2006/03/360_move1.jpg“Damn, we was having a good time tonight, Minneapolis,” said Houston rapper Lil’ Flip from the stage, as the crowd began starting fights that wouldn’t end. “Y’all fucked it up tonight.” That was around 2 a.m. A half-hour earlier, everyone was having a good time.

“I need the whole club drinking,” said Flipper, taking the stage at about 1:30 a.m., while sidemen crouched to pour Moët into upraised cups. He quickly set the proletarian-playa tone, shouting, “If you’ve got more than $10 in your pocket, make some noise!” The crowd sang along to “The Way We Ball,” and swayed to his flamboyant new single, “What It Do.” Pistol fingers aimed skyward when Flip announced, “We going to shoot one time for my nigga 2Pac,” as a prerecorded gunshot rang out. Other shots followed for Biggie, Aaliyah, and Flip’s late mentor DJ Screw.
2006/03/360_move2.jpgBut a scuffle on the floor cut short the love bounce of “Sunshine,” and a larger brawl during “Game Over (Flip)” ended the night in chaos. “That shit is 1980s,” said Flip’s DJ Drew to the room. “We in the 2000s. Nobody’s fighting in the clubs no more.” By the time the fights were broken up, a woman was cradling a man’s bleeding head, weeping. Another woman threatened a man at the coat check. “I’ll do you with my brother’s shotgun!” she yelled. “Shotgun, bitch!” she taunted, over and over.
Then, suddenly, a rush of fans poured out the front entrance, and word spread that a man and a woman had been shot outside. Police later reported that both victims survived. So did the man with the head injury, who was able to walk out. Near the exit, a woman shook her head saying, “I’d rather be at home watching cable with my kids.”