game.jpgCompton MC The Game has filed a lawsuit against independent labels Koch Entertainment and Fast Life Records for releasing material that he recorded prior to signing with Aftermath/Interscope. The suit alleges that the two labels “are liable for at least eighty-one separate counts of copyright infringement as a result of their unlawful and unauthorized marketing, selling and distributing of at least five CDs and one DVD containing copyrighted musical compositions and sound recordings of The Game.” The material in question, including Untold Story, Untold Story Vol. 2, Untold Story Vol. 2 Chopped & Screwed and G.A.M.E., were primarily recorded when The Game was signed to Bay Area rapper JT The Bigga Figga’s Get Low label. Representatives from Koch have claimed that they have full rights to the early material, that The Game’s suit is without merit and that they will prove their case in court.