crunchyblack.jpgXXLMAG.COM has learned that Three 6 Mafia group member Crunchy Black is no longer with the Memphis-based trio. While the details surrounding the split remain sketchy, a spokesman for Sony Records confirmed today that the rapper has not been with the group since May, and that his departure was his decision and he was not asked to leave by fellow members Juicy J and DJ Paul. Crunchy, born Darnell Carlton, was perhaps best known to the general public for his signature “gangsta walk” dance, which he performed onstage at the 2006 Oscar Awards before Three 6’s historic win for Best Song. As initially reported by Memphis’s Fox 13 News, the rapper made headlines earlier this year after Memphis radio personality Lil’ Larry accused him of making death threats. Shots were later fired at Hot 107, the station were Larry works. The DJ was in a different area of the building at the time of the shooting and Crunchy has never been charged in connection with the incident.