Detroit Man Withdraws Assault Claim Against Eminem

eminem1.jpgAccording to an MTV News report, the Detroit man who accused Eminem of assaulting him in a strip club bathroom last week has dropped the complaint against the rapper. Although the Detroit Police department expressed an interest in speaking with Eminem, he was never questioned and was not named as a suspect in the crime. The man who made the accusation, identified by local Detroit station WXYZ simply as Miad J., claimed that he was assaulted in the bathroom of the Cheetah strip club on 8 Mile Road after he came to the defense of another man who had approached the rapper but was turned away by ßbodyguards. The Detroit Free Press confirmed that an altercation did occur at the club early Thursday morning, but would not release the names of any suspects or the alleged victim. Cheetah Club staff members however, did confirm to the paper that Eminem was involved in the incident. According to MTV’s report, a Detroit Police Department spokesperson did not disclose why the alleged victim withdrew his complaint.

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  • Name

    1st and plus check out

  • LOL

    they probably paid him to be quiet and drop the charges

  • pop a poppa

    yea sounds like em bought the dude a new wardrobe just like he said he would lol

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  • jonjon–23

    You can’t flip to thug status in your thirties if you was a punk comin’ up. Publicity stunts….

  • tupac’s dad

    Eminem out at a strip club? Who was taking care of the kids? Dr Dre?

  • tupac’s dad

    Eminem out at a strip club?

    Who was taking care of the kids?

    Dr Dre?

  • H-Man

    4 dudes try to jump him, cornerin him in da bathroom. Em defends himself, and they wanna sue him. Come on. Justice waz served. Em, trow a wardrobe dis way dog.

  • Tha 184th Boy

    Dont F wit tha crazy white man!

  • BirdsFlySouth

    finally he got something else to rap about besides Kim and Haley. “Proof and a restroom brawl”

  • Styles

    That’s what the nigga gets for not minding his own business. Em said that shit on The Way I am that he tired of niggaz trying to get him to sign a piece of paper while he trying to take a piss. I hope Em knocked his ass the fuck out. Dude should be glad he got paid off, b/c they said Trick Trick pulled out a gun.

  • ReDiCuLouS

    I can see it now…next single…”Men’s Room Massacre”!!!!! lol..yeah fuck that…Em just needs to stick to freestylin’ on remixes & beatsmithin’. I dunno if I’d buy another one of his albums after the last….Eminem Show was ill cuz we saw all sides of him…but he fell off with that “ass like dat” shit.~

  • Mr.Me

    The media tryin to make Slim look like a tuff guy. This aint news, its promotion.

  • BiggLegg

    yo fuk dat hatin on em. The mans a ledge and s’been thru alot l8ly so if he flips out, jus like peepz been sayin “jus buy em a wardrobe” still this aint no promotion shit, and ems always been controversal lets jus get bak 2 the lyrical legend we all no, encore was ite, but compared to the ill shit he capable of, was fukin shit, lets c anotha eminem show or marshall mathers lp!

  • Creepflow

    Muthafuckin Feminem needs ta just chill out at home after what happened to Proof.R.I.P.

  • t money


  • t money

    Hang it up Em before u end up like Proof (R.I.P) Fightin in the bathroom KILL YO SELF SHADY

  • shade45

    T Money you should b T bagged DICK!Jon Jon 23 Insane Clown Posse incident many years ago.Mr.Me2 promotion FOR? Creepflow stop hatin. Wreckognize top 10 GREATEST a

  • King Cobbler

    4 dudes wrestlin’ in a bathroom while there’s naked dimes on stage. Someone should be charged with burglary of an occupied zipper and assault on a penis!

  • beeZie317

    Fuck all ya faggots hatin the whiteboy dudes flippin out he dude jus got killed,if was me mufuca would be duckin shots if they could.beside Em best wordsmith alive jadawho? naswhat? jaywhen? and I dont really even like the dude

  • j stoke 619

    dude im gettin really tired of mother fuckers hatin on the person who built a hip hop empire! 50, gunit, d12, obie, stat, bobby creekwater, trick trick none of these dudes on shady /aftermath is wack! so stop hatin on em cause yall have no reason to. its one thing or another with haters! you guys were all on 50s dick then game disses 50 media hypes it up and yall hate 50! i mean fuck, eminem is THE BEST RAPPER EVER TIME WILL PROVE MY POINT!

  • Excite

    Sounds like Eminem

  • jonjon–23

    If I seen that fuck alone it would be lights out with this right bolo. I don’t like racist mutha fuckas. Lyrics ” I don’t like black bitches’
    Fuck that nigger shit’.

  • King Cobbler

    Why does Eminem always rock a wave cap? The only way he’s ever gonna’ get waves is to get a perm. Lose the cap and hit the beauty parlor maricon.

  • shade45

    JONJON…..WWWWWWWAAAAAAAHHH.How old is that, get over it.He’s helped more black people than you have!

  • Crash

    Eminem and in a bathroom fightin’ wow what will he come up with next!

  • Jamie

    y does it say detroit man? that dude wasnt a detroit resident, if he was he wouldve shot eminem!

  • omegared nyc

    at least m held his down i don’t think paul wall could

  • Mr.Me

    Shade you corny with ya lil play on words. Em can spit, but you know as well as I do his whole career is a publicity stunt. He stole that whole mister controversy shit from Pac only Pac went through real shit while Em’s wrestling niggas in the Mens Room. Promotion for what you say?..Just to keep his name out there til his album drops in 2007.

    Mr. Meandshadesmomshaverawsexonthursdays

  • san diego

    wowowowow! mr. me why are you on this site home boy cause i know you aint a hip hop head! em stealin controversy from pac you sound stupid hommie! real shit! em is white and spits better than everyone so what does that bring….CONTROVERSY! i dont think em stole anything from pac matter fact i know! and the pac album that eminem produced i know your feelin that so stop hatin!

  • http://. Spurney

    Yo Mr.Me Tupac and eminem both may not have admittly used there contervesry to become famous but those niggas also can back there shit up you know lets just say eminem did this for more then controvesry and his persona but your not a little kid right so youve had a few drinks before right now after a few too many drink you loose control of your emotions it like em says “An im thankful for every fan that i get/ but i cant take a shit/ in the bathroom without somone at the stall no i wont sign you a autograph/ go ahead call me an asshole im glad!” he most likly had to many drinks lost conrtol of his emotions when the other guy came in the restroom then the security gaurd told the man to leave eminem alone Maid-J said to eminem “give him a break” em lost it the way that nigga has before im ussaully able to tell if the contervesry is for hype or to keep his name out there i dont think this is. inless you think you can prove me wrong Mr.Me

  • san diego

    ya i agree with spurney. i mean if im famous and in a club bathroom or where ever, and i think someones is a threat to me im gonna defend myself no matter what. especially when em’s best friend is shot and killed i mean em prolly doesnt know what to expect anymore from anybody!

  • John

    eminem is the best rapper man fuck game and ja rule and fat fucking retarded joe

  • Kayne west

    I like it in the ass i take it in the ass from everyone except ja rule he’s my bitch and he licks my ass out and messages my balls

  • Mic B

    maybe people should listen to more than just the Marshall Mathers. Eminem is one of the best, liste to renegade n it’s proven.
    as for this story- it’s just another arsehole trying to make money.

    RIP Deshaun Holton.

  • http://jonny dope cunt

    eminems a mad cunt lol