Hot 97’s Landlord Begins Eviction Process After Gravy Shooting

hot97logo.jpgAfter Brooklyn rapper Gravy was shot in the buttocks in front of New York radio station Hot 97 on Wednesday (April 26), the building’s landlord has begun the process to evict the radio station’s studios. “We’ve directed our attorneys to begin the eviction process,” Stuart GraBois of The New York City District Council of Carpenters told the New York Daily News. “We’re concerned about the safety of the public and of our other tenants.” The Gravy shooting marks the third time shots have rang out just outside the studio, after a 2001 shootout between crews associated with Lil’ Kim and Capone-N-Noreaga brought headlines, and a 2005 shooting was tied to associates of 50 Cent and The Game. The station is required to notify police of guests four days in advance.

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  • khal

    not surprised @ all.


    he’s been saying this for the longest….

  • Therapist

    can you blame them???

    shot 97 gotta find a new home

  • ld

    I cant hate on that

  • JML5150

    Why cant we just get our shit together, it’s music. This nigga got shot in the ass before an interview? Didn’t the same thing happen to Treach when he guest starred on The Sopranos? Damn publicity stunts.

  • TIP

    2Many Wanna Live There Lyricz

  • 50 Cent

    Hot 97= Hot Garbage

  • Juice Black

    You know what, you can’t even really blame em… Sad but true

  • _jAy_

    Always the landlords that fuck it up

  • miso

    no you dumb ass muthafucker (jay),it the violence,bothers will talk shit and blame everyone else but themselves.three shootings and you blame the landlord, you fronting dogg,no you stupid

  • B-boy

    I really can’t blame the landlord for trying to evict them from that building because Hot 97 is becoming the hotspot artist shoot outs and getting your rival artists over stupid beef.Everytime I look up there’s another shooting at Hot 97.If they get evicted they need to find a way to keep their guest from having altercations with their enemies or else they will be evicted from every place that they go

  • wimpye

    Most of the time Hot 97 be the ones keep’n shit stired up between rappers,so no better for them childish muthafucka’s.

  • http://whatever jason from Bronx

    Dumb ass fucks always fronting..

  • http://yahoo LADY T

    wanna be’s and PLAYER HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still with that slave mentality.

  • http://yahoo LADY T

    close em down

  • Smokin Trees like I was Drunk

    It was only a matter of time, Fuck the game, Kim, and this fool gravy. All a bunch of media attention grabbing dick ridin whores. Not so much Kim/Gravy but that faggot nigga Game, fuckin faggot likes dicks in his circle.

    Game, White people hate you, black people hate you, bloods and crips hate you, just do the world and your brother a favour, go off yourself before he does it for ya.

    Face I know its your brother but he fuckin up the Bloods reppin ability, he needs to be put down for an eternal nap. FUCK the GAME

  • Joker

    If anything 50 Should be te first one to blast himself snitch ass nigga plus he makes shit music and Smokin Trees Like I was drunk blast yourself too faggot ass g-unit dickryder

  • Left

    Damn is yall niggas serious ? Joker and the nigga before you are yall niggas serious ? Hot 97 landlord gotta do what he gotta do b/c shit happens and that nigga aint in the mood to see his property value go down or get sued the first time another one of his tenants get shot b/c everybody on this bitch should be smart enough to know bullets aint got a name. But yall niggas is wildin talkin bout niggas buckin on they self honestly both of them niggas is making some real money and both of yall niggas is talkin about them niggas killin theyself if you don’t like a nigga music then don’t play it if you think 50 is the worst thing to happen to music and should kill himself real slowly over his next track with lloyd banks on the hook then that is your opinon but save that for another post or do it real subliminal ( hint hint ) but callin for niggas to blas theyself on this type of thread it aint really called for you can go to i hope 50 gets aids from tony yayo that is the foroum leave all that shit outside of this b/c this is some real shit not that fake i need attention so i’ma get my homeboy to shoot me and my peoples BMW the fuck up so everyone think i’m hard a week before my album drop. NAH MEAN

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