Kanye West Eyes The Big Screen

kanye_press.jpgKanye West has signed a deal with New Line Cinema and Anonymous Content to create a feature-length film inspired by his music, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film is said to create a portrait of the country as seen through the eyes of West and several filmmakers. There are expected to be six writers and 10-12 directors involved in the project, who will each create short stories that will be linked by a common narrative. The untitled project will be produced by Richard Brown and Steve Golin of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind fame. The film will feature old and new music from the Chicago MC/producer, as well as mark his big-screen acting debut.

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  • http://T:OBitch Young Piff

    kanye on the silver screen uh oh!!!

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  • Mozeek

    KW’s doin’ big things.

  • http://www.joshspoon.com josh

    I think it will be good as long as kanye tames his ego. 90min. of look how awesome I am and I cheated death could be too much

  • sillouette

    I’m not too big on rappers doin movies, but this concept sounds pretty hot. And even tho he’s cocky as fuck, when Kanye tells you he’s gonna do somethin he does it, and it’s hot.

  • http://www.ananzi.co.za PHONY YAYO


  • Rammy

    Every fuckin rapper has to become a actor. For fuck sakes stick to the motherfuckin music pleeeeease!

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  • http://dvadv advdv



    I’m strait sick of this nigga. He got skills producing and rhyming but he aint no better than alot of other producers and rappers. This niggas head got so big he just be playing himself when he opens his mouth sometimes…. Shit… I’ll knock that nigga out and rob his ass.

  • >>>>>>>>>>>>>ROC

    ^^^^^MAN LISTEN

  • ace

    yo man listen…my dud kanye is one of the most creative in the game…he has the reason to blow his own horn..stop haten on a nigga with more passion for his music than most of these followers in tha game…

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    Kanye is the most overrated emcee of all time. He’s almost 30 still pushing the college dropout shit & the college dropout was’nt even his concept. He DID’NT WRITE ANY of the bars THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS. Kanye, we both know if it was’nt for me you would have NEVER WON A SINGLE GRAMMY. That’s okay though cuz I KNOW you’ll NEVER win another. P*ssy


    I guess you could say he’s a top 5 producer though….


    3.Dr. Dre
    4.Just Blaze
    5.The Neptunes


    Hey thanks for the call back from your a&r since you probably would’nt even have one if it was’nt for me. You know, since your a hi-porfile celeb and all they’re making a new cadillac limousine w. bullet proof doors that can take anything up to a 44 MAGNUM!! Since you like to steal, I think that may be a very wise investment. I was responsible for about 50% of the damage 50 did to murda inc., that is nothing compared to what I’m capable of doing to you.

  • Protege

    yow thats tight kanye has a big ego and he’s very cocky but who isnt i know that alot of people respect me for my ego and cockyness and that dude man listen u dont know shit fuck u i doubt u can even rob a piggy bank u cock sucker GGGGGGG UNOT

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