Clipse Inks Label Deal with Jive, Teams with Neptunes for “Darker” Album

clipse.jpgVirgina Beach duo Clipse has signed a new deal with Jive Records, which will distribute its label, Re-Up Gang Records. The first release on Re-Up/Jive will be Hell Hath No Fury, the long-awaited follow-up to Clipse’s critically-acclaimed 2002 debut Lord Willin’. Although they are no longer signed to Star Trak, the new album, like their debut, will be entirely produced by the Neptunes. “We’ve been recording constantly,” Pusha told XXLMAG.COM from a studio in Miami. “When the Clipse and the Neptunes work together, there’s a whole other chemistry.” Following the release of the Clipse album this summer, they plan to release an album from the Re-Up Gang, a group that includes Pusha, Malice, Ab-Liva and Sandman.

The label signing ends years of speculation after their former home, Arista Records, merged with Jive due to corporate restructuring, leaving the group in label limbo. While the other artists on the Neptunes’ Star Trak label were released, Clipse still had a contractual obligation to Jive, and their album release was delayed.

The first single from Hell Hath No Fury will be called “Me Too,” which features Pharrell. “There’s nothing on radio that sounds like it,” says Pusha. “This album is 100% meaner and darker. We’re trying to resurrect East Coast hip-hop.”

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  • Rich-Yung-Society

    Been waiting for Hell Hath no Fury for years now, literraly. This album needs to hurry up and release. Clipse are them dudes man. hurry up and release.

  • Alva Damien

    For real. “Lord Willin’” was my shit for months. These cats is dope.

    ~Alva Damien

  • Young H

    it’s about time these two rhyme slingers hit us with an album. hope it’s another banger

  • CJ

    All I can say is about time!

  • Mr. C

    The only group I know that can be MIA as far as mainstream release & being in the public eye, and come back like they never left……..the Wu could not even do it……..Clipse is the real MAAAAANNN!!!

  • bluerid

    they wont let me in the hospital so im pissed off.

  • the kern

    they pussy how they going to beef with the record lable for so long say it does not promote rap and then resign, the kern movement is comeing, beleive that fucks 1

  • Jbless

    The clipse really need to come with some heat. Most ppl probably forgot about them. But I’m glad to hear that they are finally going to put some more music out.

    We Got it 4 cheap series was straight fire.

  • bluebluntz

    Hell Hath No Fury needs to drop so Clipse can drown out all this garbage thats been in rotation for the past few years! wat up VA!

  • IKI

    I think it’s real good Clipse got a real deal. They’ve been slept on for too long I don’t know why Pharrell didnt set ‘em up with somethin’ major probably legal reasons or some shit. I’ma keep my eye out for there album.

  • Samson jR.

    Im glad to hear that the Clipse finally will be dropping another album….but Mr.C your outta line even comparing Clipse and Wu-Tang….Its not even the fact that Wu-Tang cant come and go but todays youth dont know what real hip-hop is…if u ask students in middle school whos their favorite rapper they will say DemFranchizeBoyz or D4L…fucca record sale…. shit aint the same thats why the East Coast aint Reigning supreme…..Clipse is nice but they better come harder….and switch up what their talking bout or they wont be any better then 80% of rappers out there….Gunz, sex, drugz is played out … i hope they can be as lyrical as Pharrell is nice wit the production….

  • Class A’s


  • Antonio Swift

    Not To compare,but Ghostface tryin to come hard with the new Fishscale album. Plus Only built 4 Cuban Linx is coming.The Wu is EastCoast. People be sleeping on Sandman and Malice be hitting grandslams with the wordplay.

    Full Clipp

  • face tha musik

    It’s about time they get the chance they deserve at last. That 1st album was fire and I know they’ll kill it this time around.


    Yo, It’s about time for them Kats to DROP. There new single “MR. ME TOO” is FIRE!!! V.A. STAND UP

  • Damsco North

    any one nows When is the release of the new album Hell Hath No Fury 2006 ??

  • Tactics aka Faiz 1

    The Clipse is crazy…new word play and better vibe i get from them! all real….hurry up tho.

    “Im Your Pusha”

  • ReDiCuLouS

    Yo I agree…dat first shit was in my whip for like a whole summer man…been waitin on this shit almost longer than that 2nd major Twista album…I know they got they swagger back…but can they deal with other topic matter? Like Cube said “I remember when it didnt matter how much money you had in rap”, its about your flow & lyrics. Lets bring it back people. Shout out to Rosco P. Coldchain…~Holla~



  • P

    The Clips is murder……..

  • smitty the kid

    No others can be as blatant with the cookin i.e. pots and pans cookin durin videos, and still have some thought provoking lyrics.thats tru gangsta not since nwa made folks thank.

    Dalls TX look out for
    “chunk up the Deuce” souths on fire

  • Pusha_mane

    the new mobb deep, only opposite



  • FlipSide The Truth

    Clipse…one of the realest rap groups in a long time…they shit fin to bang…


    Check me out

  • Chris Villain

    Clipse need more subject matter badly… favorite rapper may only rap about money bitches, drugs and dead homies, and killin, but damn all the clipse rap about is DRUGS!!!!….atleast they keep clever wit it…so cant really complain….Its a shame Tha Carter 3 is droppin this year hell hath no fury will be overlooked

  • Trae Bizzo

    now i can take lord willin out the roller.oct 31 babeee

  • http://none killa black

    I hope they spit like they did on the first album, that first one was fire, cause sometimes niggers change their whole shit up and fuck up. good luck

  • http://none killa black

    that (me too) joint why did pharrell sound better than the other two cats on their joint, i couldnt understand that one.

  • spittin n hittin

    I fuckin love the new album it is soo sick great job clipse n everyone on the album. great job that’s all I gotta say

  • Antibush

    Watch subject. Bush is forever saying that democracies do not invade other countries and start wars. Well, he did just that. He invaded Iraq, started a war, and killed people. What do you think? Why has bush turned our country from a country of hope and prosperity to a country of belligerence and fear.
    Our country is in debt until forever, we don’t have jobs, and we live in fear. We have invaded a country and been responsible for thousands of deaths.
    The more people that the government puts in jails, the safer we are told to think we are. The real terrorists are wherever they are, but they aren’t living in a country with bars on the windows. We are.