Young Zee and Manager Stabbed While Leaving Ice Cube Show

youngzee.jpgOn Friday (May 12) rapper Young Zee of New Jersey group The Outsidaz was stabbed while leaving an Ice Cube concert at New York City’s B.B. King’s. Immediately after Ice Cube finished his set, Zee and his manager, Hakim Green (also a member of New Jersey hip-hop group Channel Live), were making their way out of the backstage area when unidentified assailants jumped them. Both Zee and Green suffered stab wounds to the head and went to the hospital for treatment. Police are investigating the incident but currently have no leads. Both are now in good health as they prepare Young Zee’s joint mixtape with Rah Digga for a summer release.

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  • NYC

    Young Zee just wanted some free promotion…

  • jojochicago

    Not again! Haters takin over the world! I’m these brothas are alright and in the mighty words of KRS1…STOP THE VIOLENCE!


    that sucks

  • iw11

    they really need to stop. for real.

  • pena capital

    mmmm…headstabbin, ain’t that the way its done up north?????

  • http://Savannah Smitty

    RIP Jason Camoflauge Johnson. We love and miss you my nigga. Heaven’s Very Possible!!! Savannah Ga til death do us part. Section Vlll Ent got next I hope and pray yall niggas built to endure this ass cutting we bout to release on the independent rap world. Section Vlll Ent.



  • E-man (South c)

    What nigga!Should we sieze this hiphop movement!!!!,coz this shit is now getting serious day by day..,shit,I think brothers don’t like to see a nigga try make some change…The moment a nigga tryz to shine the moment them haters get they hands on him..Fuck.

  • Knowledge Speaks

    Nigga performs at Ice Cubes show in LA and walks off with weak security? Shit was bound to happen.

  • ROD

    Hip-Hop is the battefield for all these rappers. You play the G, it’s clear as day ou ahve to back it up now

    i suggest cats learn other topics besides guns and drugs if they want to make money

    “We All gone Die, we bleed through similiar veins”…. people better learn what that’s about and stop trying to be a Studio Gangster b/c the real gangstas will lock up with you

    Reputations shouldnt’ start when you hit a mic



  • Jerzeebred


  • smarter poster

    a lot of idiots post on here. they were stabbed in NY, not LA. they were just walking, nothing in that story implies they were trying to be “gangsta”. most of the people posting probably have never heard young zee rap, nor do they know that his crew used to be claimed by eminem (young zee was on shady last i checked). i hope dude recovers. i think it’s wild dumb that his publicists would release this and then mention the mix tape at the end of the press release (and you know his publicists HAD to mention that to XXL because ain’t nobody else know Zee had a mixtape coming…LOL).

  • The God

    damn shame, niggas cant have nothing no more..funny how every nigga claims they hate the haters but they are main haters causeing shit..niggas need to grow the fuck up

  • JB

    “Man In Da Im dee American Idol”, shit I guess aint as u say it be YOUNG ZEE

  • Supreme


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    Im sick of hearing about this shit. This dude got stabbed, so i guess he a gangsta?

  • hiphopluvah

    naw man, he aint tryna be gangsta or nothing like that. he got stabbed, shit happens, wtf u think? that he wanted to?
    young zee doesn’t evn have to walk around actin all hard like some of those other rappers, cuz he dont gotta prove shit to noone. hes one of the nicest and these ppl alredy kno it. outsidaz was a classic group.

  • Hustlin’

    It’s not a publicity stunt, Zee was REALLY stabbed… the pictures are gonna be on soon mothafuckas

  • slizzy

    H-MAN says:

    “Zee can spit. Damn, Loosin Zee is a great loss to us all, but he will live 4ever. RIP ZEE

  • hiphopluvah


    h-man is retarded.

  • kingtee3

    man fucc that im sick of all these dope mcs getting shot and stabbed for nuttin…keep that shit in jail and the streets bustaz

  • agen’st da oddz

    ROD i feel u nigga rap ‘n ganstarizm aint mixin 50 bust gun shots on his shit wyl skyridin in Hollywood wat the fuk is wit dat GEt yo mindz ryt niggaz-A>D>O representin South Afrika

  • kkk_4_evr

    Ay who is this young zee? is he the dude that was on D12′s second album on that short song where rondell bean was pissed at him

  • NawSon

    DAMN! Y it alwayz be some niggaz wit some heat dat get fucked up? Y can’t 1 of these wack azz otha niggaz get killed? Iz FAT JOE dead yet? Niguh probably chowing down on a steak’um waiting for heeart disease or some shit. YO NEXT PERSON TO GET STABBED SHOT SLING SHOT PILLOW FOUGHT TO DEATH BETTER BE WACKER DEN A MUTHAFUCKA. YO GO KILL..GO KILL I DON’T KNOW SHIT KILL KEVIN FEDERLINE OR SOMETHING..DAT WIGGA DON’T EVEN GOT NO QUOTEABLE LYRICS “yo I waiste time fucking britney cuz y im kevin federline” whatdafuckizthiz?

  • rampage

    man what the fuck all yall hatin ass niggaz out there hop off zees nuts bitch ass faggots

  • 11KAP

    Cats in here blame the victims when they’re black, but let a white dude get stabbed. They will be hollaring, “Justice must be Done.”

  • The God

    its a damn shame niggas cant have nothing no more cause a few knuckle heads wanna hate for no reason at all. it clear these haters are broke cause niggas makin money got no time to hate, they to busy gettin paid

  • Sum kracka Boi

    ayo Young Zee iz tha illest motha fucka i’ve eva hearda, people who don’t know ’bout the Outz or tha Zee needa get they heads check fa’real,
    keep dat shiz dope ya know whati meanz

  • killahillniggaz

    ^ thats what its all about

  • True O.G.

    It’s a shame Ice Cube didn’t get stabbed…

  • thebestout!!



    who gives a fuck about young zee

  • idonknonuttin

    you know sum niggaz get along way not doin shyt in the streets (really). Claim the block cause they hustle on hte low commercially aint apart of no particulary set. No loyalty to any particular hood. Can only count a few bullshit ass fights from back in the day or a couple of fake ass shootouts where nobody got hurt. I kno niggaz like dis nigga – put in just enough street dues to get ahead. social and mental maneuverin to stay alive and shyt. personally, i think these mufuckas dont deserve the publicity from even a knife wound. who cares. aint no publcity for everybody else getting hurt everyday on the block. Fuck snake ass maneuverin mufuckas it woulda been betta if somebody woulda just knocked the nigga out old school – broke his jaw or sum shit like dat…….

  • ScrewFace

    I don’t give a fuck about what you all niggers say about Zee,he could be rolling with M or 50.He is one of the best rapper I herd so far.Even thow I am in London and we don’t get many of Zee music I know there is no one as good as him after PACK.