Proof from D-12 Shot and Killed in Detroit

Proof.jpgAccording to the Detroit Free Press, Detroit rapper Proof of the Shady Records group D-12 was shot and killed this morning in an after-hours club on the city’s Eight Mile road. The 32-year-old MC was pronounced dead on arrival at Conner Creek Medical Center in Detroit. An unidentified 35-year-old man was also shot in the incident and remains in critical condition at Detroit’s St. John’s Hospital. Police are still searching for the gunman.

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  • DCMadeMan

    damn he was the best one in the group. Shit is crazy

  • B-boy

    Man if this stupid beef stuff then it has gone out of control fo real

  • jojochicago

    This is real fucked up! somebody tried to get Obie, now this! it ain’t good in the hood!

  • DoLo

    Man…I knew that ish between D-12 and royce might boil over, they was all talkin real greasy, may Proof rest in peace, and if the 2nd person shot is Bizarre, May he have a speedy recovery…

  • french ni**a

    holy shit!!!!!!!!!!first, obie trice (fortunately, he’s still alive), then proof…, i guess somebody must be hatin’ on Em or his whole clique.this is a sad piece of news, damn!!!RIP

  • aceboogie

    this shit totally messed i still can’t belive it!!!


    bizarre wasnt the other man shot- just read on all hip hop.

  • P. Esco

    It had nuthin to 2 with Royce, they squashed it a while ago.
    This is crazy.. 4 real
    When will this madness stop sick peepz

  • dust

    aaa man thats fucked up

    R.i.p Proof

    will miss ya


    now thats shady,thats ish is stupid as hell rip big proof

  • Rhyme Spitter

    Man, log on to xxl just check up on the latest about the best rapper alive EMINEM, and what i find out? His best friend just died over some stupid shit! Thats fucked up, sorry for cursing but it is just too much for me man. Another skilfull, real, dope, black just died by the gun! My prayers go out to his family and friends. D-12 FOR LIFE. RIP!!!! Cydd


    bizarre wasnt the other man shot- just read on all hip hop. Rest in peace Proof.

  • Crooked – i

    To a better place you go, Proof you will be missed by the UK, R.I.P ma motherfucker!

  • DC Kid

    This shit aint right. Beef don’t solve nothing, RIP Proof.

  • Cydd Alcides

    I wonder what are going to be the effects on Eminem’s music after the tragic death of PROOF! I wonder whats going thru his head now! And he kind of predicted it in the Toy soldiers video. The divorce, now this… I’m worried about The King!!! LETS KEEP IT ON WAX. HIP- HOP just lost another one over nothing! Lets think people!!!

  • http://Yahoo Cro$$ 19 Boy

    damn shit gettin crazy tha nigga was nice whoever did that shit must be an Fuck Ass Nigga. How would you feel if that was your best friend?Coward!

  • YO!!

    They say Benzino might be involved in that situation…

  • Therapist

    what the fuck….

    rest in peace man

  • Woody

    R.I.P Big PROOF – one of the best to come out of detroit ever. album was quality!

  • Marijan

    Damn, Proof dead, wow, you will be missed in Macedonia (europa), too bad the search for Jerry Garsia had to end so soon, its scary first the Toy Soldier video than the last track on his album (Kurt Kobain) begins with the words “This is my last letter right here, fuck this world im out of here”, shit, i (the verse)”I wish i could take you back but its too late”

  • Sha’Dist

    R.I.P. PROOF

    damn I can’t believe it :’(:’(:’( a great Mc :’(:’(:’( I heard that Benzino could be involved in that murder

  • Lefty 2Gunz

    Damn man this sh!t is f#%cked up!
    R.I.P. to Proof and best wishes to his family, I know they going through it right now.
    Also to all the peeps at Shady/Aftermath that were close to him (especially Em) hold ya head fam.
    Naughty by Nature said it best ….. “Everythings gonna be alright”

    I encourage all to say a prayer for his family and for your own families cause sh!t like this is too tragic and can happen to anyone!

    One, and much love to all coast!



  • vinnie

    R.I.P PROOF My thoughts and prayers go out 2 his freinds and family D12 4 LIFE!!!!

  • Snuff

    R.I.P. Proof. i still can’t believe it. this is a reality check

  • http://xxlmag SouthBoundBaby

    What the hells wrong with men killin folks over dumb sh##? Wish he wasnt here in the D with all these haters. They aint even playin his sh## on the radio… RIP YOUNG, DOPE PROOF.

  • anita

    r.i.p proof!!!

  • h. from holland

    my thoughts go out to all his friends and family, and the whole shady camp!!! r.i.p. runyonave soldier, d- twizzy for life!!!!!

  • Customize

    Its A Sad Day For Rap Music, WE Just Lost A True Emcee, We Love You Big Proof,

  • 918

    I honestly believe this shit stemmed
    from tha ongoing pistol play feud by
    The 2 Rival Cheddar Boyz Clicks in tha
    D they killin each other over this shit I know blade icewood got lit up
    & lost the use of his legs then got
    shot & killed later on & like 3 other
    cats been killed over tha shit!!!!

    This is what heppens when niggas get
    that dope money this aint a rap feud this is a drug war & Proof just got
    caught in tha middle just my oppinion!


  • bullion cube


  • D-no from th ky8

    Man i jus’ gotta say…that shit is unreal. I’m from the uk n i only came on the site to hear that tight Ye track again and i see that shit! Proof was probably the best of the whole D crew (excluding Em). This is where (as D12 would say) “the music stops”. Shit’s tragic! R.I.P Proof

  • Semih Dabak


    I’ll Be Missing You

    I’ll Never Forget You

    If i could, turn back the hands of time, God should….

  • jon longway

    fuckin a man that was my dog! eminems stage man fuckin a fuckin a!

  • Clova G

    R.I.P. Proof

    Damn Dis Shit Suxz

  • Cabofinest

    R.I.P. from The Netherlands

  • jon longway

    im so sad man! real sad. in the toy soldiers video he was the one shot! first obie fuck dog whose next! they lost bugz now proof!

  • jon longway

    rip proof you my dog! em keep your head up man and stay safe we cant lose another legend! d12 my prayers go out to you guys. as for whoever killed my boy a mc a lyricist you can go to hell u fuckin faggot! stop killing our hip hop family!

  • M.A.X.I.M.U.S.

    Another YOUNG BLACK MALE. Proof being murdered sent shockwaves through me I havent felt since PAC passed, anyway my prayers are with his family & friends. GOD BLESS us all. You just never know when “Deaths around the corner.” When will my people learn….NEVER….Whose next on the list?

  • M.A.X.I.M.U.S.

    Nuthins gonna change, Niggaz is still gona get off on that gangsta shit, young kidz are still gonna emulate mark ass niggas like G-Unit, & all the real niggaz like myself will be left alone to make things right. Its all good though, cause I’ll take all the bullets in the world to make things right. Would you????

  • mc hzd

    R.I.P Proof.

    shocked 2 hear. another m.c shot down

  • Inspired One

    R.I.P. Big Proof. Your shit was always inspirin’ 2 me. Don’t worry, real heads will hold down ya family and real heads are gonna find who did this and make em pay for fuckin’ with Runyon Ave’s finest.

    Rest ya head dawg.

    R.I.P. Proof

  • Inspired One

    R.I.P. Big Proof. Your shit was always inspirin’ 2 me. Don’t worry, real heads will hold down ya family. They won’t get away with fuckin’ with Runyon Ave’s finest.

    Rest ya head dawg.

    R.I.P. Proof

  • Klass Clown

    oh fuck.who could hav predicted. out of evry1 in the game-Proof?it aint right. may he rest in peace.

  • jubril

    hi am one of the d12 fans am realy sorry for the family. r.i.p love you.i will like the d12 to do a music for him.

  • art oro

    It’s real sad I can’t believe it. Proof Rest In Peace Homie. All I know What goes around comes around.You are now forever a part of hip hop history, you will always be remembered.

  • Shaunie

    When will this shit ever stop?!?!?

  • DynamicD

    Damn yall this shit ain’t right!!! you know its just gonna escalate now right???

  • dito

    this shit is sad

    may BIG PROOF rest in peace!!

  • DJ Mad Wax

    wack. its official hip hop sucks in 2006. I want a mandate requiring all mcs to go back to rhyming about being the best MC and that sucker mcs suck…

    this just really ruined my day :/

  • k.ola from WCGuerillaz

    first thing first RIP proof

    second how you gone come on here and diss the unit you a bitch for that you probaly hated on proof when my band came out. shit the best song on proof cd was forgive me featuring 50 cent.

    stop hatin in 06 RIP Proof.

  • D. Shine

    How does this happen? He just started his solo career and let out a great CD? He was on the road to glory and then he gets shot? RIP big proof. you got my luv

  • 918

    Yea I feel this won’t stop now it’s
    gone get worse cuzz no matter how you
    feel if that was ya best friend or loved 1 you’d be ready for war, if
    somebody killed my best patna or my
    brother I would be drivin round with
    a bottle a yac & 2 pistols it may seem
    wrong to some a yall but it’s 100% true god bless tha dead & may retrib-
    ution come quick & painfully to those
    bitchmade perpetraters who took this
    mans life FUCK THA POLICE!!!!

    If D-12 don’t do a song & video to
    memorialize proof they worng as hell
    Id have that shit out next week if I
    was them….1

  • mark snowdon

    r.i.p proof this is another major tragedy in hip-hop. my thoughts and prayers are wiv proofs family and friends particually d12 and em. cant beleive this s**t! its time to put the guns down!!

  • http://R.I.P dutch fan

    R.I.P. Proof!

    Love ya!

  • Killa-Kali Nut

    R.I.P. PROOF!!!

    Dawg this shit is ridiculous!!! I just saw my homies brains on tha curb last week, now when I’m just starting to deal with that I hear about another brother gettin took from us too damn soon!!! This shit has to stop!! Aint you mufuckaz tired of seein these cats mommas cryin asking god why? It really pisses me off because if the niggaz that did this was real they woulda took it in the street and either whooped his ass or got their asses whooped, and everybody would still be alive to see our shorties grow up. But we all know when mufuckaz kill another man over some bullshit it’s probably because he can’t fight to save his life. Why can’t we just put away these fuckin gunz? You aint hard because you can pull a trigger!!! My fuckin 4 year old know how to bust!! And he don’t even wanna be hard!!! Whoever did this shit you a faggot Blood!!! I hope Goerge W. draft yo ass and send you to Tikrit!! These mufuckaz want us dead anyway and we killin eachother over some fuckin musik?!?!?! My thoughts and prayers are with your soul and family Proof.

    R.I.P. PROOF!!!

  • Jay

    No words for it…

    Just, RIP.

  • Bash Bizzle

    Publicity stunt!!! This will definitely help his record sales!!!

  • ZSB

    This is terrible news – and they were about to go into the studio to do their long awaited third album – this is stupid shit.

    Only the good die young.

  • adam

    r.i.p proof
    whoeva sed dis is a publicity stunt is one sick motherfuker bless derety harry big proof my prayers go out 2 ur family and ur d12 family you up there with bugz now man

  • Jae Capz 97

    benzino is too shook to have anything to do with Proof’s murder… it’s just a sad day when one day you watch a video of him get shot, a year later he actually does…lyrically, d12 and shady records kills beefs so horribly that the losing squad has to kill sum1 to get respect back…jus cause ya killed sum1 doesnt make you a good rapper… Proof, my fav d12 member, R.I.P. your music will live on with my baby …ez

  • mvance

    it’s time for us as people to wake up rap is getting a bad name Proof will be missed by everyone who knew him people who embrace his music this dude wasn’t no made dude he wasn’t yelling out crips or blood but just because he was a hood dude he gets clapped stop playing he was a rapper bottom line and whatever happen wasn’t call for u took a dudes life for nothing i don’t care what he said to u no words in this world could make a smart dude go kill someone i know we live by the streets and right now that bullshit half these cats out here are pussy

  • mvance

    i’m not done these cats are pussy hide behind that gun or around 12 niggs there no real nigg out here cause when u lock in that boxes no gun your nigg nowhere to be found u turn real bitch u not a man your fake a phony a fag anyone can be a drug dealer the most soft nig can pull a trigger pushing white and letting off shots don’t make u a man and stop blaming the white man or where u live i come from shit and nah i’m not a rich nig but i pulled myself out of the bullshit to make a better life for myself and stop with the bullshit about not working a 9to5 because u don’t want to work for the white man shit what do u think your doing now pushing those drugs u not no cartel nig u small time

  • Nick

    RIP Proof!
    Cant belive you gone, you will always be remembered!

    Big up the D12 Fam, hold ya heads up, Thoughts go to his family and friends.


  • mvance

    a nig that can be replace whenever the gov see fit so don’t give me that shit not everyone can be a rapper so find somthing u are good at and bust your ass to get it don’t get mad at other race because they made there way in this place be mad at yourself sometimes being black is a curse we fight for the wrong things wake the fuck up people i’m not saying be a square because certain thing in the street is just law but fuck be smarter he death was fucked up and plan wrong over some stupid shit

  • sundancekid609

    Man this shit is crazy..still can’t belive it.. damm! My thoughts and prayers go out to the D-12 family and all of Proofs Family and friends.R.I.P

  • 918

    You gets tosed up nawimsayin fuck
    silence how bout a moment of violence
    I don’t care how it sound tha cat that
    did this don’t deserve to live another
    day & yall no damn well tha cops won’t
    find tha killer it’s up to tha streets
    to find em & handle that just like tha
    row did with that crip who did pac in
    some yall may think thats foolish but
    to me it’s tha only thang that makes
    sence & to folks sayin benzino had
    somthin to do with this is just spec-
    ulatin I don’t think Zno has tha nuts
    to do this he aint heavy like that I
    just think proof was hated & when tha
    chance came for a heartless nigga to
    earn his stripes he saw proof!!!!

  • http://xxl Emoney

    it’s definitely unfortunate, as I was just reading I was like damn, I did like him the most out of the group, R.I.P Proof, send my condolences to anyone affiliated with him and close, my god watch over him……………

  • Geoff

    Mann i kno first obie,now proof! hopefully it dont git further! hip hop lost a great man today!! but ya this had nuthin to do wit royce that got squashed!! they did tha girls with the boom remix too!!


  • Killa-Kali Nut

    Why the fuck is we the only ones out here killin eachother like this? We already aint got shit as it is and we just takin eachother’s lives like it’s nothin. Imagine how fuckin retarted it would sound if you woke up and heard Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin got in a shoot out and Ricky Martin is dead because of a song Ricky Martin made about “Living la vida loca” and Enrique said he aint livin la vida loca, so they started funkin and ended up dead. Man this shit is wack!!!

  • Dubs Up

    Proof’s blood cousin is infamous MC
    Trick Trick ya know who Trick Trick
    is if ya from tha street so im sure
    this shit will be handled R.I.P.
    Big Proof now you can kick it with
    Jerry Garcia & Kirk Cobain my nigga!!

    Grabs tha remy & pours out for a lost
    soul that has now been found!!!

  • Tanetoa

    Fo real’

    Shits crazy son, time to put away dem guns and take care of our sons!!!!

    R.I.P Proof, another soul caught up in this bullshit

  • Chi-Town

    In the words of Mac Dre.

    Its not often young niggas get a chance to enjoy riches in a legitimate fashion

    So many of us just say fuck it, get a bucket, run up on somethin and keep smashin

    Its all about survival but jealous rivals make it hard for us to do this

    So everybody got a gun, but when we was younger our only weapons was our 2 fists

    Now who missed the first lesson in life?, dont be no punk, if you a man have a heat and be a savage when your sober or drunk

    I seen n****s im the pen gettin they ass dug out for some hop or a pack of camels

    But thats the game homeboy and every move you make is a gamble

    Them squares dont understand so it takes n****s like me to explain

    I show vengance, violence, and hatred cause underneathe its so much pain

    I aint no sissy or punk so dont trip when you see me cryin

    A n***a just hella mad that his partnas are dead and his folks just keep on dyin

    My enemies feel the same way, they want me dead like im the n***a

    That put they partner 6feet under and left they son with no father figure

    I live day by day not giving a fuck and when they ask me why

    I pause for a minute, then I reply, cause life’s a bitch and then you die.

    (Andre “Mac Dre” Hicks – RIP)

    R.I.P. Proof

  • brown shuga

    RIP big proof

    id never fuckin believe that “toy soldiers” video would become reality..
    damn hiphop just lost another representative, shit i guess this the only way people will start REALLY listening to your music

    much love

  • farai

    man, who wudda known. R.I.P Big Proof

  • slavezero

    So this is what we’ve come to, huh…We as a people have overcome so many obstacles you can’t count ‘em, just to kill each other over meaningless crap. You know? We ain’t no different from any other race. We do the same stupid shit every other race does. It’s a damn shame. We read about it in the papers, it ain’t nothing new, but DAMN. WHEN the FUCK we gonna WAKE the FUCK UP? Why we keep DOING this shit? Stupid motherfuckers. Here’s a thought: STOP SHOOTING. Put the damn gun down, calm the fuck down, take control of your self, and walk the fuck away. Try that shit. It works. People live that way. They deserve to, just like you deserve to. You kill somebody, you rob they momma, they kids, you rob everybody who loves them and has a right to have them around. You do it cause you got BEEF? Fuck you. Fuck your beef. Grow the fuck up, you fuckin “think you a big man cause you got a gun” pussy. Be a real man. Swallow your beef. Walk away. LIVE. That’s all I got to say, cause y’all motherfuckers is wrong as hell.

  • Count

    Shit is fucked up here in the D. Proof was the Mayor of Detroit and helped put us and Em on the map. We’ll always miss you my nigga … bangin’ that real shit you spit fa ever. Death to all haters cause that’s what this shit’s about.

  • POE hoodlum

    its so crazy in the hood. THis year we lost so many and there will be many more leaving us this year. Everyone getting shot or just dropping dead. God is coming back and we need to wake up and repent while we can. Tommorow is not promised to no man. R.I.P Proof

  • Chris

    i just cant believe this, d12 were some of my fav rappers and it just wont be tha same without proof. killing whoever shot him wont bring him back so we just gotta remember that he came up from NOTHING and became SOMETHING so im glad that he accomplished somthing that gave him purpose and probably some happiness too, he will live on through the rest of d12 and everyone that has ever enjoyed lisnin to them spit.


  • Abchao

    Every time shit like this happens it’s a reality check. You can be here today gone tommorrow. Be Safe Stay up and live in peace to everyone yo Keep ya headz up.

    My nigga Big Proof

    May you rest in Heaven big homie

  • Mags

    Dats fucked up. I liked Proof. He was pretty dope. Damn. Shouts out ta da whole Shady camp. I hope they kool and get thru dat. and i wouldnt worry bout dat gunman, whut goes around comes around, he gonna get his.

  • beantown

    big proof rip , shady 4 life and you know detroit got ur back, at least the real dudes, cause the dudes who shot ya are straight pussy, newsflash, 50 and game should learn from this, shit aint no joke, heres a dude who was actually in his hood and look what happened, so stop talkin reckless, fuck benzino,im from boston punk, u aint no legend, em is,

  • Masterplan

    kay, i’m just finding this out right now, i go to and the first thing i see is proof got shot. Thats fucked up. I never got around to buying any of his solo cds but fuck man. i’m stunned. I mean thats the second person that dies from their group, first bugz now proof, shit. maybe it isn’t true.

  • beantown

    whoeva said royce was caught up in this needs to watch beef 2, they squashed it, this will bring em and royce back together and d12 needs to keep their head up, this world is a never ending war, and these fallen soldiers have the highest rank, Once again, RIP TO MY MAN BIG PROOF,DUDE WAS NO JOKE ON THE MIC, ASK GOTTI AND JA FOOL,

  • 918

    Don’t talk like we as a people fuck
    that it was one worthless nigga that
    did this it wasn’t black people who
    murced homie it was 1 man yall act
    like all black people is ignant & that
    tha black race murdered proof naw man
    ya got it all twisted up 1 hater did
    this to this man it wasn’t hip-hop or
    black people it was 1 heartless ignant
    nigga that took this man’s life yall
    talkin bout when will tha violence end
    it aint never gone end as long as it’s
    a liquor store & ammo dump on erry co-
    orner niggas still gone die erry day
    it won’t never end yall act like this
    only happens in rap it happens erry
    day & it will never stop tha fact is
    tha nigga that killed proof deserves
    tha same fate to die in tha street!!!!

    Violence perpetuates violence is it
    wrong not at all you take a mans life
    in cold blood you deserve to die tha
    same fuckin way only thang a pistol is
    good for is for protection/murder &
    chances are it was murder!!!

  • steve-o

    R.I.P. Proof

  • Alva Damien

    “Good Die Young”
    I’ma Miss You…Rest In Peace

    ~Alva Damien

  • beantown


  • beantown


  • jon longway

    still in shock!!!!

  • 03killbill


  • rizzle capone

    R_I_P Pr00f TeXaS got love 4 ya……..damm

  • young vic

    know what? when u get dat “hollywood” money, u caint still kick it in the hood like dat. some niggaz be hatin like dat. rip proof

  • Shad

    R.I.P. Proof. My sincerest condolences go out to his family, friends, and everyone at the Shady Records and Iron Fist camps. As an aspiring emcee from MI, he is no doubt an influence. He will truly be missed, Proof is “The Detroit Mayor of Hip-Hop” and his contributions will never be forgotten. Please stop the violence!


    RIP Proof. U didnt belong in this bullshit world we live in today. U were made for much better.U will not be forgotten. God bless the dead…

  • Warrya

    R.I.P PROOF.

  • Da_BOSS


  • detroit thug

    thats sad as hell.r.i.p.proof r.i.p. bugz r.i.p. blade icewood tuff tuff sucks dick the D is gonna miss you homie.proof can freestyle i heard that song on the radio 102.7fm freestyle that was dope R.I.P. 4 life Proof


    Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep; I Am Not There; I Do Not Sleep. I Am A Thousand Winds That Blow; I Am The Diamond Glints On Snow. I Am The Sunlight On Ripened Grain. I Am The Gentle Autumn’s Rain. I Am The Wind Beneath The Wings Of Birds In Flight. I Am The Soft Stars That Shine At Night. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Cry. I Am Not There! I Did Not Die!!
    Proof A.k.A. Kurt Cobain

    From Chi-Town To D-Town
    Midwest Slangger’s

  • The Geek Himself

    I liked proof…god bless him, his fam…and everyone else


  • Creepflow

    Ya know I’m a Midwest juggalo,that represents Psychopathic records.Just recently,Proof,was feelin tha hatchet and proceded to squash beef with Twiztid,and ICP.I guess Twiztid just recently layed a track with Proof,and is supposed to be on tha new Twiztid album coming late this year.Over at,you can peep Monoxide’s comment on how Psychopathic and Proof with his manager,negotiated future plans with Twiztid just hours before tha murder.So I suggest all Juggalos in tha world pour out a lil somethin and R.I.P Big Proof.Peace.

  • killer loop

    proof thanks for the music man you will be missed just like all the greats D12 much love from the uk

  • listenin

    this is fucked up cuz that was some real talent. ironic thinking of that video with d12, i think it was ‘how come’ where proof was in the hospital-man that’s messed up. peace and love ppl!

  • listenin

    ‘toy soldiers’ that was the video

  • E-man (South c)

    KUMA NINA…Men this shit aint real Men Proof….Oh Damn This aint Fair…, May the Man Above Rest ye soul in Peace.Miss you man. Stay strong in dis harsh time D12 im with you on this one.ONE.

  • stoptheviolence

    R.I.P Proof, he wasnt 1 of my fav rappers, but there is no need for this bullshit, Stop this beef shit, hu cares if u sell less records 2 da crackers. PAC and BIG 2 greatest MCs of all time, now this shit.
    -Stop the violence, PLEASE!

  • stoptheviolence

    hey i’m not black, im tongan, why are the minorities suffering, we need 2 take a stand, unified

  • al

    stop the violence …….

  • Loyll

    That shits fucked up.
    Em’s goin te start some real underground shit for this.
    First bugz then obie now this
    R.I.P Proof

  • JShizzle

    Man that shit sucks ass. Proof was da best member o D12 n I was lookin 4ward to another album from him.

    We all gonna miss u in the N.I. but at least Bugz got company now man.


  • Young Bro

    R.I.P. Brother, we’ll miss you very much. A true rapper is gone. No arrogance, a real street nigga, he was always laughing and making fun. After his fame he didn’t forget his friends from the hood, a lot of times he visited them without security. He loved them and supported the young struggling niggaz. He liked to freestyle whenever he was with his brothers. This is a shock for Detroit and the fans worldwide. My thoughts are with his family, longtime friend Eminem, Shady/Aftermath Records, Iron Fist Records, Runyon Ave Soldiers and to all his fans. Thank you Proof for all the love.

  • South

    man, i herd this shit while i was at work from a friend, i didn’t wanna beleve it but it’s true and it is fuckin’ shit, three quaters of my fav mc’s are dead, and for what??keeping it real!!it’s crazy. if the other guy who in critical, if he come around is he gunna shead light or keep em tight, with all this ‘be true to the streets, dun snitch’ shit?! Big Proof need justice cause he already got street respect to the 10th degree from his endz to mine over here in the UK. I hope they find who did it and they rot. Proof was one of the finest he stood out, he was dope and i dun care he helped make em. my thoughts go to his friends n fam & i’m keep pumping his music cause he lives on in that. R.I.P BIG PROOF missed but not forgotten, never. onelove

  • chris mac

    yer thanks 4 totally wrecking my day shed tears 4 u proof
    hope those cowards who murdered u rot in hell
    kick it with pac n biggie r.i.p big proof

  • http://xxl graph

    no 1 can take game from da young ‘g’ as pac said,niggaz is krazy n would kill u 4 ur skillz…shady family u got ma back i’m from south africa.god punish da killaz whose aim is jealousy last tyme it was obie who got shot but survived now shit is gettin’ reel detroit niggaz watch out 4 dat monster..they say ‘da good die young” but i hope heaven is shinin’ with reel niggaz in muzik r.i.p proof hope 2 c u soon koz nobody is promised tomorrow.i’m so sad

  • Anton aka Ranga 22

    Man, this is some bullshit for real.

    To da fuck ass nigga who did the shooting, don’t let a mufucka discribe you and I see you in Miami, fuck boy.

    Em, please don’t let this stop you from making another classic. D12, please finish ya’ll next album and make a song for ya boy in da next month, I’m begging you. Why ya’ll do this to him, man? Proof, rest in peace, my nigga, you home now.

    As for that coward, you gon get yours. God just turned his back on you, nigga and tha’s the green light for a nigga to pop yo bitch ass.

    R.I.P. Big Proof. You will be missed.
    Searching for Jerry Garcia – XXL, baby…

  • Swisha Kay

    They say the good die young. Shit, I guess that’s true.
    RIP & much love to his family & friends.
    D12 for life

  • Keygreazy

    R.I.P Proof – Gone but never Forgotten my nigga, peace and blessings to all who supported you. One.


    aaaa someone has to stop this shit!
    why proof? he was the best of them six

    R.I.P Big Proof

  • jojochicago

    Listen here all YOU non knowing the streets and only what you read! Who said this was beef? alot of things happen in the hood from day to day that don’t have anything to do with some fake ass rap beef. get and listen to the facts as they come out and not what the fuck you think. to KNOW is power, to ASSume makes you exactly what the word says. May GOD bless this man’s soul and his family and close friends. AMEN

  • Native

    RIP Proof U were Da Best Of D12. Hope Em Will Do A Single For U In Memory. Native Motherfuckers

  • wizzo

    proof you are with best mc in the world now thats the g.o.d. my you rest in peace and im praying for your fam, grow up hip hop it a must. proof was a true free style legend, (wizzo). p.s. em you know what to do.

  • damacman

    still mixed with shock anger n sadness why big proof
    yo killer u gone get yours boy we D12 fans gone hunt u down personally
    the search 4 jerry garcia comes 2 a sad n early end proof aka dirty harry shine n watch over the rest of the shady family r.i.p proof may god bless u hip hop soldier say hi 2 bugz 2 pac and biggie
    u safe now proof
    never forget u from all the peeps in united kingdom
    D12 for life

  • Rhyno

    An altercation inside a Detroit nightclub led to the death of D-12 rapper Proof after an argument allegedly turned into a gunfight, leaving a bouncer wounded, according to sources.

    A source that requested anonymity told that Proof was in the club after-hours when a heated verbal argument between Proof and a bouncer allegedly broke out and escalated.

    Proof was shot and killed around 4:30 am on April 11 and the bouncer was seriously wounded, both with gunshots to the head.

    “Proof knocked dude down and stood over him with gun in hand,” a source close to Proof told “Proof shot first. The bouncer on the ground didn’t shoot Proof another bouncer did. Proof was shot 4 times. Twice in the head and twice in the chest/stomach area.”

    Police have identified the second man as 35-year-old Keith Bender.

    Bender is alive, but is still in critical condition.

    “Dude [Bender] is on life support and not expected to live at all,” the source continued.

    Investigators are still trying to piece together details of the shooting but have stated they believe two guns were used in the shooting.

    According to sources, Proof was licensed to carry his weapon.

    Officers have frequently been called to the club, taking 18 incident reports since 1996.

    The club was raided in December of 2005 for selling alcohol to minors and Proof’s murder was the third time a shooting had occurred at or near the club.

    “All this s**t is senseless and real f**ed up. Proof was a longtime friend who wouldn’t stay the f**k out the hood. To many jealous people in the hood mad cause you made it.

    “8 Mile [road] near Hayes on Detroit’s Eastside at 4 am in the morning? That Triple C spot always has drama up there. Why was he there?” the source continued.

    The police questioned one witness in the case and seek to speak to others to find suspects.

    The club did not have a video surveillance system police, officers revealed.

    Proof served as Eminem’s best man in the rapper’s short-lived wedding to Kim Mathers.

    The rapper, whose real name is Deshaun Holtoon, leaves behind five children.

  • lugowsky

    This shit is bogus; why y’all? couldn’t this be settled another way?

    God bless this man’s soul, his family, and his friends

    God bless this crazy ass world



  • riggi

    fukin hell, this is gonna turn into a 2pac biggie situation. R.I.P Proof from the u.k

  • h. from holland

    i heart somewhere that it was a bouncer who shot him.
    wonder whats gonna happen to d 12 now, i dont think proof would have wanted to end d-12 after he`s gone, guys keep your heads up, and much succes through this rough time. dont know where hiphop is going right know. but d12 needs to stay in the game to keep it right, d- twizzy for life, runyon ave soldiers!!!!!

  • Monte

    Damn one of the best!!!

    R.I.P Proof

    One of the best lyricists is gone now! I hope ur in a happy place. It’s too sad it had to end this way. God I’m shook…

  • Hitman_Esco

    You will be remembered forever as one of Detroit’s and 8 Mile’s greatest MC.
    Lot’s of luv from ur boys from CMR.
    We’ll miss u!!

  • Monte

    Man FUCK Bash Bizzle this aint a FUKIN publicity stunt u mark ass bitch! Thi shit is serious one of raps elite was killed. All I can say is that he’ll always live foever in all of us tru hearts…

    R.I.P Proof

    ….I’ll always remeber u.

  • Hitman_Esco

    You will be remembered forever as one of Detroit’s and 8 Mile’s greatest MC.
    Lot’s of luv from ur boys from CMR.
    We’ll miss u!!

  • bluerid

    i will always remember you.r.i.p


    this had nothing 2 do with beef. this was an isolated incident. they was in the night club (illegally) and proof started some shit and the dude fired him up. dude just got back from Iraq so he probably didn’t care. niggas aint got nine lives like they think!!!

  • vuyo11cc

    People!life of a black man is detemined by the next bullet, fuck this shit a man cant work his way to the top to be killed by a some 2 bit cock sucking muthafucker, try warriors never use guns



  • Talent da profit

    Yo first and fore most god bless the dead(Proof). Yo for the peeps who aint from Detroit…it is all out war in this muthafucka…royce aint got shit to do with this one fam…..Its Just Hopeless here…..katrina aint even hit our city and it’s totally wiped out………Rest to all those who have died In The D…

  • 50 Cent

    He shot Bender first. It was probably one of Benders boys that got him. Why mourn this guy – he tried to take someone else’s life and the dude is still in hospital!!

  • Da Truestory

    my boi told me wat happened and i was like damn. datz all i could say waz damn.proof waz da illest nigga beside em comn out tha D, and naw he gone,ova wat some dumb shit,hiphop has took it 2 a new level but who jealouz of anothaz nigga fame still live by da gun and die by da gun datz bullshit, and da lost of proof jus anotha thing 2 make hiphop and black peepz look fucked up,,,datz exactly wat tha white man smiln bout right naw, itz a shame proof had 2 go so soon,,got his cd and da shit ill as hell,my prayers go out 2 his fam and fiendz, d-12 and all othaz dat have fallen 2 da trigger,,R.I.P Deshaun Holton a.k.a BIG PROOF

  • Creepflow

    Yo,Proof was a real ‘G’,and a real killa.He blasted first,but hopefully out of some self-defense shit,fo real.Regardless,Proof was dope,and so was his music and music interests.R.I.P.Peace.

  • XxLocaxX

    yo i cant believe dis..he was THE best frm the group..damn hope dis is a dream but..cant live in a lie fo too long naw huh..damn..we luv u man..yesterday,today,tomorrow,and always, as the days pass on by..we’ll be missin u min by min..R.I.P!

  • XxLocaxX

    they say the power,the anger and the truu emotions of a person cumz out frm the words tht were spoken frm the man, and THE man was proof,..his every word every breath he took was sth. tht we can neva replace but we, de fans of urs..juz wanna say r.i.p.,we luv u always n forever..much luv n’ respect..-Priya


    Will it ever stop?….I don’t think so! It’s a dammmmmn shame! Proof will truly be missed! (R.I.P.)

  • asim

    Rest in peace Proof, but his death had nothing to do with Hip Hop or Ja Rule etc, it was because of a fight in that club

  • inktownstrapper

    that shit is crazy. they need to get back wit that shit.


    MY fault on the details, one of my homies told me dude had just gotten back from the war. but now i’m hearing too much info. in the near future, i will rely on my own info. but my question is why this cat strapped in the first place? in a illegal club? should he had been makin music or something?

  • nonyabiniz

    rest in peace homie. I still get shocked each time I think about your death. Fuck this shit. As much as I want to the guns put down, I want to see a hole in this murderers head. It may be wrong, but this son of a bitch don’t deserve the air we breathe.

    Proof was on the way to something huge. He dropped a great solo album, and he was definitely still evolving. It’s a fucking shame no more people got to recognize his skill. I’m afraid too many will know him as the D12 guy, and not the great MC who made it on his own too. FUCK THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KING

    What the fuck man? Fuckin blow to hip hop culture. On some real buy his album, it’s tha shit

  • Farrell

    R.I.P. Proof

  • d12 fan 2006


  • Piatruss

    I’m really sorry for this loss. Proof was a great MC and I already said that a long time ago. Em is definitely the greatest rapper alive, but, this week, we lost the truly King of Detroit, in my opinion, Proof was a rapper but also a great freestyler, a really funny guy and that’s shitty that he gotta die like that. The violence in hip hop is a shame for us and I wonder that the US justice would sentence the killer(s). And I agree with Em when i said we should remember the way he lived and not the way he died. I present my sincere condolences to his family, his friends, and all the people who knows Proof.

  • bluerid

    guns down please!!!!!!!!!

  • abdulnasir

    rest in peace fam

  • Achi

    Hip Hop is expression.Lyrics are the bullets and Hip-Hop is the gun. Fight through music.Stop the Violence! Peace!

  • SoulC

    R.I.P. Proof.

  • Achi

    Hip Hop is beyond gunshots. Stop The Violence!

  • Paige

    yall know that D12 aint gonna be the same without matter what songs they come out with….RIP

  • mr oso

    rip proof

  • BIG D from harlem

    man da shit is fucked up man now em has to put out anouther real album to rap about dis shit…so in a way its good but i loved proof best rapper in d-12 next to eminem man RIP proof

  • KKK


    GGGGG UNOT !!!


  • Mike Jones

    Yo this is mike jones Proof i dind’t know him that well buth he got a clear vision of the community in hip hop that wuz my n%%%%% may he rest in peace mike jones holla at ya boy baby R.I.P.

  • http://google nk

    i loved him and died so young god kill the killer og proof

  • playa j

    its crazy pain goes through your body for someone you dont know personly lyricaly everone knew him. it was an unfortanate thing that happened let the lord take care of proof we’ll miss you r i p

  • Snowman

    Daamm!! another soldier lost to the streets! luv goes out to his fam and all his peeps! RIP Proof! Much love 2 D12! One Love! RIP PROOF!!

  • shawty

    Man thats fucked up, another MC dead for nothing. When is this hsit gonna stop! R.I.P. PROOF! Well miss u.

  • http://D12,COM PEACE PROOF


  • cuziam

    yeah, Vila i frid Proof, och fuck dem som trakkar ner på Hip Hop, LEVE HIP HOP !!

  • Big Tony (da Swamp Gator)

    another BLACK MAN victim of what “u all glorify (A GUN)” MY HEART goes out to his family,friends&fans. Alot of people ask when will it stop it will never stop because stupid muthafuckers want to be known as pistol packin shit talkin GANGSTAS, when in reality ya’ll nothing but pussyass KKKmembers who are helpin destroy what so many people devoted their lives to help build. A GUN WAS MADE FOR THE PROTECTION OF “YOUR HOME&FAMILY” BUT like I say u KLANmembers use it them to take US OUT!!!!!(U WIN SOME,U LOSE SOME BUT U LIVE,U LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From a MAD BLACK MAN with HANDS!!!!! BATONROUGESWAMPTHANG

  • jboogi

    thats two members of d-12 dead… mutha fukas!

  • http://xxl lanell

    god bye proof we wil all miss you !! god is with you now no more trubble no more pain no more hate just peace!! good bye you will be missed!!~love ~lanell~!

  • The Hooliganz: Skripture, Dallas Texas

    Man another good rapper going down the drain. SHyt he was the best of the group. peeps be giving hip hop a bad name. we need to stop all this violence. RIP homeboy we all know yo are in heavan right now spitting ur heart out…

  • The Hooliganz: Skripture, Dallas Texas

    at least we know one thing… EM’s is going to put the best album out yet. I dont know proof only what i have seen at his concerts and what not but EM is the only one that can make us understand through his lyrics. so it should be a good one. and again RIP PROOF

  • james

    who ever shot proof is a punk ass pussy bitch!!!

  • Joseph Soto

    Its still fucked up that Proof is gone but he is in a better place with all the hip hop legends and i know he didnt wanna go out like that…R.I.P. Proof and you will be missed..You were my favorite member of D12 homie.. You with the great spirit now and you will be proteceted and i’ll miss you Proof.. R.I.P.

  • Dirty Dozen

    I’LL Miss U ProoF :(

    Shit Is Funny Ain’t It
    Proof Was My Favourtite
    This Is A Tribute
    I’ve Been Listen 2 D12 For 6 Years Now
    So Show Em Some Respect And Bow
    JA Rule U Started Beef With Proof
    HAHAHA He Cut Ur Whole Roof
    So This Is From Red Ey3 FUCK U AND UR PEPS
    Don’t Show Me Some Empty Clips
    I Wish Proof Could Take Over
    He would Drive Over Em Like A Land Rover

    R.I.P. BIG ProoF AND BugZ I’ll Mss U!!!

  • zo 4 Show

    C what happens when you act hard all da time!

  • mike

    Man,why does somebody always have somethin slick to say about g-unit? Every hip-hop coulmn I read in the magazine,or on every music website I go to there’s alway’s somethin slick being quoted about 50 or the g-unit. Even in the mits of proofs death death,now ain’t the time to be hatin on 50. Now is the time to celebrate proofs life you fuckin idiots! Guess 50 is gonna be the next to go,cuz I see that he’s got so many haters already! I’ll bet half you jack asses have never even met 50! So keep your stupid quotes to yourselves! R I P Proof! Sad to hear about you leaving us so soon. Our prayers go out to your family dog Including D12,aftermath and G-unit cuz they was ya family too homie. One love!

  • mike

    I wish that KKK qeer was sittin right in front of me so that I could smack teeth from his mouth for qouting some shit like that to a Black mag website,about black artist! Get a fuckin life you lame! The reason I didn’t cry about the pope’s death is becouse I didn’t know the man. I don’t have the same religion as him so there for I didn’t pay much attention to him. And I believe alot of people can relate to this comment. R I P proof once again!



  • ashley

    Man i think its fucked up that proof died even though im putting this comment like after a month of that happend.But whoever did that i hope they get sentenced in prison for the rest of their lives,unless if it was a accident,cause it could of been an accident but on purpose,HELL NO.

  • ashley


  • ashley


  • ashley


  • Elmz

    this shit is ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked up shi why stupit shit like this all ways happen man ann i been trou that shit oh well
    P.S B’z up C’z down C’z up side down fuck Em crabs I don’t like sea food 5′s wahts poppin 6 whats droppin

  • Julian

    I just send respects to all who knew proof cause I was inspired by alot of his raps to start writing and freestyling umm….I’m not to sure what else to get down that some1 else didn’t do already but we can all remeber proof for what he did that’z all that matters


  • ILY

    God looked down on your body,
    So tired from hanging on,
    From a life that was overwhelming you,
    And wanted back His son.
    So he took away the air you breathe,
    And gave you what was best,
    A place to be at peace,
    A final place to rest.

    R.I.P …PROOF

  • openeyes

    this shit is ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked up shi why stupit shit like this all ways happen man ann i been trou that shit oh well
    P.S B’z up C’z down C’z up side down fuck Em crabs I don’t like sea food 5’s wahts poppin 6 whats droppin

    streets taught you how to be tough but didnt teach you how to read and write huh anyways wasted 5 mins of my life tryin to figure out what this dumb ass said.

    and to the man proof r.i.p dudes.

  • Lida Spike

    What the fuck is wrong with the World dudes first tupac now proof, is eminem gonna do anything about it? he afraid or what i would of shot all my fuckin enemies until I knew who it was.

  • Lida Spike

    Like Tupac Said Wars come and go but soldiers stay etern. R.I.P Proof…
    He isn´t dead yet

  • makaveli

    man u are a soldier and u stay etern in our hearts
    rest in peace proof
    one love

  • Corwin


    So you deleted my comment so I’ll say it again

    Mario hit his cousin by accident. I know Proof didnt shoot anyone from the beginning anyone who dont believe can shut they mouths, hwe had five children more success than some obody bouncer could EVER have so why would he do it? Plus I knew Proof enough to kno whe wasnt like that

  • Uncle Tom

    That’s to bad. One less rapper in the world. :)

  • Fuck Uncle Tom U Bitch

    My god rest your soul…

  • yo b

    r.i.p. werd up b

  • yo b

    uncle tom, ima bout 2 fuck ur bitch ass up go 2 hell u dickface

  • 50 Cent

    Yo Still Cant believe It Man! Rest In Peace Deshaun ” Proof ” Holton

  • Jamie

    RIP Big Proof

  • sincere

    New rule: Rap fans are no longer allowed to threaten to kill people over the Internet and then whine like bitches when some rapper gets shot in real life. Unless said rapper is really good, in which case it’s obviously a tragedy.

    RIP Chris Wallace a/k/a Notorious B.I.G. 1972-1997

    In case you haven’t heard, Eminem baggage handler and D-12 member Proof was “ethered” in real life yesterday – shot and killed outside the kind of night club that’s open till 4:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. Another guy, who people thought might have been Bizarre, was shot as well, but it turns out he was in Georgia at the time. Once again, the South saves the day. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Bizarre, and not Proof (RIP), was the most talented non-Eminem member of D-12.

    But as history has taught us, now is not the time to discuss whether or not an artist was actually talented. Unless you’re planning to claim said artist was the greatest of all time, which is somewhat understandable, even in cases when it’s not true. After all, a man has died here. Yesterday I mentioned on my own site that whoever it was that shot Proof (don’t expect 5-0 to actually find the guy) fucking sonned his ass. Then of course no shortage of d-bags emerged from the proverbial wood work to proffer that a man just got shot here, god damnit.

    Amusingly enough, a lot of these bags who are whining like bitches now that someone has been killed are the same assholes who have been going on for the past week or so about, “You don’t want to see so and so in the street, because he’ll fucking shoot your ass in the face; here in the South, or in the ghetto or wherever, we shoot niggers for talking shit about people.” Apparently, it never occurred to any of these walking abortions that there’s an actual connection between always going on about how someone’s going to shoot someone, and someone actually going out and shooting someone.

    Furthermore, I suppose I’m to assume there’s no connection at all between the black community at large and the hip-hop community in particular harboring violent criminals, and motherfuckers turning up shot every weekend as if this was Iraq or somewhere. Like the hip-hop police, I have no idea who shot Proof or why, but I can’t help but think that his killing is part and parcel of the kind of bullshit that’s celebrated on the Internet day in and day out by so many of you d-bags.

    Now that one of your chickens has come home to roost, spare me the fucking sad panda routine.

  • Hatchet

    This is pretty fucked up man. Down here in Australia Proof had a big following and will be missed. Why the fuck does an argument have to end with a gun fight…what ever happened to fist?.

    Well I can’t wait to see what his track is lke with Twiztid and he’ll always live on in the music. All you have to do is hit play.

    And to “sincere”, do be so sinical man, its easy to say that kind of stuff in hindsight

  • http://. Spurney

    e n e
    s a
    t c

  • Young Skillz

    This whole thing fucked up man.
    I rememba when we met, Proof u was so fucked up.

    Rest In Peace Big Proof,
    Gone but not forgotten.

  • Edos aka Ed

    RIP Proof, the one of biggest Mc`s diet… very sad… =( Proof was been the best.

  • Kid Blud

    thats detroit for you

  • freshout

    damn i just got out of jail and found this crap out damn

    r.i.p. proof

  • emma

    shit my nigger rest in pieces

  • Stephen

    it about time these rapper started to see they ant god dont start with real killa’s

  • jon

    its fucked someone so talented can have there lives cut short over crap,to the gunman you coward mother fucker i hope you die soon,learn to use your fists you dont need a gun to be hard,

    R.I.P proof you will be missed globaly
    from jon in oz


    R.I.P Proof
    i hope that cant gets killed!

  • Holli

    R.I.P man……. n “avtec” dnt say fings like that.

    No1 needs dis rappa conflict no mor!

    r.i.p proof
    gone but not forgotten!!

  • Kuzz

    Its cold down here in Detroit dawg watch ya self

  • up north


    r.i.p proof

    now that thats out of the way, yes it is sad that another nigga had to die, but things are like that. so please dont ever compare this nigga to tupac (r.i.p.), he aint lyrically inclined to even come close to tupac. shit! bunch of dumb mother fuckers.

  • Sunny

    Rest In Peace DeShaun Holton We’ll All Miss You All Over The World From Detroit, USA To Slough, UK.

  • katie clary


  • beast

    rest in peace proof he was one of the best from the d12 crew and he diss royce da 59 but non of these two are the kings of detroy

  • Zee Productions

    Shade 45 Contest:

    Eminem ft Ca$his – Jimmy Crack Corn(Produced by Zee)

    Eminem ft 50 cent – You Dont Know (Produced by Zee)


  • W.A

    booh yah mothafuckaz.

    thats the way a body drops
    flip flop
    like shit drops.

    fuck eminem and his group d12. little faggots.
    tupac was and still is the realest

  • W.A

    booh yah mothafuka

    you c his body got dropd
    like shit plopd
    he was a shit rappa, gud he died his album would have flopd.
    fuk eminem and d12 they full ov shit.
    1 luv to makaveli, the outlaws and suge. look out 4 me. comin soon.

    • adam

      you dirty weed you will never have the natural talent that amazing underated mc.
      you make me sick posting comments like that ure either a crack head or a prick (BOTH I RECkON) the lyrics and humour/personality of his music will always live on. what are you famous for shithead. you want to meet bare fist, name it.

  • katie

    hey this goes out to all the peps that love like knew proof what happened waS not called for and it should not have happened he was a good man and no one should be killed for nothing that my shout out. REAST IN PEASE WE ALL WILL MISS YOU





  • Force

    Isnt it suspiscius that proofs last song in d12 wwas dedicated to BIG and tupac 2 murders which were never solved