Atlanta Malls Beef Up Security for T.I.’s ATL Movie Opening

TI1.jpgAccording to Atlanta’s WSB-TV 2, mall owners in the Atlanta area are concerned about security when T.I.’s coming-of-age drama ATL hits theatres this coming weekend. General Growth properties, which owns more than 200 malls, sent a memo to the managers at some of their Atlanta area properties claiming that the movie could cause behavior problems among customers, and to prepare their security staffs for the release of the movie. ATL was filmed primarily in Atlanta and is rated PG-13.

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  • weight

    Damn pg 13… Guess I want be seeing no ass or titties

  • lilvett

    why they gotta “beef” up security? oh, let me guess, because we have a rapper coming out with a movie and there may be “hip hop violence” among the movie-goers. bullshit, those people are going to be there for two reasons: (1) to support tha king,T.I. and (2) to support the ATL and see a movie they can relate to. tell those peolpe at that mall to get the dick out they asses. ONe!!!

  • willie will

    they should beef up their security because them niggas about to clown friday night

  • IKI

    I’m feelin’ what Livett is sayin’ its like the more hip hop movies there are the more violence thats fucked up. It’s like over here in the U.K if you wear a hoodie your automatically a thug thas discrimination in my eyes. If the police keep hypin’ up this image with hip hop then people gonna get addapeted to it.

  • michael wallace

    yeah, they need to beef up security, it happens everytime a Hip Hop movie world priemiers, niggaz start actin up. I remember what happened when the movie “Juice” came out, or “Rhyme or Reason”, “Menace to Society”, “New Jersey Drive”, i mean it goes wy back to where niggaz have been fighting and shooting the movie theaters up. And we cant be that nieve to think that white people, the media, and or whomever else is creating these perceptions, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Real Talk.

  • http://t.i. jkhk,

    opjpua ehotr

  • bbh

    haha u mean they need security to control the excitement of screaming girls? whats so bad that security needs to “beef” up