Snoop Free on Bail, Banned from British Airways

snoop2.jpgAccording to the Associated Press, Snoop was released on bail yesterday (April 27) after being arrested on Wednesday for his role in an altercation at London’s Heathrow Airport. The disturbance began when Snoop and some of his entourage, not all of whom were flying first class, were denied entry into British Airways’ first class lounge. A British Airways spokesman said that the group then became “rude and abusive” towards staff members, which prompted London police to respond to the disturbance. After police officers were pushed, receiving minor injuries, Snoop and five other men were arrested on charges of “violent disorder and affray.” A spokesman for the airline said that letters have been sent to Snoop and the other men informing them that they are all banned from all future travel on British Airways.

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  • jon longway dago blood

    haha this shit is funny to me. snoop is a clown!

  • BIG D from harlem

    its because he was black fuckin racist cops

  • Tyson W.


  • Khalani from Dorchester

    this is sum funny shyt. they only doing that because he’s black and i think that it wasnt called for the police to get all up in the situation. i mean shyt if a flight attendent tried to deny me entrance 2 somewhere i payed for hell would break loose.

  • Zeus

    Big D wake up and get real funny how anything involving police and cops it’s always the cops who are racist. Fool. Nothing more than a simple case of one or two people messing it up for everyone else. I thought Snoop was smarter than that i.e. associating with knuckleheads?!!!

  • dust

    mannnnnnnnn FUCK ENGLAND

  • E-man (South c)

    Ohh God damn Hommes stay strong though.

  • http://yahoo LADY T

    Look at the skin color and the jewerly

  • arizona ron

    Holla at ya boy Snoop.

  • J SUN


  • Willow

    So let me get this right. People who break the rules, get pulled up on it by people doing their jobs, then abuse those people – this makes those people and the police racist?

    Scary that people can believe that, but common decency like sense isn’t common.

    As far as I can see anyone with any decent upbringing will know how to behave when out and about. I’m not saying don’t try and bend the rules, but if someone pulls you up on it do the right thing. Getting mouthy, loud and abusive is not the right thing.

    You can protect Snoop all you want he shouldn’t have been involved and he should have kept his “dogs” under control.

  • Tiji

    Word Willow, Snoop should invest in a privat jet… shit, y’all know he good for it too haha!

  • shayo


  • http://Hotmail YA-BOI-FRESH



  • Snoop-sucks

    Snoop’s a fucking dumbass.

  • http://I Real Nigga

    Snoop don’t give a Fuck…And We don’t either. Dat nigga rich BITCH!!!

  • skinny mike

    so what’s the problem with wayne cuz it was bitches not pig’s ya’ll sum punk ass bitches so is british airway’s suck a dick

  • jus


  • momma

    stupid west coast usa spearchucker