Treach and Lord Jamar Guest Star on Sopranos

sopranos.jpgHBO has announced that Naughty By Nature’s Treach and Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar will guest star on the final season of The Sopranos, which debuted on March 12. The Emmy-winning show’s storyline is being kept under wraps, so the details of their appearances are unclear. Both actors previously had recurring roles on HBO’s prison drama Oz, as well as NBC’s Third Watch. The Sopranos’ final season will conclude in early 2007.

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  • one

    A yo lord jamar ur like a hiphop God
    2 me.long live brand nubian
    keep do’n ur thing king.

  • kamica

    I am happy to see Treach doing well
    he is good at being bad , I hope we
    can see more sides to him and hopefully he will be on the big screen

  • jojochicago

    Some brothers getting called nigga and moolie and probably killed by some Italians on tv. Big fucking deal! Just as long as the check clear, i’ll do it too.

  • Stan

    it’s funny that the Soprano’s and other Italian mafia flicks are loved by us, yet they have a clear disdain for our people. 1. a few seasons back Tony was giving Meadow a hard time about dating a half black cat. 2. In the Godfather there was a scene where Sonny was talking about the way niggers are riding round in their new cars thinking they are the sh!t.

    Crazy to think that we imitate them so much and think how cool they are.

  • Katari

    Niggas sit around all day and talk about white people to.



  • John eatman

    Their comments on black people like moolie never really bothered me because their just a bunch low-life white trash assholes from another country who couldnt survive a second on my black block

  • Tom

    I like the way the mob runs things in the Sopranos. But how they the mob is really run is when there also on the police pay role. And to Jhon eat man you no were the word gangsta came from. The italian word gangster. You no were your big necklace. Our golden necklaces. The hats with the feather was from the mafia in the 1930′s. The mafia men always had those types of hates. And you black gangs took it from the mafia. And the shows good but in real life the mafia is much much bigger and it could kick every black man around the blocks asssssss.

  • watismagiks

    it is just a tv show
    gypsys be crazy
    italians is a stupid
    in my country the magiks is maded out of pie