Judge Unfreezes a Portion of Shyne’s Assets

shyne.jpgA judge in a Brooklyn court today unfroze $100,000 of incarcerated rapper Shyne’s assets. Shyne, who has been serving a ten-year sentence since 1999 for his role in a Club New York shooting, had his assets frozen in November 2004 under the Son of Sam law, which prevents criminals from profiting from a crime. Despite the fact that his earnings were from his recording career and not directly related to his crime, for the last 18 months Shyne has not had any access to his money, preventing him from supporting his mother and retaining legal counsel. Shyne’s previous lawyers were also ordered to turn over all case files to new attorney Oscar Michelen.

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  • Lefty 2Gunz


    Good look for Shyne though. Dude deserves a break after all the bullsh!t he went through with Diddy.
    Then you can’t even support your family after the fact…. that’s fucked up!

    Hold ya head Shyne


  • alex norales

    yo! that’s the best news i heard all day..it’s good that the judge allowed shyne to provide for his family and himself. all that they need to do now is let PO hit the streets so he can do his music thing and bring back that real hip hop that we all are missing.so PO if u get to read this. i wish u the best and hopefully u’ll be out soon. so keep ur head up PO…holla at ur boy knowledge wen u hit the streets..

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  • alleyeCNTower

    Thank God. This is a start, but I hope he gets even more…
    Justice is finally starting to see that Shyne is the truth, and he should not be denied.
    peace to the God

  • http://xxlmag.com E-man (South c)

    “Shyne no matter what pain ye going thru im witch ma niggga blood in blood out”.E-man said.

  • http://therealhottshitwithoutwe lord e ruck

    shyne po hope u get free nigga and show 50 what a real gangsta is. Gangland/Blackwallstreet/Aftermath/Shady…………not gggg-unot

  • bluerid

    get free.im with you.

  • http://www.shyne.net.ms Mike

    That’s good! Shyne will come out and do his shit man!

    Visit http://www.shyne.net.ms and Join our Forum!

  • k.ola

    fuck shine he is a bitch h shot a bitch in the face and he is the truth.

    wackwall tangland bitches

    g unit shady aftermath !!!!!!!!!

    • Lotto

      I know this is old but faggot ass nigga, shut da fuck up.

  • john cochran

    bout time they let my nigga eat.

  • Shakita Lowery

    Its about time they gave dude his money back he need that so he can feed his family. yo shyne keep yo head up!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Dipesh

    ye im happs now sick an tired of hearing 50 cent’s name an he need 2 expose diddy fucking shit.

    big up shyne
    1 love

  • julie

    I’m not a big fan of his music. But in reading and hearing his interviews especially the ones since he has been locked up I have became a fan of him as a person. I’m glad that he and his family has received some peace of mind.

  • Jamal

    I have nothing but respect for Shyne. To go through what he has went through over the past seven years and still be standing strong… That’s real G $hit right there. My prayers are with him and his family. The streets need you Po, hang in there.

    Peace, Love, and Prosperity
    Jbo A$$a$in

  • http://www.xxlmag.com fresh

    shyne po my nigga hope you get out safely shyne the real nigga the only dude that can walk in any new york projects and be good my nigga any projects and get respect 50 cent is a lil dude to shyne 50 cent can’t do that 1 love my brother jamal barrow.


    ayo peace out ma nigga shyne, get out there my nigga n get back on top, mufuckas missin ya out ere ya kno, peace luv n respect bruv

  • http://www.sug.com Sugar

    I’m so glad for him. He never had a chance with P Shitty. I know he will come home and rip shit.

  • Wacko G

    hopefully when he get out hell pop at weak diddy..and as far as the 50 cent thing go,i think hes fake..yeah he took 9 shots,but that dont make you a gagnster,i know plenty of people that got popped that many times that aint gangsters..and just because he sold coke hes gangster?ahahah hes weak,he music is going down hill,i hope he gets exposed soon…..

  • brownsuga

    thats whats up its about time he gettin things to go his way i mean damn its bad enough hes doing 10 years for something that i think was not his fault but n-e ways IM HERE FOR U BABY NEVER FORGET IT KEEP YA HEAD UP THE END IS NEAR DONT WORRY ABOUT THE HATERS 1

  • European export

    Everyone talking bout 50 vs. Shyne…but it seems everyone forgot it was Diddy who played dude…Yet thats ya’ll favorite BadBoy..Puffy got no loyalty

  • White Rob

    Yo PO u gotta get back on your shit when your free and shut this fuckin wanksta Curtis up son.
    holla bak. 1

  • big bob

    wots up shyne po real o.g.fuck 50 n fuck diddy ya need 2 hook up with game coz ats gangsta shit.holla back if u can n keep yer head up.1 luv peco bowery blood from glasgow scotland.blackwallstreet westside

  • http://JudgeUnfreezesaPortionofShynesAssets-XXL ED

    The Game is no1 no fck doubt Ed PYT

  • Knox

    Yo, first off I gotta say that people writin in here are fucked… no clue what they talkin about when they be bashin Blackwall street. Blackwall street 4life cause Game is the shit and Shyne gots to sign with him, fuck Bad boy records. Everybody here sounding like they from the streets.It’s about time Shyne is given some sympathy and the respect he deserves. Shyne, all da best and no worries man shits comin your way man it’s all about waitin it out…

    P.s 50 cent was never shot 9 times, actually 3 times as shown on “stop snitchin’stop Lying” Games read the Police report your phony hommie…

    Keep it real Shyne
    From MTL,Canada

  • Roscoe

    Shyne is a bitch!!! 50 Cent 4 Life!

  • gosha

    shyne da truth free shyne free shyne

  • Dut

    Shyne is a straight G – 50 is a punk ass bitch wanna b thug P Diddy is a BITCH just like 50 and ALL G Unit. 50 got good beats n songs but he is a fraud and aint shit he says is true in his raps. Read Shyne real life and 50′s (Wiki) you dumb fucks who think im wrong n got balls to say Shyne b a bitch you dont even know the story you fags! 50 did 6 months for small poss amount. Shyne did 10 for shit. Diddy is a BITCH id like Shyne 2 show them Wanna B G’s what it means to b a THUG. Diddy paid Shyne lawyer so he had Shynes lawyer b in favor of Diddy you known knowing CLOWNS ASS BITCHES. Dont talk bout shit like you know it like i do!

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