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    What the fuck is this shit?? You ain’t write nothing here nigga!!!!! yo look out for that Papoose record to drop, itz a wrap after that! PEACE

  • Jamal Love

    Do the Math?I thought the the song is called “One Blood”..Anyway it’s a hot track.Game got good spit game.I think his new album’s gonna be Hot….That’s my word.One

  • Andrew

    the song is gay, thats what se’s doin without 50 cent an g-unit, wak, game sucks he didn’t even do the hook, he still cant make a hook lol fuck game

    G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G UNIT

  • tony

    the game shouldn’t even go after 50 and gay unit no more. he str8 murdered them his new shit is gonna bump.

  • mario

    the games new track is hot. hey ali what the fuck is a papoose. that nigga sounds like a dr seus character


    game kills all you haters bitches. keep jumping on his dick mother fuckers

  • real know real

    Game killed them bitches on Three mixtapes and the Album is comin out too
    From now on Gunit has a new name dem Bitches
    FUCK 50 Snitch
    I hope his son dont become a lil bitch too.

  • fuck you all

    game sucks he ain dun shit since he left da unit look at the documentary it blew up……….. cuz 50 wrote it fuck you game ur carreer ova

  • Sicily Holmes

    All ya’ll niggers should burn and die and be hung from trees, but The Game is thorough

  • Glen

    listen to all you Game haters. FUCK 50 cent and gay unit. G-unit is dead nigga, fuck them g-unit crips, they can alll suck ma dick. Fucking snitches haha. Rep’Game nigga

  • Da real G’S

    listen to all u bitches u wouldn’t no music if it poped a cap in ya ass! yo bunch off pussy hole mother fuckers make me wanna hang da lot ya!
    your chatting all this n that but u kno none of you G’s cud compare to tha true game!
    Yer wotz da difference between ya mummas nd petrol prices… petrol prices keep goin up on da public and ur mummas keep goin down on da public! Brrraaaaappppppp! allow uuuu!!!!!! bunch of nigga fukkas!!

  • http://XXLMAG.COM Mackie

    The Game is the best rapper fuck 50 cent he can suck a dick. The Game put him up on shit. Fuck G-Unit to they ain’t no good there beat is harder than they are. It’s all about Game.

  • bob sinclar

    fuk all of u sad little US black hard taking, pussy whips, wiggers!! get 2 a real country

  • Ozz

    This song is pretty cool, a bit more mainstream like ‘dreams’. Though I’m pretty sure the song is called “It’s Ok (one blood)”, maybe that’s UK only!? W/e, catchy as hell!

  • Sicily Holmes

    Whoeva tha fuck used my named and said that racist shit step tha fuck up and tell who did it, I aint racist at all and that shit aint coo