Do It Again


1. “It’s a Healthy Album (Intro)” (feat. Voletta Wallace)
2. “My Buddy” (feat. Diddy) Produced by Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie
3. “Black and White” (feat. Eminem) Produced by Dr. Dre
4. “We Don’t Sound Alike” (feat. Shyne) Produced by Swizz Beatz
5. “Treat Me Right” (feat. Lil’ Kim) Produced by Havoc
6. “Touch Your Toes” (feat. Nelly) Produced by Jazze Pha
7. “Get Your Bars Up” (feat. Jadakiss) Produced by DJ Premier
8. “That’s the Way Players Play” (feat. Lil’ Cease) Produced by Buckwild
9. “BK Banger” (feat. Jay-Z) Produced by Just Blaze
10. “Up Above” (feat. Ma$e) Produced by Kanye West
11. “Lay Your Mack Hand Down” (feat. Snoop Dogg) Produced by the Neptunes
12. “Growing Up” (feat. Scarface) Produced by Mannie Fresh
13. “Clash of the Titans” (feat. Nas) Produced by Salaam Remi
14. “Catching Feelings” (feat. Faith Evans) Produced by Jermaine “JD” Dupri
15. “Coast to Coast” (feat. The Game) Produced by Cool & Dre
16. “No Replacing Him” (feat. Black Rob) Produced by Scram Jones
17. “Push Your Shit Back” (feat. Styles) Produced by Neo Da Matrix
18. “Million Bucks” (feat. Ghostface) Produced by Pete Rock
19. “Say Our Name” (feat. Cam’ron) Produced by Heatmakerz
20. “Back and Forth” (feat. Missy Elliott) Produced by Timbaland
21. “Do You Remember?” (feat. Big Pun) Produced by Green Lantern
22. “Good Night and God Bless (Outro)” (feat. Russell Simmons)

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  • raf

    is this an actual album or what

  • Angie

    That girl in the video Piarry is soooo beautiful and I’m glad that they put her with Nelly towards the end cuz u always save the best for last!

  • http://xxlmag.com E-man (South c)

    I wonder were these RapLegends sleeping in de studios or what N doing non else coz its amazing how they Albums keep droping Yearly!!.

  • stonyisland

    The duets album was garbage. Big has to be turning over in his grave. Thanks God Puffy sold his shares in bad boy because this was a get some loot move before bouncing act. Pussy, I mean Puffy is a mad business cat, I respect that but as a label owner and friend he aint worth shit. I hope XXL does drop this duets II, cuz until it’s done right Big is never gonna rest in peace.

  • way2pimpin

    i am one of those fans that dont like too many remixes.biggie is the greatest of all time but how many remixes we need for his lyrics. 2 some of these youngstas all they know are these remixes and i feel thats ashame.the nasty girl remix sound alright but we all know thats not how biggie would want it.lets not ruin his legend please puff.xxl do your thang.i hope it works from a true big fan.

  • E to tha C

    Duets was wack and disrespectful of Biggies legacy.

    My guess is it wont be long till theres a “Greatest Hits” package to cash in even more.

    Sell outs.

  • djpanther007

    Duets=Garbage. There was just tooo many muthafucas on that shit. This XXL shit looks promising. Hopefully they did it the way it was supposed to be done in the first place. Pac must’ve had a good laugh behind that bullshit. B.I.G. would’ve never co-signed that shit. Puff..ah P.Diddlittle should’ve known betta than that. Stick to clothes nigga, your ear for music has fallen off. Example; Loon, DaBand, basicall everyone you’ve bought out in the last 10 years since Biggie died…

  • djpanther007

    oh, when does this shit come out?

  • Big-T

    So how do we get dis album?

  • Galil ( Never forget 2pac & B.I.G.)

    I like B.I.G. but I don´t like Bad Boy P.Diddys label. Puffy may be good at business and make a paty for millions, but he sucks when it comes rap.Cause without B.I.G. I think Puff would have money, but not that kind of money like 2day. I really like the song 1970 Somethin ft Game & Faith Evans in the Biggie Duets Final Chapter. R.I.P. The Notorious B.I.G.

  • Afterhours

    Duets=garbage puff needs to put actually featured guests that can stand next to B.I.G. Jay-Z, Big Pun and Bob Marley are the only ones! The Fuck is the Diplomats and Korn doing on there. a B.I.G, Jay-Z Duets album produced by easy mo be dr. dre and just blaze theres a fuckin album that wold make history!

  • http://www.betarecords.com/chillz Chillz

    Once it concerns BIG am all about dat fa real.It’s gotta be a multi facetted (mixed genre) album that reaches out to different audiences so da move is financially smart, though not so smart in the sense of maintaining Biggie’s Rap King status…check me out at http://www.betarecords.com/chillz.

  • juztin

    Should of had Jada and Black Rob on that duets CD but him andthe clipse on a scram jones beat was cool

  • http://comcast.net/davidridgellcomcast.net dopeboymagic

    Please Read:

    First Of All, what the fuck KoRn doing on the album, that was the worst shit I ever heard. What was Nelly And Diddy Doing On there, get the fuck out, Nelly, You were hot in the 90s, but hip-hops changed, nelly, stop with the will smith imposteration. And Diddy, your to clean and you’ve been on biggies dick for ever and u say “I made the impire off of his pasion” no u didnt.

    my favorite apperances:
    1. Big Pun
    2. Bobby Valentino
    3. Cheri Dennis
    4. Fat joe
    5. Obie Trice
    6. eminem
    7. the Game
    8. Faith Evans
    9. FreeWay

    my favorite songs:

    1. Get Your Grind On (Featuring Freeway, Big Pun, Fat Joe)

    2. Livin’ The Life (Featuring Faith Evans, Cheri Dennis, Bobby Valentino, Ludacris, & Snoop Dogg)

    3. It Has Been Said (Featuring Obie Trice, Eminem, & Diddy)

    4. Hold Ya Head (Featuring Bob Marley) {Damian Marley Ad-lids, 2nd chorus refrain}

    5. Spit Ya Game (Remix) (Featuring Swizz Beats, MJG, Krayzie Bone, & Twista)

    6. Breakin Old Habits Featuring Slim Thug & T.I. from P$C
    (ON album: Backpage: Duets II)

  • http://sexforfun.com Lil Sexy

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK!!!!! what it is, when ya gots to go do some wack as mixes to try make a wack ass album like not half way as wack!!!!! ya’ll got Biggie flipin over in his grave fo real!!!!!!!

    Lil Sexy


  • Jamie

    Does anyone not think this is a piss take. Try looking at the name of the song and then the artist that will do the duet. It will probably become clear after about 10 minutes for you dumb asses.

    For example: MY BUDDY feat. Diddy… were biggie and diddy ever BUDDIES???? i wonder
    BLACK AND WHITE feat. Eminem… has this got anything to do with skin color???? umm, this is a tricky one
    WE DON’T SOUND ALIKE feat. Shyne… could this be about Shyne’s voice being compared to Biggie’s in the past???? not heard that before

    It would be great if it was a real album because it would surely be a million times better than the real duets, but it’s just too good to be true, you shouldn’t get excited.
    And if it was true do you really think these would be the track names???
    I’ll let you take that 10 minutes to think about it.

  • Mrs.Jones


  • Dj Blindness

    This list should’ve been the Biggie duets. I guess 50 got left off of this one to. Really disappointed with tha last one.
    I would have loved to see the Comission Album actually happen. The game would be so different now.
    B.I.G. R.I.P. We know you’re laughin at Diddy right now.

  • thug life bad boy killa

    fat bitch fuck bad boy ass a staff record lable and ass a mother fuckin crew if you want to be down with bad boy then fuck you to diddy is a fagget big and and all them have no street cred if i seen them in my hood 10 years ago i would have fucked they shit up i guess thats what happend to big he got hit up thinkin he could come over on pacs turf after pac just died fat nigga was dumb

  • dreadzy

    Eyo thuglifebadboykilla stop acting a fool we aint in the 90′s no mo man iam sure if pac and biggie where still alive they would have squashed their beef by now so don’t bring your ignorence into this iam positve you’r fake thug wanna be so play your part bitch

  • Ali

    duets was tha only shit worth listening to from big simply cuz hella others were on it….he got murdered on every track even tho those were his best verses he ever did & tha only ones worth listening to…..i only like 1 biggie song ever & its “spit yo game”….tha rest by himself is garbage id take a duet track over a biggie solo anyday cuz he’s overrated as hell…”IF I HAFTA CHOOSE A COAST I GOTTA CHOOSE THA EAST IM FROM THERE SO DONT GO THERE” haha wtf is that bruh? cmon