Lil’ Kim Set to be Released from Prison Next Week

LILKIM.jpgLil’ Kim is scheduled to be released from the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia next Monday (July 3), according to her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr. The Philadelphia Inquirer confirmed the rapper’s upcoming release after an announcement was made by her mother at Tuesday night’s BET Awards. According to Leonard, Kim will be released sometime between 6 and 10 a.m., at which point she will be taken to a location in New Jersey for processing. She will then begin serving a month’s house arrest at her home in North Jersey.

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  • twerkolator

    first and lame…


    Lets face facts, Kim is washed up, now Notorious b.i.g must be turning in his grave, ever since he passed , she’s never been the same

    • KiLLA CAiN

      hahaha! this muss be interscope “50″ jackson! lol

  • DJ N-Credible

    washed up r u retarded…the girl last album was hot…and lighters up was official…she should have won best female mc not missy…she is gonna bring the heat this fall watch and see…until next time young grasshoppers…

  • Will T. Bagyou

    ^^ i agree that album was hot dj n-credible, im glad she gettin’out cause i wanna teabag that beezy!!

  • KEA


  • H-man

    Da album waz fire. House arrest. shit hmmm, WOW some of da best thangs in life R worth waitin 4.

  • big kev

    When is the source june 2006 200th issue coming out…. Does somebody know…. Oh yeah I forgot about lil kim

  • AD

    Her last cd was off the chain for real. Whoever said she is washed up needs to take a hip hop class.

  • Da G

    She Should Stay in prison her last album was whack. 50 cent is much better!!!!!! she should stop snitching!

  • Tyquan

    I must admit that I’m happy as hell that Lil Kim is getting out of jail. Her last CD was an instant classic and I’m pretty sure that there is much more to come.

  • Big Chops

    Now that Kim’s comming home, Foxy, and Remy better start looking for other jobs, ’cause the Queen is comming back for what’s rightfully hers.

  • Therapist


    i’m hoping all these replies are full of sarcasm

  • Blkbear

    kim leave the riff raffs alone …..u dont need that drama…only the money makin drama will suffice…good luck…

  • stoneyisland

    Say what you want but Kim is more nigga then half the cats rapping, baby took her punishment like a man, most importantly she kept her mouth shut and didnt snitch. I respect the fuck out of that, I was done on her with the new titties and blue eyes but any motherfucker who will go to jail without taking some else dwon is a stand up muthafucka. Lil Cease u bitch, kim was supporting your no talented ass, feeding you and you snitched like a bitch, u have no street cred, you lil fat cocksucker

  • Gutta

    im just waiting to see what she gonna do first, i hope she go at remy for theat summerjame stunt she pulled.

  • Eastcoast baby

    fuck lil kim bitch ass she wack as fuk


    uhh yeah, who the hell are you to say lil kim is whack… wooow and whoever said 50 is better, get ya facts str8 … obviously lil cease needs to stop snitchin, i hope kim teaches that fake-ass nigga a lesson he’ll never forget… crackheads…

  • Da G

    stoneyisland u know nuffin! straight up! she snitched hard that why she coming out!

  • jojochicago

    Come on home Kim and do another video and tour the CD pump up sales. over all Welcome Home.

  • GReal

    I wonder how much money is Lil Kim is going to put in all of ya’ll’s pockets. Or are all ya’ll just looking for someone to blow you money on other than yourself and knowledge. Keep it real, any attention she gets take money out of your hard earned money. Do you really need to live the music to survive?

  • gift

    Happy for that chick. Her album would’ve done much better had she been out to promote it! Besides, she said what anybody wouldve said and they made an example out of her. So I’m glad she coming out and she’s a down ass Chick, clearly…”i dont know that dude” is all she said folks.

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Shes gon be missin’ dat prison pussy.

  • Styles

    No that she’s out Kim going to raise all kinds of hell. I feel sorry for whoever on her shit list b/c she going to rip they fucking heads off. Better kiss and make up with her or be ready to fight for what’s left of your career.

  • byrd

    she got a year and a day but dam she is out so soon what the deal but i have to say she did out out some hot shit she pushed that video shit before she went in and now she coming out and you got to give respct where it’s due she did her time she stayed bye her self to think things threw she is going to come out swinging when she get he hands on some hot beats
    “like hey kim give scott Storch some pussy” and she will be banging out shit”
    watch i call it now KIM breaking free with some deep meaninful shit you watch.

  • f#ck haters

    lil kim the shit,fuck all you haters! i got 3 words for you.SHUT UP BITCH

  • Lady

    I hope Kim gets the welcome she truly deserves and addresses all the imitators and haters…oh she already did that with shut up bitch and whoa! Oh FYI Boss bitches rule the world!!

  • Killa Cam

    who’s dick did she suck???

  • M. Burmy


    Now we all know who the biggest joke in rap is (Lil’ Cease)!

  • gees dat dude

    man fuck lil kim how yall mafuckas showin lil kim love when that bitch dont even love herself. first that bitch walkin around tryin look white and shit. then the bitch drop all dem weak ass cds. now cause she go jail for couple months in one a dem club fed joints and now she realest bitch alive. man fuck that shit goin to jail dont make you fuckin cool that shit just mean you did some dumb shit. i know all yall in love wit the dont snitch shit. but that aint what im talkin bout im talkin bout havin dem stupid mafuckas who bussin the shots around in the first place if the bitch woulda been smarter she wouldna got locked up and that last cd was mediocre at best.

  • lil e

    Fun Fact: Lil Kim will be home for her 31st B-Day — D.O.B July 11th 1975.

    What a blessing. Cause I can’t image spending a birthday in jail.

    I wish her luck and I hope her new crew (i.e. Maino) don’t get her locked up again.

    Watch who you call your Fam.

    Hey Interscope Jackson
    She might got another hit in her cause “The Jump Off” was fire!

  • H-man

    If ya fuck wit lil Kim ya gonna have to fuck wit SS. These 2 together would make Jay-z and Beyonce look like Cagne and Lacy. lololo Keep your head up lil Kim. Get wit SS. I know ya got mad shit to rip on da mike. To yall lil Kim haterzz, WHAT U FAGS NO ABOUT TIME??? Yall haterz never even carry weight to go to prizon for so shut da fuck up. Lil Kim izz 4 real. Probably randy azz hell not gettin no action for a year. Look me up.





  • jonjon–23

    Lil Kim is really from the streets and a gutter bitch. Some people think that is a good thing. To me Lil Kim was never that great as a rapper but she was decent. Her affiliation with Biggie helped her more than anything. She must want to be Italian because a lot of her songs have Mafia references and she is trying so hard to look white. She got locked up because she lied under oath. An innocent bystander could have gotten fucked up behind that shit that happened. If she puts out some real shit worth listening to I will buy it.

  • bkboy

    who the fuck is jonjon–23. get the fuck out of here

  • bLaZiAnBeAuTy

    Lil Kim deserves to br free…she did what not a lot of people have the heart to do and she definitely repped for the streets..she deserves mad respect n your true definition of a down ass chick

  • Styles

    I like Kim, but all that hating on Cease need to stop. Regardless of what went down in the courtroom you have to give him this much, he’s not that bad of a rapper. He had potential and there were times it seemed like he was going to live up to it. None of them niggaz have been the same since BIG died. Kim just now trying to go back to what Biggie created her to be. For a while she was trying to change it up and now she acting like she’s back on her old shit. Her cd was good, but that shit wasn’t going to sell b/c of the jail situation and the fact that that “Lighters Up” was a bite off of that Damien Marley song and was complete ass. Hope she makes another good album when she comes out so these dirt female rappers like Remy can see how it’s really done.

  • jonjon–23

    To BKBOY:Translation- The bitch’s rap game is camel shit and she look like a cross between Pam Anderson and Gary Coleman.

  • run it

    How many other rap songs ” bite” off another song?
    Why even bring that up? Kim has gotten and will keep gettin love from the streets NOT because shes the best emcee or because she got lock’d up but because despite ALL her flaws she loves her ppl and never forgets where she came from, and if u listen to her interviews/music u would know this..u dont have to like her but u need to learn to RESPECT her

  • http://yahoo Young Tech

    keep ur head up my nigga


    i loved lil kim when she was on the escalater(is that right?)she was at her best looks then. kim,im sorry,you messed yourself up really bad with all that surgery. you needed those tits definitely but your face was dam nearly perfect.all you had to do was file down your chin a bit to take the lump look away.once you rubbed my arm in daddys house.i had two feelings about that.1 i thought deerock and the other thug was gonna kick my ass. 2 i jumped a bit because i wanted to have a private moment with you andbeat it. hey,i still purchase your cd’s reguardless but try try try to get your looks and lips back. please kim power respect video in youkers was a real blast just chillin with you and watching over you while you was sleeping in the van.i had your back from day 1 and i still do. ok?
    hollaaaaa baby.1

  • ThrowBacks

    Lil’ Kim is bac niggas and bitches…It a rap for these wack people who call themselves “MCs” C Lil’ Kim is bac now and it time 4 yall 2 lev…peace out my dude!!



  • cAiN

    hey babie lil kim…. glad to see u coming out! if u need a lil help when in jerse on house arrrest juss link up and i’ll fly down! ;) lol cant wait to hear the album kim!

  • the sun

    Congrats to Kim!Its always good to see people come home;)





  • Face Phoenix

    Lil Kim is released. So what does that mean? A) She’s gonna take over “The Rap Game”? B) She gonna get at all her enemies or C) Absolutely nothing. To tell the truth her release means nothing to me. She’s Improved since Her HOOOOORRRRIIIBBBBLEEE second album with La Bella Mafia & The Naked Truth but what have we been missing since her absence. Nothing. Kim, I Love Ya but you’re NOT the Queen of Hip Hop (Right now does anyone really qualify?). I could care less if she never drops another album. Not because of hate but because she has never put out consistent fire (Lighters Up was a bit of a let down in comparison to the other tracks on the Naked Truth). Kim is cool but in comparison to her male counterparts she has never said anything worthwhile or socially challenging (DAMN in Ten Years she can’t state at least one opinion on an issue . . . Teen Pregnancy (2pac), Domestic Abuse (EVE), The War (Talib), Religion (Kanye) . . . Baby Girl tell me something else besides your fake mafioso / porno fantasies – It’s Getting Real Old.)Kim can’t you take a chance and at least say something from the soul. I’m Glad to see her out of prison but I REALLY doubt Kim is gonna give us anything except more of the same. Kim please prove me wrong.

  • Styles

    @ Run It-
    Yeah rappers bite other songs, but I just didn’t like lighters up, her whole new cd was hot as hell,but I just skip that track when I listen to it. If you would have read my previous comment then you’d see I gave her respect. I never said she wasn’t talented, but truth is she hasn’t been the same rapper since BIG died and she’s just now getting back to it. Every rapper goes through that confusion stage. I got nothing but love for Kim, but facts are facts. Big made her out to be bad ass take it in the butt type of rapper and not the shit she was trying to do on a few of her cds. Things that she was doing were not the type of things BIG would have had her doing, and on her last few projects she seemed to realize it and started to go back to that type of music. She’s the best female rapper in the game, but like I said she was just confused for a minute. Whoever crossed kim is about to be put on blast and hard. The only thing they can say back is that she’s a slut and that she’s put on a little weight while in jail, but everyone know she wasn’t in PC. I can’t wait for Kim to end a few careers, b/c if her cd would have sold she would have done just that.

  • Styles

    Naw my nigga, Kim getting out is big news. Her last cd was a bit long, and didn’t do good since she waas in jail and couldn’t promote it. If she’s smart she’ll either cut a few songs and record new ones and re release the cd, or she’ll add a dvd to the cd and record two new singles for the album so she can sell it. That record was one of her best and deserved to sell more, but it look like she got the plug pulled on the project once she went to jail. Lighters up came out a quick minute before she went in and then they put out a new single like two or three months later, when Lighters up wasn’t even a huge it. They said she shot a few videos for the record, then why’d they only put out two. To me it look like someone ran off with her money. She need to put that cd back out there, b/c it’s a shame when Killa Season and Blood Money out sell your record.

  • babygirl

    y’all need to to stop the all the hate. kim tried to protect her crew and ppl snitched her out.she did her time eventhough she got out on good behaviour she does desivire all the respact that she gets is not more…
    i think she should re-realse her cd coz then she will get more promotion time.and to all of you that say that skim is not a good rapper y’all need to check the records coz she is the first female rapper to recieve 5 mics. don’t get it twistedddddd

    luv kim 4 eva
    keep yur head up

  • Sugar

    Look haters, my BI is about to get the record straight about these so call nigga’s, who claim that they have your back. Lil Cease, gets no respect in DC. Lil Kim feed them nigga, she’s the only one out of Biggs group that keep shit poppin. And them nigga’s gave her there ass to kiss. But like we say all the time in my hood, “You can’t hold a good BI down”. So when Lil Kim drop her shit , please don’t let me caught any of you sucker ass nigga’s jocking her. Because we have no room for nut-huggers. And to all that said good things about my BI, I want you to keep staying sucker-free. Ha, we are surrounded by Dam SOB.

  • Sugar

    Look haters, my BI is about to get the record straight about these so call nigga’s, who claim they have your back. Lil Cease, gets no respect in DC. Lil Kim feed them nigga, she’s the only one out of Biggs group that keep shit poppin. And them nigga’s gave her there ass to kiss. But like we say all the time in my hood, “You can’t hold a good BI down”. So when Lil Kim drop her shit , please don’t let me caught any of you sucker ass nigga’s jocking her. Because we have no room for nut-huggers. And to all that said good things about my BI, I want you to keep staying sucker-free. Ha, we are surrounded by Dam SOB.

  • Sugar

    Babygirl, please learn how to spell words correctly.

  • L33TDesigner

    Kim We Love you and GLAD you made it..!!
    You GO Girl, Shut Up Bitch You know who we talking bout….You take her ideas and put you name on it !!! IT’s OK She Bigger and BADDER :-D
    Love Ya
    Owner of Fantasy Web Designing

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  • CreativeAngy

    I am so happy Lil’ Kim got out. She is the illest lady in the game. She’s still #1, and I know Bed-Stuy has gone crazy without her.

  • L33TDesigner

    YO Kim you need to check out this DJ we got at
    he is no joke he have u in a trance b4 u knew what hit u.. We got over 800 beats
    but no where do go….ill pay all the $$$$
    if u just check us out
    call me 1-609-617-3580

  • LadyChuckie159

    Alll you fuckin haters fall off my BITCH!!!

  • esther

    she is indeed a good rapper,no doubt about it,but because she lied i thin kshe will learn from it and atleast she can even rap more about jail cuz shes been there

  • black5883

    That bitch is some trash.She don’t have no tight beets and all her cds are some trash.Gansta Boo can rap better than her.You buy one of boo’s cd and compare it to lil kim cds and you’ll see who’s the best.Kim can’t even flow like some of these other female rappers.The bitch is fake wit all dat plastic in her body.She can barely talk or smile wit all dat surgry.Even those females from Crime Mob flow better than her.Everything Kim do is WACK! thats not a real bitch stop hyping her head up even her lil tv show was WACK.I not hating but she’s wack and some ya’ll Know it.Lil cease has always been some trash since he came out wit his bitch ass.this is black from D.C. SE Halla ho.

  • rashawn Monroe

    a i want yall to know that lil kim had suck my dick on 9/20/06 and is gonaa do it agian on 9/29/06 in savannah georgia at the hyatt on river street

  • fdajtegjtyjsyrikz


  • tha #1 get it girl

    Lil Kim is bout herz and it was stupied why she got locked up n e wayz well at least she got some money out of it. go head ma