ludacris.jpgOn Wednesday (May 24), Chris “Ludacris” Bridges appeared in federal court in Manhattan to defend himself against copyright infringement charges resulting from a lawsuit filed against himself and Kanye West over their 2003 hit “Stand Up.” The suit, filed by New Jersey based group I.O.F., alleges that the two superstars appropriated a portion of the group’s recording “Straight Like That” after hearing it on one of their demo tapes, using the chorus of their own song with only a slight modification. The phrase at the center of the dispute is “like that,” which appears in both songs, although with slightly different words proceeding them. According to a report from Reuters, some jurors could be seen bobbing their heads along with Ludacris when his attorney, Christine Lepera, played the song for them. Both Kanye—who was not present in court yesterday—and Ludacris are expected to testify on their own behalf over the course of the next week or so.