The Roots Stage Two-Night All-Star J. Dilla Benefit in NYC

roots.jpgA spokesman for Def Jam announced today that Philadelphia hip-hop band The Roots will be staging two concerts at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall on May 18 and 19, with a portion of the proceeds going to the late J. Dilla’s family. The Roots will be joined on stage by Nas, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, Mos Def and others. “Our fans should pretty much know that our New York shows are the most special shows, simply because we have been known to pull some amazing rabbits out of our hat,” the Roots’ drummer Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson said in a statement. After many years on Geffen Records, The Roots signed with Def Jam last year and are readying the release of their new album, Game Theory. While the record is slated for a late-summer, early-fall release, fans will get the first taste of the band’s new material at the May concerts.

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  • http://source one

    man i love the roots and j-dilla but dont yall think u could have done the benifit concert in cali.there alot of fans out here.or if not here then why not detroit the mans home town.he moved out to cali as well as his mother so why newyork.i’m still a fan but u lost a little respect from us out here.

  • Dave

    They should film it and release a DVD a let some of the profit go till Dillas family

  • wwr

    there should be more dilla benefits, people like busta rhymes, talib, pete rock, slumvillage, madlib should join forces to setup a benefit tour. Dilla’s mother still needs money to pay off the hospitall bills.

  • michael

    Honestly, I think it’s a wonderful enough thing to have such a benefit concert at all, let alone in a particular place. Their hearts are in the right place, they can probably make a lot of money doing this in NY, I don’t think it’s worth complaining about location at a time like this.

  • wwr

    it was not a complaint
    just a thought

  • Dj Emskee- 99.5 WBAI nyc

    NOBODY should complain about making money when it comes to doing something big for Dilla. This man made ALOT of heads sound extra good over the years and should DEFINITELY be sent off right with alot of people getting involved without personally profitting from it. This should be the biggest jump off and EVERYONE needs to be there. Check my Dilla “memory mix” at Peace.

  • shyne poe

    How much ya money do you think these niggers will give to the family? I would like to know how much of the proceeds go to his mother/family, and see if these roots niggers are trying to profit on dilla. Only time will tell what these niggers have in there hearts.

  • brotherjon

    Yo Shine, thanks for the public service warning dawg. i guess you’re right – the Roots (and those other no-names) pro’ly wouldn’t have sold out RCMH if they weren’t pushing this as a Dilla benefit.

    Also, only time will tell if your head collapses on itself for lack of content. Good Luck.

  • bluerid


  • Tyra

    Location is not an issue, as long as the cause is supported. I myself, would love for it to be in his, my, home city. MADLIB, Common, Slum, Frank and Dank perferomed here recently. It was the best. I could feel Dilla in the air.

    Come on why do you have to hate on the cause ppl. Always assuming the neg. You only assume what your forethought would do.

    Send e-mails to those artist to do a tour, I’m quite sure the local groups like Little Brother and Slum and Madlib would enjoy the love since they were closest to him.

  • Fuckouttahere

    Shyne the next time one of your closest friends dies with a mountain of hospital bills and you fundraise for his mom maybe I’ll accuse your stupid fuckin ass of tryin to profit off of his death.

    How the fuck would that make you feel you disrespectful shit stain?

    Big props on using the word nigger three times in your shitty attempt at critical thinking.

  • petervkqwk

    Beautifully crafted!