liljon.jpgA Dallas DJ who was spinning records at an area nightclub where two young men were shot to death says he never played the Lil Jon song being blamed for inciting the violence. On the night of July 16, a scuffle broke out on the dance floor of the club El Angel, and soon after Lendl Carey, 22, and Kenneth Haggerty, 20 lay dead outside the venue. Police say several witnesses claim the fight that sparked the shooting was set off by the Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys song “Put Yo Hood Up,” which encourages listeners to represent their neighborhood by throwing up gang signs.

But the man in charge of the music that night, DJ Drop, says he didn’t even have that song is in his possession. “That song wasn't even in my record crate or my CD case,” he told the Dallas Morning News. The newspaper reports that several club patrons stated that they did not recall hearing the song, and suggested that no particular song caused the fight. Deputy Chief Alfredo Saldana maintains that several witnesses named “Put Yo Hood Up” as the catalyst for the confrontation, and countered, “How would we have gotten that song title if people hadn’t told it to us? And the people at that club ought to know what they’re hearing.” The Dallas Police Department has refused to reveal the names of any of the witnesses who claim to have heard the song.