Dallas Austin Pardoned for Drug Charges, Headed Back to U.S.

dallasaustin.jpgGrammy Award–winning producer Dallas Austin reportedly left the middle eastern nation of Dubai on Wednesday morning (July 5) and is en route to the United States. Austin was sentenced to four years in prison for possessing 1.26 grams of cocaine, but received a full pardon from Dubai’s ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, just hours later. According to the Gulf News, he was then deported from the country. Austin was detained on May 19 upon his arrival in Dubai and spent nearly two months incarcerated since his arrest.

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  • Phil


  • bhillboy

    at least comment you corny ass mufucka. Dallas ought to be glad they ain’t chop his hands off or some shit. that would make it hard to produce one song every other year.

  • Eastcoast baby

    lol he a lucky nigga imagine gettin jailed in da middle east lmao he should thank god everyday

  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    Word up dawg. . Dallas must’ve suck mad dick off the Prince to get ‘dat pardon yo cause I really didn’t think it was going to go down like that. He made all niggas look bad tryin’ 2 pull off ‘dat dumb shit he did or what’s really sad is the fact ‘dat he is going to make some money off this bullshit 1 way or the other. I thought he is way overrated & full of his self way before this situation even happen.

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Who the fuck is this cat? Wait…who really gives a shit either? They should have made him inject all of that cola as punishment, then fly him back here just in time for a heart attack or some shit..lol. Thats how I wanna go out…flyin’ high…REALLY high.

  • Rick James

    Cocaine’s a helluva drug

  • Justyfiable

    I think this should be a wake-up call for the brothers of hip hop. You are not above the law and what you do in the dark will come to the light. Dallas should be a shamed of himself to even be doing drugs. So many of our youth are looking up to him and many other artist and this is what you have to show for your success. Clean up or shut up!!!!

  • jonjon–23


  • jonjon–23

    Very good R&B producer.

  • Matt

    whomever said this shows that you are not above the law….he got pardoned, it means he IS above the law you dummy.

  • Keep A Bitch Broke

    I agree wit Matt

  • Be

    What an idiot. THaving been to Dubai myself last year I found the people to be genuine, open and more liberal than most Middle Eastern States. It a very cool place to be with a simple mantra, “Follow the rules and evry’thing is cool.” You’ll find that same philosophy in this country as well. What made him think he could bring coke into their country. Where’s the respect for the country of Dubai, his family, and himself. What a selfish bastard. He only brings shame to all those mentioned above.

  • ReDiCuLouS

    The counrty of Dubai just scared Bush gonna invade …. “We want our Grammy-winnin’ producer back, you dasheeki fucks!”…lol. Then we take over their oil & opium markets….leave Iraq, thus stopping these terrorist cocksuckers from fuckin’ our shit up…& sellin’ our “products”.~

  • Matt

    dubai isnt a country you dummy

  • Makavelli


  • http://UG-RS.com Tyler

    Dat Dude Dallas suck’d sum dick 2 get outta that I don’t care what nobody says & he wack anyway on the music tip but I am glad a brotha’ didn’t get his head chopped the fuck off. Peep the heat at:


  • Young Swagga

    I like that they pardoned him. It’s almost treason to say, but, I think that we share a similar burden with these middle-eastern nations, as black people. I believe that burden to be a source of empathy from the Sheikh. Overall, there is an anti-american sentiment in the Gulf Region, but if you ask any of the muslim brothaz over there to describe what an american looks like, 9 out of 10 times, they are going to say a blonde haired man with blue eyes. The other 1 time they will probably say, a brown haired man, in a suit, with a hick accent. So even though he’s american, I believe he got love because he was a black man with a succesful life.

  • Ya Boi

    I heard Micheal Jackson or Naomi Campbell got him off.

  • Killa Cam

    Tt’s a good thing he got off! Otherwise he probably have his head cut off.

  • oko

    Lucky dude, imagine ya arse grindin in mid east jail. Clean up man.

  • http://xxl brainchild

    they should of kept his ass over there a little bit longer..maybe he would have came up with some new ideas…cause latley this hitmaker has been hitting and missing….

  • lil tempa

    yo reppin da uk e is a fool wt da fuck was e tinkin

  • JML

    Wow, No wonder he hasn’t answered my texts…that explains alot

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Matt…scroll up & read the article….’Dallas Austin reportedly left the middle eastern nation of Dubai’….so there ya go, smartass nia.

  • Haze

    Dubai is not a nation. it is an emirate -state- part of the United Arab Emirates

  • Fernando

    What a lucky fuck. He is sooo yakked out that he tried to take some in to an ARAB country and get away with that shit. What a stupid-fukin idiot. I wish they would have chopped some fingers off just for being a dumbass. Thats almost like Damon Stoudamire taking weed through the metal detector wrapped in Tin Foil. DONT SMUGGLE INTO ARAB COUNTRIES>> YOU WILL GET FUCKED UP. He lucky he knows some people, has money, sucked a lot of dick, or all of the above. He probably produced some corny shit that the prince liked.

  • 8thstreetdyme

    To fernando, get a fucking life. You and all these other people on here making all these negative ass fucking comments, I mean be happy the guy is still alive and breathing. I’m not justifying what he has done, cause no doubt what he did was wrong. But to say they should have cut some of his finger off and his neck, that’s mad fucked up. Remember what u wish onto other will come right back to u. Karma is a bitch, and she will get all u bad wisher. Maybe fernando, u will get a plunger shoved up ur ass. Just saying.

  • duvalrepresenta

    im late on this but 8thstreet dyme just murked fernando