Jay-Z Associate Pleads Guilty to Spraying R. Kelly with Mace

tyty.jpgTyran “Ty-Ty” Smith, a Def Jam Vice President and childhood friend of Brooklyn rapper Jay-Z, plead guilty yesterday to a disorderly conduct charge for his role in the 2004 incident where he sprayed R. Kelly and his bodyguards with mace backstage at New York’s Madison Square Garden, a stop on the Best of Both World’s Tour. The charges stem from a 2004 lawsuit filed by Kelly, which alleges Jay-Z conspired to undermine his performance on the tour. Smith received four days of community service and two days of anger management counseling.

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  • inside guy

    yo, this cat is like 5’4. i think even kells pussy ass could put some hurting on him. i hope this is a case of innocence copping out to avoid time, cause mace? bitch move, no?

  • http://FUCKR.KELLY wilson20102030

    FUCK R. KELLY(raper,homo,sex molester)


  • http://www.87northmusic.com J. Biz

    He should’ve used pee…

  • jon longway

    hahaha good!!! r kelly gets a taste of his own medicine oh wait no he sprayed piss.

  • http://xxl.com miz

    Fuck that fag asss kelly……..

  • Brooklyn Love

    mase? nigga you trippin cut that bullshit out,cornball.

  • B-boy

    Man that was out cold what he but I was rolling when I heard about it

  • josh nelson


  • josh nelson from ralls TX 79357


  • im just playing


  • jessie from ralls


  • Che

    This dude looks like Dave Chappelle.

  • stonyisland

    R.kelly is a punk bitch, I remember him getting slapped back in 85 at Malcom X community college b-ball game. He was bitch back then he still a bith now. That 40 year old child molesting bastard needs to be locked up, niggas in the joint would line up and put two months commisary up for a change to rape his punk ass. I wonder would they sing aint nutting wrong with a lil bump and grind while he’s bent over the toilet:)

  • Sassybutclazzy

    lmao lmao so what r kelly have commited worse crimes!

  • Ozone

    “…Wastin ya time tryna sue S Dot, tell ya lawyer take that civil case and drop it like its hot…”

  • Ozone


  • Lady S

    Yall all need to grow up..you do some wrong shit you gotta pay the fucken price. He fucked up he gotta pay..Kelly fucked up he gotta pay. I don’t care about what you did dont mean you gotta be wronged..thats why nigga silly today!!

  • UK Ranger


    This is as funny as heck but Kell’s still amkes good music.

  • LiL Goku

    Did u hear da new hit from R-kelly?
    its called I “Molested a young stripper” feat. Pitbull ans Master P

  • XmalcolmX

    R Kelly is a right-wing religious fundamentalist who compromised his own beliefs. He relies on producers to make his songs what they are, not got much of anything for his own…why was he on tour with the Jegro anyway?

  • XmalcolmX

    Aint nobody gonna tell me?!

  • Joe

    Yeah why the hell were they on tour together? Let’s get something straight: if it aint gangsta, it aint good. R&B? Lame, I want real ghetto shit, guns, drugs, pimping… Is Jigga a G? Hell yeah! Is Kell?…

    There’s your answer…Jigga just playing Kell to make more of that sweet ca$h money!

  • EasyPoonTang

    Jigga ( or the Jegro as you said ) is a straight up big-pimpin’ ghetto-as-fuck black gangsta. What the hell is Kell? Some lame ass bitch- he aint gangsta! WTF!!?

  • XuluKing

    Yeah, get 50 to bus him off sumin good once he gets that mace outta his eye!

  • tashawn

    Great job TYTY you did your thing. You should have sprayed that child molester to death. You did the right thing it was better for u to pepper spray that fag. then to have another tupac and bigger, incident. FUCK U R KELLY. TYTY the world loves you.

  • LA_Vato

    Who’s R Kelly?

  • Holla

    I hate jay z, i love Kelly!!

  • DOG

    Who gives a flying 747 fuck!?

  • Jersey Boy

    He should have pissed on the dude

  • bloody-p’zzz

    yo i always see this comin outta the rocawear building on broadway in manhattan…he think he g’d up…imma knock his ass the fuck out one da….frontin ass nigga…..my real name joel nigga from 111 W 40th street.

  • http://none killa black

    kelly was talking to much shit backstage, coming to the show half an hour late all the time, and a whole lot of other dumb shit, good for his ass, thats for all those little girls you done fuck up, but dont worry, real hiphop and real R&B is here (myspace.com/blu-black)

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