Kanye West and Ludacris Sued for Copyright Infringement

ludacris.jpgOn Wednesday (May 24), Chris “Ludacris” Bridges appeared in federal court in Manhattan to defend himself against copyright infringement charges resulting from a lawsuit filed against himself and Kanye West over their 2003 hit “Stand Up.” The suit, filed by New Jersey based group I.O.F., alleges that the two superstars appropriated a portion of the group’s recording “Straight Like That” after hearing it on one of their demo tapes, using the chorus of their own song with only a slight modification. The phrase at the center of the dispute is “like that,” which appears in both songs, although with slightly different words proceeding them. According to a report from Reuters, some jurors could be seen bobbing their heads along with Ludacris when his attorney, Christine Lepera, played the song for them. Both Kanye—who was not present in court yesterday—and Ludacris are expected to testify on their own behalf over the course of the next week or so.

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  • dcsmashin

    f*** that i wrote that song…

  • Ian

    I hope that isn’t true. I heard about this a while back. If it is then these two, one of the best at what they do, are going to lose a lot of respect.

  • TIs_Motivation

    those two words aren’t worth shit, it would be different if it was a sentence or the whole damn chorus.

  • treyza

    wtf? the guy hu rote jesus walks dun need 2 steal no lyrics man, this is bull-ish

  • ROB G


  • Marcelis

    Keep It Real… i can’t even believe these broke ass rappers are tryin to get money for this shit. anybody could have wrote that hook. my question is how did ludacris get the demo in the first place if he even did have the demo. the same thing happen to Jay-Z wit the bonnie and clyde track. Not saying niggas in the industry don’t be jacking but really something that simple could be duplicated or emulated hundreds of times.

  • XRAY3000

    pocket change…

  • screw music nigga

    if these niggas win this will be the only industry check they ever cash

  • jojochicago

    Kanye biten again. the boy tite to def but he is known to steal some shit. but hey yall niggas keep passing tapes to these cats and keep getin yo shit bit making these niggas rich. Ask Shawna brother about kanye, i bet u Luda know.

  • http://myspace.com/ranrice RanRice(pronounced rees)


  • alleyeCNtower

    jojochicago knows the deal…

    this shit DOES happen. not everyone is a thief, but not everyone is a liar, either.

    the dude who played his Neptunes beats had 2 beats that were EXACTLY the same as ‘Knock Yourself Out’ and some other one, but slower. And he was a N.E.R.D. fan that posted on the Neptunes message board for years… his post count was huge. He crossfaded his original song to the hit versions, and they were virtually identical.

    you never know…

  • maxim

    these fuckin’ niggas can go stick their dics up their asses! luda and kanye would never borrow or steal lines from some corny ass underground bitches like them.
    Luda and Kanye have established themselves as superb songwriter. These are broke ass underground niggas trying to get some paper in the most corniest way.

    Representing the hood nigga, South C for show, Kenya and the Nairobians

  • MAXIM(South c – Nigga)

    i had to come back once again and tell those motherfuckin’ cock sucking bustards to go give themselves head. Fuck them a million times for accusing Luda and Kanye for stealing lines from motehrfuckin underground bitches like them. Its the R.O.C and DTP 4 real nigga.

  • kiss my ass

    fuck the roc nigga, the roc are straight bitches and Dtp riding on a btiches pussy right now, how a bitch gonna have the best flow in ya whole crew, shawn run dtp, it must stand for da tight pussy….fuck them niggas …oh and by the way dumb asses kanye doesnt write his own fucking lyrics, he didnt even write jesus walks didnt you know that bitches get off his nut sack

  • http://c-losV,W c-los V,W

    man, luda looks hella funny in that picture,HA! much respect though.


  • Tikoy

    I think they did. Luda “Southern Hospitality” sounds a lot alike a group named Ghetto Black Through them boes”

  • Tiji

    Mayn, Y’all trippin… ok ok.. shit like that do happen & It COULD be possible… juss think who we be talkin about though.. my man luda and Kanye? for real niggas… think about it… them two homies aint even need to steal shit mayn! … take a fucken sec and think about it…

  • argo

    2 fuckin words fuck them just looking for easy money

  • GeorgiaBoy706187

    Fuck yall lame nigga who hatein on Luda and Kanye/They don’t need to steal yall shit/YALL WHO HATEIN ON THEM KILL YO SELF MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE

  • http://xxlmag.com shayo


  • DirtySouthOntarioCracker

    One question if I may?

    How many of you actually know “Luda” or “Kanye”? None of you. Thats right! Does he care about you? Does he even have the slightest clue about who you are?

    The answer is No.

    So why waste your time talking about them? I’m sure they don’t talk about you, and if they met you, I’m sure they wouldn’t give you the time of day.

    Respectfully Yours,

    The Man

  • Texas flippin

    Love it keep talking.. cracker. your right.

  • Rice

    dats corny dis shouldn’t even of made da magazine


    Big fuckin deal people sue each other for stupid things these days, especially celebrities

  • tony

    spickster suck ya momma’s dick yo you should be banned for suckin dick 2 much ya lil hoe ass nigga

  • tony

    look spicster first suck dick and lick ass then please tell yo momma to stop callin me you lil bitch

  • jilla

    its obvious man if ua steal a nigga beat y wouldnt u steal a nigga lyrics, aint none of kanye shit original i just fuck wit him cuz he from my city. n ne way dem niggas needed dey shit stole dey wusnt doin shit wit it, fuck luda his shit bump but t.i. dat nigga

  • http://www.caramelhoneys.com Caramelhoneys.com

    Yo..I wrote the whole damn song “Pussy poppin” and you dont see me suing a muthafucka..broke ass hoes…dre