Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott Lead 2006 BET Awards Nominations

bustaxxlcover.jpgNominations for cable network BET’s annual salute to music, television, film and sports were announced yesterday (May 16). Leading the nominations with four each were rappers Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott, along with singers Mary J. Blige and Jaime Foxx. Busta was nominated for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist, Best Collaboration, Video of the Year and the Viewer’s Choice Award, while Elliott was nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist, Best Collaboration, and twice for Video of the Year (for her own “Lose Control” video and her part in Busta’s “Touch It (Remix)” video). Other leading hip-hop nominees include Kanye West with three nominations and T.I. with two. The awards will be broadcast live from Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium on Tuesday, June 27.

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  • MosBang

    Busta ain’t even dropped an album, and he’s nominated. Shit can I get a nomiation? or do I gotta get my boy killed first?

  • Rich

    BET is rubbish, so is Missy.

    Busta I hope your album is all it’s cracked up to be, or you’ll lose your last chance at superstardom.

  • Shortylightskin

    u both gon look stupid when that shit come out. I promise
    LONS and Quest 4 ever b1tches
    Eastcoast takeover, Bussa bus down, Big Bang 5/13

  • lee

    BET is bullshit first off they think little brother’s muisc is too smart for thier audienc and now pop tart artist like missy gets nominated for a aiight sonng but a BS video and busta who hasn’t had a cd drop in almost half a decade gets nomanated BET fell the f### off xxl needs to do a real hip hop/ r&b award show
    nuff said

  • blackman

    These awards shows are bullshit.Buster doesn’t even have an album out yet.

  • Mrs Damian Marley

    BET needs to be shut down

  • elboogie

    i love it when bitches complain,thats wat all u fuckers is doing,they aint nominated his album,they nominated his song,jealous bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cash moooneyy

    i knoe yo ass is from uk rich, so fuk yo. i’m callin out all yall uk hoes. i’ll fukk n battle yo ass right now bitch. das right shortylightskin, EAST COAST TAKEOVA! NY, yall fil me? Bus is back niggaz, specially afta da touch it remixx! back 2 you rich, here’s my line

    fuk you rich,
    you aint nottin but a stank ass bitch
    sittin at home drinking tea wit crumpets,
    when da last time u had a girl, you couldn’t pump it, hump it.
    yo, the uk is lame,
    none a yall rappas could come play this game.
    we east coast niggz stareted dis shit,
    we won’t hand it ova to a punk ass bitch!

  • http://www.xanga.com/Blood_On_My_Shoes andrew

    thats real talk nigga ^^^^

  • J SUN


  • cash moooneyy

    hell yea J Sun, EAST COAST STAND UP, like lil kim said, we don’t run, we run shit. if any of deez nigz think dey can run us EAST COAST NIGGAZ, dey fukkin wrong, an dats why i’m here. i came in 2 put deez bitches in dey places. EAST COAST 4 LIFE, FUK ALL DEM HADDAS AND BITCHES OUT WEST AND IN DA UK, HOLLA!

  • cash moooneyy

    andrew, whos side yo on, yo? where yo from nig?

  • J SUN


  • J SUN


  • http://ehonda.brewingtonmedia.com Jherell

    yal willen. Busta is one on the strongest artists out right now. He is consistent, lyrical and energetic crushing his competition both old and new.

  • Blaq Mamba

    Das wattup J Sun, its me, Cash Money, I changed my name. I’m blaq mamba now, so any mothafukkas out der dat wanna come at me, come at blaq mamba bitches. by da way, go ta search, put in crooked i, go 2 da first one, and see som o da rymes i dropped on deez west coast bitches. look for cash money and blaq mamba. Holla Back yo.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Tre

    damn busta the album aint even out and u bout to get a bet award

  • http://www.myspace.com/samsonII Samson jR.

    C’mon seriously BET is fuckin up he can get nominated for 3 of them but Best male hip hop??? Imma buy the album but shouldnt have came out b4 the nomination for that award? ne wayz most of the people in competition is garbage ne way like i aint impressed by ne of the female artist of the year…. shit shawnna song is tight but its just one song and the rest of them has had better albums out before this yr. shit ill give that award to Mary J.Blige if i could….holla ::gunshot::

  • dirtydirty95

    Yo Blaq who the fuck you talkin that shit to man. The dirty been runnin the rap game since biggie got popped Jigga doin remixes with Paris hilton and shit, yall done on the East coast man. Recognize game, then let NYC go get some. Holla

  • babyboy

    U gotta luv it part 2, Munba – Munba what kinda name is dat, u represent east coast?? u must b on crack, said ur nick is cash mopney, how lame is dat, u better shut da fuck up b4 a hit ur azz.u comin up with diss song u must b high, we all united in dis game, but u not so bye bye… shut da fuck up and listen cracker.. by da way i am Portuguese

  • Blaq Mamba formerly Cash Money

    yo babyboy, you don’t want it, stay in ya place cause U jus a baby boy, a fukin toy, U aint fukkin wit da big boys, dis is a grown man, keep talkin i’ll put yo ass in a can, or in a box, have yo ass on lox. Don’t make me haf 2 go to jail, for killin a fagit das onl twelve. U fukkin wit da next BIG, keep on N U gon rest in peace.

  • Blaq Mamba formerly Cash Money

    yo Dirty dirty, i’m a admit it, da souf is hot, and da souf did pull a takeova after BIG got kilt, but like i said nigga, its cummin bak up norf. up norf niggas dont listen 2 dat down souf shit. All yall niggaz rap about is cars, money, and pussy, somethin none o yall get anyway. In all dem lame ass down souf rymes, all yall niggas do is say AYYYE, what kinda shit is dat? No how many niggaz was listenin to Busta and dat touch it remix? I no niggas down dere dat was talkin bout how hot dat shit was

  • Shortylightskin

    NO ONE in the south can fuck Bussa Bus down. Only Outkast can make a complete album, tha res got 2,3 songs das anygood.The Big Bang is gonna separate the realness from the bullshit.Busta,Ghost,Raekwon Cuban Linx 2,DMX, A Tribe Called QUest reunintin, all the 90′s NY niggaz about to take it back wherit belongs dun. Real Hip hop, is back on some “New York Shit” bithces

  • shiznit

    first of i tink bustas video is sick.i mean its sick and deserves da awards-but best male? nah! no album, aint blown up in YEARS!give an award 2 mix tape genius PAPOOSE!as for missy-drop dat girl she past it chattin pop crap.all u bitches hypin up chattin bare shit like u is gona clap sum1 thru da internet.get real lil boys.big up uk artists KLASH & KANO! Papoose gona reign!

  • babyboy

    Blak Manba (lol)- U gotta luv it round 3- Manba nigga u just another craker,cuz rhymes is not ur biz , nigga u aint no rapper, in a battle wit me u wouldt survive a second. u a killer, u so so on crack, hung up da fuckin mike, or i will make ur azz chicks clap . u gotta luv it nigga u can never dis me cock sucker,i am not rapper, i am a ghost writter nigga, i write in 3 languages, portuguese, spanish and english, u can try but i will alway b on top, i know u broke, i know u ugly, so why dont u try 2 get a job, so u can pay 4 ur plastic surgery. And fuck da south as a said b4, what u should pay attention 2 is, Mos Def, Method Man, Talib, Papoose(label is shit but da nigga is dope), Maino, Jay-z is still da king of Ny, every1 knows dat, fuck dipset, busta is representing his side dats good, but touch it is really gettin anoyin, Blak munba if u talk again, Ill Hurt You, ahahaha, peace nigga, if u wanna know some of my work u can always chec my mail, waitin 4 ur reply peace nigga


    All u mutherfuckers are saying east coast takeover but it took someone from the west coast to help tje east coast with the takeover


    Its pretty stupid that Busta is leading this shit when he hasn’t put out an album yet. And Missy Elliot doesn’t deserve that spot. She has aight songs but her videos are fucked up. And by the way these interent rap battles are pretty lame.

  • babyboy

    Don t hate Rammy Ma, lol, just fullin, u have a bad humor for a Ho, pretty hard 2 impress, so fuck u and fuck wat u said, yo Munba holla bck nigga dis hos gotta have it

  • Blaq Mamba formerly Cash Money

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  • Blaq Mamba formerly Cash Money

    Rammy, U need 2 shut yo ass up, jus cuz U can’t rhyme, U got ta try ta hate on sombody else? I bet dat portugese fagit can flow betta dan yo ass. All my eastcoast and up norf niggaz holla bak, so we can crown nees mothafukas, and make dem our bitches.

  • Blaq Mamba formerly Cash Money

    Yo babyboy, dis diss is 4 U

    U betta sit yo ass down U fukkin portugese, i’ll hav U on yo neez, skeein on U wit my deez, just like i did yo mom, she sucked my dick an she choked on my ball. I sprayed dat bitch in da face, wit dat sticky, white mase, came all ova her face, cuz dat bitch got otta place. When U fukkin wit grown niggas dis is what happen, got me on dis website rappin, dissin hoes, cuz i got to let dem know. Yo, now i’m out, i din don it, kilt a KKK nigga, showin how we NewYork Niggas run shit

  • Blaq Mamba formerly Cash Money

    Rammy, i will say dis shit, u was right about dat bitch azz hoe babyboy and his rymes tho. his shit was wact, not wack, wact. Don’t be fukkin wit da NYC tho, or i will hunt yo ass down and kill U mothafuka, caus dis is tha fathers of dis shit U talkin bout. We started dis shit, and erbody tryin 2 hate on us. soon yall niggetts gon be bandwagonin on dat “NEWYORK SHIT” holla.

  • Babyboy

    Blak momma- yo nigga u so fukin ignorant dat i dont want 2 dis ur azz anymore man, let me give u a quick geography lesson, Portugal is in Europe near spain. Now lets battle.
    last round KO- let me remind u dat G u not, u tryin 2 play Ice cube but u 4get da mike is hot, nigga u so dumb, and u have a lot 2 learn, i bet u was born from a cow, and some monkey sperm, u aint no rapper, i thought a told u b4, u tryin 2 battle me, but u still need 2 grow, i bumb ur mom, i hit dat fast and slow, althought she has a fat azz she wasnt worth da Do$… Shut da fuck up, u can never win over me man, and i am not even an mc so fuck u, stop dissin NY, wanna b mother fucker

  • longdale 4life 313

    fuck bet and all tem wack ass people they voted 4

  • longdale 4life 313

    oh yeah fuck new york and new york hip hop bitchez its all about detroit

  • Bringer of light

    Fuck all you Niggers. You’re music
    sounds like shit (White pride)

  • Shortylightskin

    ^^^^^^then why the fuck u keep buyin r shit faggot

    By the way, The albums out quit bitchin, BIG BANG,FLIPMODE,AFTERMATH BITCH!!!!

  • PtownOG-AtownRider


  • PtownOG-AtownRider


  • http://www.woah.com you have to all shut up

    can you guys all…just grow up please?
    he won..you didnt…no need to cry

  • freeagent

    Hey I like Busta (Much Respect!) But I expected to see Juvenille, or Luda. Another thing I don’t feel Missy song should have won over Gettin Some. After seeing that, I wanted to turn the channel. The rest of the show was about K. West and J. Fox.

  • freeagent

    Maybe we should call the award show-”The East Coast BET Awards”……….
    Missy and K.West always win even when they have not had a hit song in a while. K. West-o’kay rapper, great dancer + producer, but 2-BET awards -no way……………

  • Shortylightskin

    don’t matter Busta’s performance blew EVERYBODY off tha stage, don’t need no award to see that

  • trippy_niggy

    black exploitaion television niggaz