Judge Says Lawyers for Biggie’s Family “Deceived the Court” in LAPD Suit

biggiechain.jpgYesterday (May 23) federal Judge Florence Marie Cooper declared that the court was “absolutely deceived” by the attorneys handling a wrongful death suit brought against the city by the family of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. Earlier this year, the proceedings ended in a mistrial after the family’s legal team alleged that an LAPD detective intentionally withheld testimony from a jailhouse informant that implicated rogue police officers Rafael Perez and David Mack in the rapper’s slaying. At that time, the trial ended and the city was ordered to pay the family $1.1 million in legal fees and expenses. According to the Associated Press, city attorney Vincent Marella produced a report originally prepared by a private investigator that proves the family actually had knowledge of the informant’s statements back in 2002, well before the trial went to court. Perry Sanders, an attorney representing the family, has since stated that after initially telling the judge that he had no prior knowledge of the report, he realized his error and “made it clear” to the court. Judge Cooper has temporarily halted any sharing of information between the plaintiffs and the defense and stated that she is not inclined to allow the family to refile the lawsuit.

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  • TIs_Motivation

    I just want to know who killed big?

  • BK Son

    Fuck tha LAPD and fuck Cali! They know they fucked up that case and dont wanna pay. Tha law out there dont work, they all crooked. We just wanna know who killed BIG. (we know they know)

  • rampage

    fuckin fat as donut eating jellyroll ass nigga fuck biggie

  • http://xxlmag.com E-man (South c)

    Like the nigga said we niggaz wanna know who killed B.I.G. fuck the money-shit.Shout out to ma nigga Diddy,The deal was way too good,thanks men.You know i wount let you down.

  • Tyson

    Brooklyn love always, but fukk U BK Son! Don’t take it out on a state because your pussy can’t get wet like diddy’s mouth because BIG got himself killed 4 being somewhere he shouldn’t have been. [at least that soon].All this city reppin’ is another way 4 george bush to keep us segregated stupid ass! MAKAVELI RIP ONE NATION

  • Tyson


  • alleyeCNtower

    this. is. soooo. fucked. up.

    injustice on a level never known before.

    Biggie is rolling in his grave.



  • Mikey Breeze

    All you half steppin fagits out there dat r still on dat East West beef shit need to give it a fuck in rest.Both B.I.G and P.A.C got killed on some bullshit.So lke Biggie said “Fuck dat beef shit, dat shit is played out.”
    R.I.P 2 B.I.G & P.A.C

  • http://xxlmag.com hip hop head

    bottom line the lapd knows who killed big and just dont care. for those ignorant mufuckas if your really that interested read unbelievable by cheo hadori coker also read vibes book on tupac and you will realize that pac got killed for beating up orlando anderson{baby lane} and that suge knight had big killed. karmas a bitch why you think he got shot and is losing all his money.

  • -SMR-

    Rampage ur a disrespectful mothafucker BIG was the greatest that ever did it bitch so u watch ur fuckin mouth

  • young vic

    tha feds don’t give a sh**t bout no rappers! If it wuz some rock dude or somebody that they listen to the killer would b found.

  • talia

    well always miss bigg poppa!

  • B-Boy

    Listenn! All ya’ll who hatin on Big are some of the stupidest people I know Biggie is a legend in the rap industry

    SO FORGET ALL THE HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.sug.com Sugar

    Fuck LAPD they killed PAC and BIGGIE. The fucking cops were security for dumb ass Suge. OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES.

  • Keak Da Sneak

    Look at all you internet warriors/thugs. You guys are funny