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"Yesterday & Today"

D12 and XXL remember the life of Deshaun Dupree “Proof” Holton. R.I.P.

"If You Ain’t Gangsta"

He’s been making movies for 15 years now, recently killed it in reality television and is releasing a new album after a six-year hiatus. So, is Ice Cube an MC, a heavyweight Hollywood big dawg or both? He’ll let you know.

"Speaking So Freely"

He was publicly booted out of one of the biggest crews in hip-hop, and somehow survived. With his album finally on its way, what a battle it’s been for DJ Green Lantern.

"Live in the Sky"

Marshall reminisces over his memories of his best friend.

"Love & Appreciate"

Bizarre, Kuniva, Kon Artis, Obie Trice and Paul Rosenberg reflect on their loss.

"Stay Tru"

Two weeks before he was killed D12 member Proof sat down to talk about Detroit City, Eminem, Suge Knight and his album, Searching for Jerry Garcia. Who would have thought then that it was going to be his last interview ever? We bring you Proof’s last words.

"What You Know"

It’s the first time anyone’s ever been caught for the murder of one of our rappers. Since then, there’s been nothing but controversy. So we did our own investigation to see what happened the night Proof was gunned down.

"In These Streets"

If you’re a real rap head, this is not the first time you’ve heard about some drama up in Detroit. We take a look at the Motor City and its recent epidemic of violence.

"Pop U"

He’s got the corny crew and the White people loving him. He’s at the Super Bowl, the Grammys and everywhere in between. Yeah, we’re saying it—will.i.am is the new Wyclef. Watch out for the takeover.

"The Otherside"

There’s more to Atlanta than OutKast and snap music. You’ve also got Da Backwudz, two cousins from the Dirty trying to use their rap skills, poetry and antimaterialistic ways to shake hip-hop up.



Yellow Nigga rants and raves.


Hold y’all heads up, Kim and Shyne.


And Time magazine thought Diddy was so influential…
8Ball: Jim Jones
Truth: Daz Dillinger
Hip-Hop Junkies: Bob Saget
Move the Crowd: E-40 brings the Bay to L.A.


1. Young Dro
2. Plies
3. Potzee
4. Currency
5. Young Leek


Gypsy’s body language is loud and clear.


Aqua socks will keep you cool this summer.
How We Do: DJs go international.
Fashion: Hottest swimsuits for the season
Flow: Board shorts to catch the big waves
Walk This Way: Get your aqua socks here.
Freestyle: An office chair with attitude
Games People Play: Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
Reign of the Tech: New gadgets to replace your old gear
Full Clip: DVD reviews to swear by


The Jump Off: Obie Trice
Classic Material: Warren G.
Train of Thought: Lupe Fiasco
Official Bootlegs: Freeway
Ill Techniques: G-Spot
Spin Cycle
Production Credit: Play-N-Skillz
Chairman’s Choice: Mr. Lif


Big Proof Forever