Child Threat Charges Dropped Against Radio Host Star

star.jpgThe New York District Attorney’s office announced today that criminal charges filed against former Power 105.1 radio host Star (Troy Torain) will be dropped. Barbara Thompson, a spokesperson for the D.A.’s office, said that the charges will be nullified after six months, provided Star successfully completes three days of community service and stays away from the child who was the subject of his comments. Star was fired from the station in May, and subsequently arrested, after he directed racially and sexually charged threats at rival DJ Envy’s four-year-old daughter and wife, Gia Casey. At the time, New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly suggested that the DJ’s on-air rant could possibly be considered a hate crime and instructed detectives to determine the nature of his threats towards Envy’s family. Star eventually apologized, and his lawyer Benjamin Brafman characterized his client’s remarks as “unsuitable and inappropriate.”

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  • rok

    This cat is fu*** retarded. The way he acts on air is uncalled for. I don’t find anything he says funny at all. It just shows how immature this cat is. Read this new article on how he spit on some chick that used to work for him. He thought it was amusing. I would like to kick him in the face with my timberland.

  • moneyman

    get over it

  • Keep A Bitch Broke

    He still needs to get his ass stomped. U can’t say that about a 4 yr old girl. If that was my daughter, dude would get fucked up 4 real, I dont give a fuck who you is.

  • DJ Lucky Luke

    Only a faggot ass lookin nigga like that salad-tosser would talk shit about someone’s seed. Nigga need to go wash the shit and cum off his dick and quit trying to be a shock jock like he’s white or something. Faggot-assed shock-jock asshole-fucker. Tell me what the fuck you need a hat and sunglasses on inside, you homo…

  • Thug-life

    punk ass mahfucker

  • L.A.’s Finest

    This fool needs to catch a beat down L.A. style!!

  • Garbage

    This is an ignorant mofo, he needs to get his ass beat. Idiot ass.

  • carol taylor evans

    Buck was just kidding, we all have said things that we dont mean. since he left I dont even listen to that station. its “CORNY” the newspaper said there ratings went down 40% since he left. He did make it fun. I went back to 93.7

  • Dipset

    Fuck this nigga!!! black nigga trying to be white!!! fuckin pathetic!!!

  • Rayan

    man that cat is a DUM A$$ no one talkes about people fama nd DJ ENVY has alkl the rights to be getn this NI##A iam arab and if someone said that about my fam they would pay threw the law and my foot in there A$$

  • krspx

    This dude is hella hella funny though. That sounds like an error in judgement on how far to go with some shit. Taking things tooo far. People eff up. He’s pretty sharp though.

  • young gansta

    yo he aint the only one that has said some shitt like this…..gett off this ni99a dick…. everybody talkin bout whuppin his ass and if yall ever see the ni99a yall aint gon do nothing but shake the boy hand it was a flow gett over it dont hate im sure dj enuff got over it