Wu-Tang Readies DVD Collection

wutang.jpgHip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan has plans to drop a new DVD called Legend of the Wu-Tang: The Videos on June 13. The group’s first DVD release will collect all of their videos, from 1993’s “Protect Ya Neck” to 2002’s “Uzi (Pinky Ring).” The collection will also feature the unreleased 1994 documentary Enter the Wu-Tang, as well as an unreleased version of “Method Man” and U-God’s unreleased “Old Man” video, which features RZA and the late ODB. Wu-Tang reunited earlier this year for a series of club dates along the East Coast.

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  • bluerid

    yeah im not going to do mean to cam again only end up crying when i do that so i learned.peace


    yes imma cop dat ova here in da uk or important! bin a fan from day! neway big up da states but u lot stay tuned for us breaking thru wid UK GRIME (GARAGE) AND UK HIP HOP!! DA FUTURE OF HIP HOP WILL SOON B IN OUR HANDS TO HELP!!

  • bluerid

    ima get that to.peace.damn you cam

  • bluerid


  • yukyuk

    u mean masta killah’s Old Man video…good news

  • http://www.Drangetta-Entertainment.nl Youngnthuggin

    Damn Son gotta cop that shit fosho these niggaz have the sickest videos in hiphop ever mayn!
    Take a look at those oldskool ODB and Ghostface killa shit damn that’s fire right there..Peace

    Amsterdam Central STation
    The Greenhouse Cofeeshop Amsterdam


    Wu tang Clan aint nothing to fuck wit.

  • 50 aka Ferrari F50

    G, G, G, G-UNIT!

  • http://pp2g.com-Problem-Child Problem-Child

    Ej man,
    shit is hot!..
    i’m from Holland man,,
    chekking out this site er’day..
    lovin’ wu tang clan fo sho..
    them dude’s crazy..

  • big boi

    ima cop dat

    r.i.p o.d.b

  • jonjon–23

    Another bullshit New York group with a funny rap style and weak, weird beats that were made legends by the natives. No one else feelin’ they shit outside New York.

  • http://adxasdads.com Juice Crew

    Wu-Tang Forever
    R.i.p to Ol’Dirty

  • Wu clanman

    Don’t you Masta Killa’s Old Man video. Great research guys…

    Wu Tang 4ever

  • DJ A-Rod

    didnt a DVD like this already come out w/ all of those videos? im pretty sure its called “Legends of the Wu-Tang”, too. i dont kno- either way, hope they drop a new album together.