DMX Cited for Carrying a Concealed Handgun

dmx2.jpgOn Friday (June 16) DMX was cited for carrying a concealed handgun after Scottsdale Arizona Police observed him placing the weapon under the front seat of his 1964 Chevrolet convertible. The Arizona Republic reports that officers pulled the rapper’s vehicle over in front of area nightclub Buzz, and cited him for a misdemeanor weapons violation when he failed to produce a permit to carry the weapon. He was not arrested. DMX was previously scheduled to appear in a White Plains courtroom on that same day to answer to traffic violations he received on June 2, however that appearance was later postponed due to a “prior commitment.”

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  • LB

    this nigga here stay in more shit than toilets

  • Mister B

    X is still one of the best..but what I cant wait to see is his E True hollywood

  • Shortylightskin

    Look, X my dawg, but this shit gettin ridiculous!fo real,atleast drop another album b4 u go back to the pen

  • Gutta

    dmx is a pill head..his mind is not right right now, he cant even see the bullshit he doin to himself…just say no X!!

  • H-man

    Damn DMX. Sounds like we need to put a movie to your life!! Need a costar?

  • gees dat dude

    the nigga dmx and bobby brown need to do a best of both worlds album that shit a sell like crack.

  • Will T. Bagyou


  • ripsta

    damn x! go one week without gettin into someshit

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  • KEN


  • Lil Ron

    This dude is dumb as f***. He only doin this for publicity and to get people to buy his wack record comin out. He aint made nothin hot since his first 2 albums. Retire and go preach somewhere dun. ITS OVER DOG!

  • jojochicago

    Rather be caught with it than without it!


    Lil Ron you punk bitch! Shut the fuck up! He got real fans, real nigga’s gone always fuck with the dog! He just like us. Biiiiitch!

  • http://ttodb05 T-MAN

    Man this fool thinks he still in da hood what he is forgeting is that he is famous and people pay attention to who he is and what he does.

    The cops are stupid they know who he is and that he is a rapper they will try and catch him do anything man X try stop doing shit even for a week

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Yo this is all just stunt after stunt for publicity of his new album…it aint gonna work Dark Man…just stick to the growlin’ & shit…or just pull a Beans and blast yourself … lol… That’s guarenteed sales.~

  • Skinnzo

    DMX used to be my manz and them when his first album dropped. That nigga was poetic with his rhymes. I even dug my man as an actor (he played that roll tight in Belly). But now his songs are gettin’ wacker and wacker. And he gettin’ sloppy with his shit. This nigga can’t get away with nothin’ !!! Damn !!! Slow down, and get back to basics, dawg.


    I can tell most nigga’s responding to this column ain’t street and they don’t know shit about this man’s history. Publicity, you bitch’s sound stupid

  • Monte

    “OH KING”, “jojochicago” and “T-MAN” are all right….X jus ignore all of the hype and do ya thing man…I believe in you man….”Dogs for life!” Jus like D said “You gots to stick with a nigga blood out blood in…”

  • jonjon–23

    Publicity seeking or not. His rap game is straight camel shit– and he too high to even recognize it.

  • danny2204

    dude is just messed up for more than a hot minute right now but my man up stairs is guiding him through the matrix and making sure that dude head towards that light where he will shine once again. keep your head up.


    i luv x………..


  • BP

    X how da hell do you get caught by da fuzz so easy.dum ass.why don’t you retire before you go broke.LIVE LIKE A KING DIE LIKE A KING!peace

  • IT IS I

    X is my man and all but he really needs to fall back. I mean damn, he has more run-ins with the law than Robert Downey Jr. Just do your music and acting thing and keep it movin. Stay on the stage and OFF the news!!

  • Big Jay

    I live in Phoenix, Az. I was in the local GNC yesterday. I was choppin it up wit the sales clerk and he said DMX came in the day before and bought some “sexual enhancer” products and was shakin like he was feenin. Cat is off da chain. He is no longer relevant and has not made a tight album since Flesh of my Flesh Blood of my Blood. nuff said.

  • 11kap

    Niggas need guns too, faggots.

  • x’s number 1 fan

    ya’ll hatas shut the fuck up let X do what the hell he want he can carry a gun where eva the fuck he want so ya can lick ass

  • JaSoN BrOwN

    Yo, X gonna giv it to ya again. All you haters here just broke, without a dick or a bitch and Hatin on X. He could use a little time away from the shit and with a pen and a pad though.

    FrIsCo Yay