Assassins” like Star and Buc Wild. Particularly, African American youth wish to believe this poison is merely entertainment.

    Terence McPhaul
    Author of The Psychology of Hip Hop

  • Dipset

    Fuck this nigga man!!!… i used to listen to him every once in a while on 103.5 the beat and his show sucked ass!!! he thought he was intellegent and shit!!! the truth is he’s a fuckin fag… he’s black but thinks he’s white!!!… he’s just using the hip-hop culture to get money and air time!!! im glad this fag got fired!!! fuckin homo!!!…. its DIPSET BITCH!!!! EAT A DICK AND DIE!!!!

  • bama

    never listen to the show, but if he would have spit on me he would be still crawling on the floor looking for his teeth!

  • Im A Bay Nigga

    this nigga is a faggot ass coward threatning kids i hope he got his shit pushed in tha pen fuckin homo

  • Prep

    Puff gave Star the best advice, “Stop being a clown and get you money up.” Star had an enormous following and instead of flourishing in it, he kind of self destructed. I hope he gets focus and rebounds from this nonsense.

  • legacy

    I love how people put up lawsuits waaaaay AFTER THE FACT…..I wouldnt doubt it if she saw what had happened with DJ ENVY as an opportunity to get hers….from what I recall she laughed and laughed and played along with Star on EVERY single show…..

  • mafiaprincess

    LOL…Prozac girl used to work at my job. A regular 9-5. Although she wasn’t there when i was hired…I was told she was a “sick” and “disabled” girl. She couldn’t make up her mind if she wanted to stay or go. She said she was leaving, then said she was staying and then one day said she was going for coffe and never came back.