damondash3.jpgFormer Roc-A-Fella co-CEO Dame Dash has three film projects in the works, according to a report from Variety. For the first project, Dash will team up with Robert Deniro’s Tribeca Productions and Universal Pictures for a drama based on the life of street legend Larry Davis. Dash says he was inspired to do the film after watching a documentary on Davis, who at age 19 shot and wounded six New York City cops and then eluded a manhunt for 17 days, despite being shot in the head. “In urban culture, Larry Davis is something of a legend,” says Dash of Davis.

Also in development is a fact-based film about a female fight club in Brownsville, Brooklyn where troubled women met up in a makeshift basement ring to pummel each other. The third project Dash has in the works is a biopic on mobster Joe Stassi, who was an intermediary for Lucky Lucicano and Meyer Lansky. He intends to use a documentary filmed by Marc Levin and Richard Stratton as the basis of the feature.

In recent years, Dash has gotten his feet wet in the film industry with smaller budget films aimed at the hip-hop demographic, such as the State Property series and the music-industry parody Death of a Dynasty. More recently, he has had broader success as the producer of the critically acclaimed feature The Woodsman, which starred Kevin Bacon, and this year’s Shadowboxer with Cuba Gooding Jr.