Family of Victim in Proof Shooting Incident Pleads for Peace

Proof5.jpgThe brother of Keith Bender, the man Detroit rapper Proof allegedly shot before being killed, has made a plea for peace following the violent incident. “If you’re out there thinking of retaliation or any other violent thing of that nature, don’t,” Bender’s younger brother, Kyle Bender, told the Detroit Free Press. “It’s over with. It’s done. Let’s move on…We would like for his memory not to be associated with violence.” Keith Bender was allegedly shot by Proof at the CCC Nightclub on April 11, after which Bender’s cousin, Mario Etheridge, shot and killed Proof in an apparent case of self-defense. Bender remained on life support for days, but he finally succumbed in a hospital a week after the shooting. In court today (April 26) Etheridge faces numerous gun charges, but he has not been charged with Proof’s murder.

Yesterday during a news conference, Rev. Horace Sheffield of Detroit’s New Galilee Church made a plea while standing with members of Bender’s family. “Rappers, the community and others upset by this should cease from encouraging retaliation against someone who was protecting and defending his family,” Sheffield said. “There have been some allegations of things that folks have said to encourage retribution. Someone has to stand up and say: ‘I’m going to be a peacemaker, as opposed to a retaliation bringer.’” Bender’s funeral will take place tomorrow (April 27) at the New Galilee Church.

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  • gerv

    Hey when you kill someone you ain’t gonna get no peace unless you move far from where you did that shit.

  • http://xxl 2shady

    i mean proof was a fucking awsome rapper but ther was 2 lives taken that night RIP BIG PROOF

  • E-man (South c)

    Let me not say shit but all waz already planned though ill miss the sounds of BIG PROOF.

  • bluerid


  • jojochicago

    peace can only be accepted when it come sfrom the heart. so pray for healthy hearts, peaceful mind and spirit. and the rest will follow.

  • lil kez


  • MasivaMC aka Tha Po’ Boy

    Man, Errbody need to calm the fuck down man…Whats done is done…R.I.P. to both Proof and Keith…Proof we gon miss your sound bro…All us Aussie cats are gon miss you man!!…Condolences out to Proofs Fam and D12

  • jerseyjake

    YEAH R.I.P PROOF!!!But an eye for an eye for an eye.Somebody goonna get at that nigga behind the trigga one way or another.There could never be peace until someone is deceased.So fuck off Mario and die slow nigga!!!

  • me

    Proof shot first, how come nobody understands this? how do you think the family of that man feels, first there son gets killed and now there family is being threatened.

    r.i.p. proof, BUT ALSO R.I.P. KEITH!!!

  • alyxnyc

    Detroit, where there is more sympathy for the killer than the victim, is fucked up.

  • juice

    Fuck peace that nigga deserve to die R.I.P Proof.

  • alyxnyc

    Proof is the one who deserved to die. He shot someone in the face over a game of pool. Ignorant.

  • Zach

    Hey ALYXNYC, you dumb ignorant piece of shit. Learn that Proof never shot Bender. Look for another article in an interview with Mudd for proof that Etheridge killed both of them.