Little Brother Teams Up With DJ Drama For Gangsta Grillz Mixtape

littlebrother1.jpgNorth Carolina hip-hop group Little Brother has teamed up with Atlanta-based mixtape impresario DJ Drama for Separate But Equal: A Gangsta Grillz Extra. The mixtape, which comes out March 21st, features production from 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Illmind, DR and Young Cee. “I’ve loved Little Brother since day one,” Drama told XXL in January. “I was a little concerned like, Should it be a Gangsta Grillz? But that’s what they wanted to do. I was like, Damn, finally Gangsta Grillz will be on Okayplayer. That’s what’s up.”

Here is the track listing for Separate But Equal:
1. “Separate But Equal”
2. “Knock Knock”
3. “Don’t Trust ’Em (Skit)”
4. “Cross That Line” feat. Big Treal
5. “Let It Go” feat. Mos Def
6. “Can’t Let Her”
7. “The Singing Bums (Skit)
8. “Rollin’ Out” feat. Supastition
9. “Macaroni”
10. “Can We Get a Freestyle Please????”
11. “On My G” (Big Pooh)
12. “Hate” (Phonte)
13. “Lovin’ It” feat. Joe Scudda
14. “Not Enough” feat. Darien Brockington
15. “Boondock Saints” feat. L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Chaundon
16. “Teedra Moses & Myspace (Skit)”
17. “Home” feat. Joe Scudda
18. “Horror Movie (Skit)”
19. “I Need You” feat. Darien Brockington
20. “Candy” feat. Bun B and Darien Brockington
21. “How Did This Happen???? (Outro)”
22. “Speed Racin’” feat. Skyzoo and Chaundon

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  • malcolm

    I love what y’all did to the site. And thanks for the mixtape info. I’ll be sure to cop this when it comes out.

  • malcolm

    No beef with Little Brother or JL personally, but I think their Manager Big Dho forot abou the struggle of the underground. I could be wrong, but at the same time- he had a good chance to hook up a group by the name of Tragic Allies who have a strong buzz going on and he just slept on them and didn’t even get back to them for no rhyme or reason. Like he’s in the big leagues now. These people don’t realise that even referals go a long way. Helping people dosen’t always mean give money, give record deals, etc. Just a good referal coming from people that have a little (stress little)power can go a long way. I think maybe he’s just scared that there’s people out there just as good or better than his precious 9th Wonder.
    Shit even Khrysis comes up with better beats. Check his track record. Where’s his push? I aint mad at none of these dude. I’m just stating the real. That whole click is one of the tightest clicks out there when it comes to beats and ryhmes. But there’s more to them than Little Brother and 9th Wonder. And there’s others out here that supported their whole movement before the got all the acclaim. So remember tha BIG DHO when people try to get at you. I know you can’t help everyone, but like I said earlier. Referals can go a long way. And Tragic Allies deserved it.


    Little Brother fo’ eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bluerid

    im with u on this one malcolm totally agree in what u are saying this whole little brother album is a joke the only song that pisses me off without even listening to it cuz the title alone just helps me to realize this lil brother totally lost his mind im talking about the”speed racing feat skyzoo and chaundon.everything with a skitzo label on it is wack wich reminds me of lumix aka kato but yall know what im saying so like my homeboy cam is saying :dont bother.

  • one

    BLUERID are u crazy or somthing little brother is tha hardest group to come along in a while the listening and the minstrel show are both classics what are u using 2 hear wit u must be out of ur mind
    little brother keep do’n ur thing
    some niggas just aint ready 2 recieve
    the messege. the only thing i dont like is the white boy in ur crew
    this our culture stop letting other races rape it. if we keep let’n all these nonblacks steal our idenity what idenity will we as black have.
    no this isnt racist its about the preservation of are own people if ur a brotha and u dont understand this then
    the bottom line is ur an uncle tom and we dont need u anyway

    jump in the bandwagon

  • malcolm

    Bluebird, I couldn’t have said that any better. I’ve said this for years and wondered if anyone felt the same as I did. Thank you man. Again, I too do not feel this is being racist. But we always let someone else in on our shit and the benefit more than we do. Also, I never said Little Brother sucked or anything close to it. I was listening to these dudes back in 2002 before they blew up. I was talking about their manager who seems to have forgotten about the people that supported their whole rise and how it seems like no one else within Justus League is getting that same push as LB when they deserve it.

  • malcolm
  • truthful

    What’s wrong with people? Why can’t everybody just love the music. Stop hating on their manager not giving your boy a referral. It’s childish. Stop hating on Joe Scudda. He white but I’d rather listen to him than a D4L track. If you can spit, you can spit regardless of color. Why ya’ll doing this major online hating? Listen to the mixtape it all about muthasucka like you. As long as little brother keep making music I’m going to keep supporting them. If they ever come through you’re neck of the woods, SEE THE LIVE SHOW. They entire camp is serious and the live show is an unforgettable experience, so stop hating. Dope Rhythms, dope beats what more do ya’ll want?

  • C-Flat

    I’m FROM N.C. so I feel that its only appropriate to chime in on this one. I’m saying it right now; The Justice League IS STARTING THE CHANGE OF THE FACE OF HIPHOP. If you look throughout the history of hiphop you can see it very clearly. There comes a time when something new and refreshing comes along to kill the monotony of current hiphop music. Its has happened time and time and and it is in fact happening right now with the surge of southern music in the ATL, the NO, and Texas. New York had it first. Then came Snoop and Dre on that G-Shit. New York got it back with BIG, Nas, Jay-Z, ect. Now the south got it. But what the entire world does not realize is that the ENTIRE TIME, North Carolina has been patiently waiting for our turn to shine. Contrary to what ALOT of people think, NC cats are LYRICAL. None of that Peety Pablo bullshit. (No disrespect intended). But NC hip hop is east coast lyrical music with hardcore beats. The difference is that we dont talk about guns, jewelry, and all of that negative shit. Its STRAIGHT UP SKILLZ. Little Brother is paving the way but TRUST ME, there are a TON of DOPE MC’s from NC and its only a matter of time until the we blow. This will mark the return to the golden age of hiphop where everything was about partying, having fun, and spitting that RAW shit. You got the Justice League, you got Ill Position, you got Figga 4, you got Enemy Lines, and a ton of dope mcs. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE…..

    Nuff said….

  • NateP

    Yo Malcolm did you ever think that its possible that Big Dho got a lot of stuff on his plate right now? Maybe he was feeling the tape but not enough to drop all the JL projects that are going on and workin on them. JL got more artist and affiliates than the ROC in its prime already, but it cant be that its got to be that they lost touch. It would be pathetic if they put out the same record every one or two years. This tape is GOOOD.

  • Chris Rankin

    Let me tell ya’ll what’s really going on. Little Brother stole the beat for Candy feat. Bun B from Loot-Tenant and Phil Black two rapper/producers in Raleigh and Charlotte. Loot produces the original track and Phil Black made a song to it. They then gave the song to 9th wonder on a mixtape, and low and behold as talented as little brother are, couldn’t resist stealing this track. Compare L.B’s version ( to the original track MADE OVER A YEAR AGO!!!! here

    spread the word!

  • Mozeek789

    SCCREW Says:

    Little Brother fo’ eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I agree.

  • http://gmail Qmega7

    Lets be realistic people, Little Brother gotta Eat and Feed their Families just like ya’ll all do let them Do what they Do, Stop hatin like C.Rankin, cause they gonna do it anyway and if you don’t like it, don’t buy the cd if you hear it on the radio and you don’t like it cut the GODDAMN Radio off cause they made the choice to pursue their music and it worked for them and for all you others that are hatin on my peps cause you couldn’t find out how to get there faster and you are probably even more pissed that you didn’t come out with “Lovin’ It” and now that they are out there on tour doin it and makin’ moves too fast for you(s) to see that all you(s) can do is pull ‘em down cause they Large and N Charge, they right round the corner in Durham and Raleigh and ya’ll wanna see ‘em but can’t DAMN NIGG@$ let it go. Go Home Chris.

  • Rodjilius

    i thought this was supposed to be a southern smoke cd with dj smallz and jody breeze thats at least what i thought i heard

  • azn

    YO shoutin out to little brother for doin their thing its nice to see some real talent commin out of the south rather than crunk juice these guys are a breath of fresh air they take backpackin to another level or should i say back to what music really is with all these wack mcs like papoops claimin their the hottest on the underground music has lost its voice and little brother is bringin it back

  • Nc

    I agree with Truthful, wtf does race have to do with music.Just because hiphop was a black thing, it dosn’t mean non black people cant be part of the hiphop culture.Common man cant belive yall still thinkin like that.On the other note LB keep it up,keepin that real hiphop shit going because we dont need all that cookie clutter bullshit..keep that in the clubs.

  • ReZeN OnE

    robbing your culture? how ignorant is that? I happen to be Mexican and a fan of good music. do you rob my culture when you eat Mexican food, no! I don’t rob your culture by listening to hip-hop. little brother happens to be one of my favorite hip-hop artist. but I also like common market, a non-black hip-hop group. bottom line, either you spit right stuff or you shut the F* up. hip-hop is not a colored thing its an urban thing… ReZeN OnE – LoSt CiTy Of AnGeLs

  • LeeMo

    I Love what Little Brother is doing, but it’s still sad to said that niggas really aint listenin’ cause all i see on this page is a bunch of debating. Bottom line, they are putting out some pissy shit. If you feel like you got robbed, then out hustle these niggas. They are good, but there will be better…Make the better person be you…Oh, another thing, lets have some fun when we doin this shit. Hip Hop has too much hate in it. Lets stop kids…Peace

  • Tacky Orun

    Love comes quickly, whatever you do

  • http://www.myspace/anthm Anthm

    This album has been stuck in my cd player since I got it. It’s just good music and a mixtape at that, who cares if they stole a beat or if they have a white boy on a song. Dope beats dope rhymes what more do yall want? It’s just them making music they like and putting together a good product for you to listen to. and speed racin is a dope song, every verse is worth listening to with some quoteables “if you ain’t got the heart or the talent then you shouldn’t do this” take some time and listen with an open ear… just appreciate it.good music (stolen beats or wack artist included) is hard to come by and this is good music…

  • mac

    best news i heard all day